PortugalPortugal Golden Visa Investment - €310,000

Alcácer Do Sal Portugal Golden Visa Investment

The Alcácer Do Sal Portugal condominium project is a residential real estate complex in the city of Alcacer Do Sal in Portugal. Investors can acquire the Portugal Golden Visa by purchasing one of its units starting at €310,000.

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Information

The Alcácer Do Sal Portugal condominium residential complex offers an ideal modern living environment that combines the conveniences of modern living with the area’s long history and elegant architecture.

General features of the complex include stucco painted walls, micro-cement flooring, anti-slip shower trays, kitchenettes with natural islands, and other amenities that make life easier for the complex’s residents.

Moreover, this Portugal Golden Visa investment stands out from others in that it provides maximum sun exposure and natural lighting for all its residents.


The developer is a local property development firm with over a decade of experience with renovation projects. They are firmly committed to quality and innovative development at all phases of a project’s execution. The team carefully selects the projects to be renovated that provide the most value to their investors. The team members have extensive experience in finance, real estate, and the local market. The developer has so far been responsible for developing over 275 apartments across the region and continues to expand their portfolio by adding projects that bring value to multiple stakeholders.

Golden Visa Investment

As a refurbishment category golden visa investment project in a low density area foreigners can purchase at least €280,000 of property in the Alcácer Do Sal Portugal project and apply for the golden visa. The remaining apartments for sale at the project are all in excess of this amount meaning all units are golden visa eligible. Freehold apartments are available starting at €310,000. Many units in the property have already been reserved, so it is important to act fast. In total, there are 19 units still available. Their sizes include:

    • T1 60.8m2 unit for €310,000 (1st floor)
    • T1 58.2m2 unit for €310,000 (1st floor)
    • T1 58.2m2 unit for €310,000 (1st floor)
    • T1 61.5m2 unit for €315,000 (Ground floor)
    • T1 57.9m2 unit for €315,000 (1st floor, 5 available)
    • T1 60.8m2 unit for €320,000 (1st floor)
    • T1 60.9m2 unit for €320,000 (1st floor)
    • T1 81.8m2 unit for €370,000 (2nd floor)
    • T1 80.2m2 unit for €370,000 (2nd floor)
    • T1 81.8m2 unit for €380,000 (2nd floor)
    • T2 75.1m2 unit for €390,000 (1st floor)
    • T1 80.7m2 unit for €390,000 (2nd floor, 2 available)
    • T1 82.2m2 unit for €400,000 (2nd floor)
    • T2 94.5m2 unit for €450,000 (2nd floor)

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Location

This complex is located in the town of Alcácer Do Sal Portugal, in the charming region of Alentejo. What’s more, the complex is in a historic locality that has over 27 centuries of history. The area has remnants of all aspects of Portugal’s diverse past. The area also features a castle that is on top of a high hill, which offers an ideal view of the harbor and surrounding area.

Furthermore, the Alcácer Do Sal Portugal complex is just 45 minutes from Lisbon and 55 minutes from Lisbon airport. Lisbon is Portugal’s modern capital where one can access all of the best that Portugal has to offer. Moreover, Lisbon Airport has daily flights to 5 continents keeping the country well connected with the rest of the world. Beja Regional Airport, a local airport, is just an hour away as well.

Thus, this Portugal Golden Visa investment offers owners a chance to get in on Golden Visas in an ideal location at a great price.

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