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The Entertainment Sector in Portugal

Before taking a look at the available Golden Visa-eligible Entertainment Investment funds, explore why this sector is such a great area to invest in Portugal.

Now is an opportune time to invest in the entertainment industry in Portugal due to its rapid growth and substantial governmental support. According to latest statistics, the entertainment sector in Portugal is projected to witness significant expansion, driven by increasing consumer spending and digital transformation. Additionally, the Portuguese government has injected €30 million into the culture and entertainment sector, enhancing infrastructure and supporting various entertainment projects .

Investing in this thriving industry not only promises substantial returns but also offers the added benefit of qualifying for the Portuguese Golden Visa. Combining robust market growth with the advantages of the Golden Visa makes this a compelling moment to invest in Portugal’s entertainment industry.

Portugal Golden Visa: Entertainment Investment Funds

Portugal’s Golden Visa program provides investors with a pathway to citizenship in an EU country in just 5 years. The popular residency program is open to investors who purchase a minimum of €500,000 in eligible investment funds. The entertainment sector is a particularly attractive proposition by its infrastructure and its substantial returns. Below is a definitive list of Entertainment Investment funds that are currently eligible under the Portugal Golden Visa program.

Those interested in such funds should reach out to us and we can schedule a presentation for you with the fund manager. For a full list of eligible funds click here, and to learn more about the Portugal Golden Visa program you can check out our guide.

The FS Fund

The FS fund focuses on investing in football clubs from the second and third divisions in Europe. The fund’s primary activities include enhancing the management and support infrastructure of these clubs, developing their youth academies, and facilitating the promotion of teams to the top-tier leagues. This strategy aims to significantly increase the value and performance of the clubs, thereby offering substantial growth potential.

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund Terms:

  • Fund Size: €100M
  • Minimum Investment: €100,000
  • Golden Visa Investment Minimum: €500,000
  • Subscription Period: Until June 2025
  • Set up fee: 1,5%
  • Management fee: 1,5%
  • Performance fee: 20%.

The Entertainment Fund

This fund directs its investments toward the entertainment industry in Portugal, targeting areas such as music festivals, concerts, amusement parks, dining establishments, and technology linked to entertainment. Its primary objective is to enhance the value within these sectors by funding projects and businesses that contribute significantly to these entertainment segments​

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund Terms:

  • Fund Size: €100M
  • Minimum Investment: €100,000
  • Golden Visa Investment Minimum: €500,000
  • Setup Fee: 1,5%
  • Management Fee: 1,5% per year
  • Performance Fee: 20%
  • Yearly Gross Yield: 4%
  • Yearly Expected Appreciation: 10%

The Kick Fund

The Kick Fund focuses on investing in football clubs across various regions including Portugal, Brazil, Central Europe, England, Mexico, Asia, and Africa. The fund aims to identify undervalued clubs, particularly those not competing in top-tier divisions, with the goal of enhancing their performance and value by promoting them to higher leagues. This strategic approach seeks to increase revenues through lucrative broadcasting rights and player sales and also by investing in football academies to nurture young talent, which serves as a cost-effective means of developing players for professional leagues.

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund Terms:

  • Minimum Investment Term: 10 years
  • Fund Size: €150M
  • Minimum Investment: €100,000
  • Golden Visa Investment Minimum: €500,000
  • Subscription Period: October 2026
  • Annual Target Distribution: Preferencial 3%
  • Fund Commission: N/A
  • Subscription Fee: N/A
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