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The Hospitality Sector in Portugal

Before taking a look at the available Golden Visa-eligible Hospitality Investment funds, explore why this sector is such a great area to invest in Portugal.

Portugal’s hospitality sector is experiencing unprecedented growth, driven by a booming tourism industry. In 2023, Portugal’s tourism revenue hit a record high, showcasing the country’s increasing appeal to international visitors. The hospitality industry has seen a surge in investments, with the number of hotel stays rising significantly.

According to recent data, Portugal welcomed over 24 million tourists in 2023, contributing to a total revenue of €21 billion. This influx has led to a 15% increase in hotel occupancy rates and a 12% rise in average daily rates.

The Portuguese government has also been proactive in promoting tourism, enhancing infrastructure, and ensuring high service standards. This has created a favorable environment for investors, making Portugal an attractive destination for hospitality investments. The sector’s robust performance is expected to continue, promising substantial returns for stakeholders and further solidifying Portugal’s position as a top travel destination.

Given this dynamic growth, now is an excellent time to invest in Portuguese Golden Visa hospitality funds. These funds offer a unique opportunity to capitalize on the booming tourism sector while benefiting from the advantages of the Golden Visa program, which provides residency and potential citizenship options for investors.

Portugal Golden Visa: Hospitality Investment Funds

Portugal’s Golden Visa program provides investors with a pathway to citizenship in an EU country in just 5 years. The popular residency program is open to investors who purchase a minimum of €500,000 in eligible investment funds. The renewable energy sector is a particularly attractive proposition for investors in Portugal with high growth potential and sold yields. Below is a definitive list of Hospitality Investment funds that are currently eligible under the Portugal Golden Visa program.

Those interested in such funds should reach out to us and we can schedule a presentation for you with the fund manager. For a full list of eligible funds click here, and to learn more about the Portugal Golden Visa program you can check out our guide.

The Life Fund

This fund offers an opportunity to invest in sustainable hospitality ventures in Portugal, focusing on acquiring and revitalizing undervalued hospitality properties. The fund’s strategy involves transforming these assets into premium, high-margin operations, ensuring substantial returns for investors.

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund Terms:

  • Minimum Investment Term: 7 Years
  • Fund Size: €100M
  • Golden Visa Investment Minimum: €500,000
  • Target IRR: 15%
  • Return On Investment: 11 % IRR operational yield + exit

The Campo Investment Fund

This investment fund, focuses on the revitalization of the Campolide neighborhood in Lisbon. This project aims to transform a series of dilapidated buildings into modern residential properties while preserving their historical architecture. The fund prioritizes sustainable development and community enhancement. The area boasts excellent transportation links and proximity to key Lisbon landmarks, making it an attractive investment opportunity.


Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund Terms:

  • Minimum Investment Term: 5 Years
  • Golden Visa Investment Minimum: €500,000
  • Yield: 4% Guaranteed Per Year

Hospitality Fund

This fund focuses on investing in the hospitality sector, primarily targeting hotels and resorts. This fund seeks to acquire, develop, and manage high-quality hospitality assets in prime locations to capitalize on the growing demand for luxury travel and tourism. With a strategic emphasis on sustainability and operational excellence, the fund aims to enhance the value of its properties through renovations, efficient management, and innovative service offerings.

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund Terms:

  • Minimum Investment Term: 5 years
  • Fund Size: €140M
  • Golden Visa Investment Minimum: €500,000
  • Management Fee: 0,25%
  • Subscription Fee: No subscription fee
  • Return on investment: 2% per year tax free
  • Guaranteed buyback: from year 5 onwards
  • Additional Benefits: Free 7 days a year on the Hotel the investor decides to invest

The IRR Fund

This Fund focuses on the hospitality sector, particularly through investments in a specific growing chain of Hotels in Portugal. It provides capital protection through real assets and promises attractive returns with conservative investment strategies.

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund Terms:

  • Golden Visa Investment Minimum: €500,000
  • Management Fee: 1.5% per year
  • Subscription Fee: 2,5% on subscribed capital (one-off)
  • Guaranteed Buyback: from year 6 onwards
  • Additional Benefits: 4% Dividend guaranteed during 5 Years (N+2 until N+6)

The TLG Fund

This fund targets its investments in hospitality, student and senior living, real estate technology, and international real estate. The fund aims to provide a stable and lucrative investment while facilitating residency and eventual citizenship in Portugal.

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund Terms:

  • Golden Visa Investment Minimum: €500,000
  • Management Fee: 0,25% (annually)
  • Subscription Fee: No Subscription Fee
  • Return on the investment: 2,89% (annually)
  • Investment Term: 9 + 2 years

The Wine Fund

This fund is pioneering in the scope of eco & wine tourism by investing in innovative opportunities within Portugal’s hospitality industry. The fund’s capital are aimed at investing in high-growth companies or projects, fostering asset and value enhancement by integrating hospitality with wine and agroforestry enterprises.

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund Terms:

  • Minimum Investment Term: 8 Years
  • Golden Visa Investment Minimum: €500,000
  • Management Fee: 1,75%
  • Subscription Fee: 1.50% for subscriptions during the first 12 months of Funds’ life and 1.75% for subscriptions closed from months 13 onwards
  • Tax Benefits: Income tax exemption and inheritance tax exemption

Europe Fund

This fund targets its investments in hospitality, food and beverage, and serviced apartments across prime locations in Portugal and other European capitals. The fund focuses on investments in fit-out, furniture, fixtures, and equipment of restaurants and apartments secured by long-term contracts with proven operating companies.

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund Terms:

  • Target fund Size: €50,000
  • Minimum Investment: €250,000
  • Golden Visa Investment Minimum: €500,000
  • Subscription Fee: 1.23% over the investment amount (one-off)
  • Target Annual Return: 7-8% per year
  • Fees & Expenses: 1,8% per year

Villa Fund

This Fund is an investment option focused on the development and operation of a 5-star eco-resort. The resort will feature 62 apartments, two swimming pools, a sports village, a gym, and various other amenities including restaurants and a bar.

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund Terms:

  • Golden Visa Investment Minimum: €500,000
  • No fees will be charged from the investors
  • Overtime yield payment: starting at 2% up to 4%
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