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European Golden Visa Programs

Investments from €280,000

Portuguese Golden Visa

Visa-Free access to the Schengen Area, 1 week per year minimum stay requirement for residency and eligibility to for citizenship after just 5 years. Portugal is for many the King of Europe's Golden Visa Programs.
Investments from €50,000

Latvian Golden Visa

Residency in Latvia and Visa-Free free travel to the Schengen Area, Latvia's €50,000 Share Capital Investment route is makes it cheapest the 'Golden Visa' program in Europe.
Investments from €250,000

Greece Golden Visa

Investments from €500,000

Spanish Golden Visa


European Residency By Investment Programs

Investments from €290,000

Malta Residence & Visa Program (MRVP)

Malta's Residence and Visa Program provides foreigner investors with permanent residency in an EU country and visa-free travel within Europe’s Schengen Area. The 5 year permit can be renewed indefinitely and investors can benefit from a beneficial non-dom tax regime.
Investments from €300,000

Cyprus Residency By Investment

Investments from €2,000,000

UK Tier 1 Investor Visa


North America Residency Programs

US Greencard from $900,000

EB5 Investor Visa

US Residency from $150,000

E2 Investor Visa

Canada Investor Program


Coming Soon: Latin America Residency Programs

From $95,000

Brazilian Golden Visa Program

Bank Deposit from $5,000

Paraguay Residency Program

Panama Friendly Nations Visa

Individuals who establish economic ties with Panama by setting up a corporation in Panama and prove financial solvency by depositing $5,000 into a Panamanian bank can apply for permanent residency in Panama via the 'Friendly Nations Visa'.

Uruguay Tax Residency Program


European Business Visas

Slovenia Work & Residence Permit

Foreigners who register a company in Slovenia and either invest, employ or hit the minimum required turnover can apply for a work & residence permit in Slovenia and benefit from visa-free travel to Schengen area.

Portugal Entrepreneurship Visa

Non-EU Nationals who establish an economic presence and business activity in Portugal are eligible to apply for the Entrepreneurship Visa in Portugal.
From €180,000

Hungarian Business Visa

German Residency

U.K Residency

Business Overseas Representative Visa

UK Residency Solutions

UK Start-Up Visa

No Investment required

Coming Soon:
European Independent Means Programs

Austria Person of Independent Means Program

Greek FIP Permit

The Financially Independent Persons Residency Permit is a great alternative to the Golden Visa for retirees and other financially self-sufficient individuals who are looking to relocate to Greece. Applicants must prove funds of at least 48,000 EUR for a single applicant.

Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa

Individuals who have sufficient means to support themselves without the need to work in Spain can apply for a renewable one year visa to live in Spain.

Portugal Passive Income Visa (D7 Visa)

The D7 or Passive Income Visa allows individuals with sufficient and regular regular passive income from investments, rental income or pensions to reside physically relocate and reside in Portugal.


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