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The Technology Sector in Portugal

Before taking a look at the available Golden Visa-eligible Technology Investment funds, explore why this sector is such a great area to invest in Portugal.

Investing in Portugal’s technological industry, particularly its biotech sector, is exceptionally timely and promising. According to the 2021 report by Portugal Biotech, the biotech industry in Portugal is experiencing robust growth, driven by innovation, a skilled workforce, and supportive governmental policies. The country is emerging as a European hub for biotechnology, with significant advancements in healthcare, agriculture, and environmental biotech sectors.

Furthermore, insights from Banco Invest highlight that Portugal’s biotech market is attracting substantial investments due to its cutting-edge research and development capabilities and competitive operational costs. The strong focus on sustainable and impactful biotech solutions makes it an attractive destination for investors looking for long-term growth opportunities.

Portugal Golden Visa: Technology Investment Funds

Portugal’s Golden Visa program provides investors with a pathway to citizenship in an EU country in just 5 years. The popular residency program is open to investors who purchase a minimum of €500,000 in eligible investment funds. The technology sector is a particularly attractive proposition for investors in Portugal because of its robust Growth and the various incentives for tech investments by the Portuguese Government. Below is a definitive list of Technology Investment funds that are currently eligible under the Portugal Golden Visa program.

Those interested in such funds should reach out to us and we can schedule a presentation for you with the fund manager. For a full list of eligible funds click here, and to learn more about the Portugal Golden Visa program you can check out our guide.

Biotechnology Investment Fund

The Biotechnology Fund is dedicated to investing in early-stage biotech startups across Europe, particularly focusing on Portugal, Spain, and Italy. Its main activities include providing financial support ranging from seed to Series A rounds, investing in startups developing innovative therapies for unmet medical needs. The fund aims to generate substantial returns by leveraging a highly experienced team and a strong network, while aligning its investment strategy with health and wellbeing targets. It seeks to capitalize on underfunded but promising health startups, aiming for significant growth and exit opportunities.

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund Terms:

  • Minimum Investment Term: 10 years from first closing
  • Fund Size: €60M
  • Minimum Investment: €250,000
  • Golden Visa Investment Minimum: €500,000
  • Management Fee: 2%
  • Equalization fees: 2%

The Health Fund

The Health Fund focuses on investing in high-growth companies within the Health and Life Sciences sectors. The fund emphasizes innovative assessment methodologies that consider the degree of innovation, sustainability, and feasibility of opportunities. It utilizes EU and national grants to leverage research and development efforts while minimizing risks and costs. By continuously monitoring and reporting on the invested companies, the fund ensures effective management and timely capitalization on exit opportunities. Its strategy includes blending various financial instruments to optimize the portfolio mix and maximize returns.

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund Terms:

  • Minimum Investment Term: 2,5 years + 7,5 years (maturity)
  • Subscription end month: December 2024
  • Fund Size: €70M
  • Golden Visa Investment Minimum: €500,000
  • Set up fee: 2%
  • Management fee: 2%
  • Performance fee: 20%

The Energy Efficiency Fund

This fund focuses on investment opportunities within the sectors of energy production, energy efficiency, and clean-tech. The fund adheres to four fundamental strategic principles: capital preservation, moderate risk tolerance, stable annual revenues, and clear and predictable investment exits. These principles ensure that investments are managed conservatively, with a priority on maintaining capital while seeking consistent and reliable returns.

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund Terms:

  • Fund’s Lifecycle: 10 years
  • Golden Visa Investment Minimum: €500,000
  • Expected Return Rate: 8%
  • Hurdle rate: 3,5%
  • Management fee: 2,5%
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