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July 26, 2023by Kathryn Funk0

Choose the right International Payment Service

3 things to consider

Make International Payments with Caxton

The need to send or receive money overseas is increasing. We get it — both our company and our clients regularly deal with moving money between countries. Whether it’s as expats, digital nomads or dual citizens living abroad, doing business across borders, supporting a loved one studying in another country, paying an employee or receiving commission from a partner. Regardless of the situation, having a trusted international payment service is instrumental, especially when dealing with large sums of money.

Our partners at Caxton, an international payment platform that makes moving money easier, have outlined the top 3 things to think over when selecting an international payments service provider. By considering these 3 major factors, you’ll ensure smooth and secure transactions, sparing yourself surprises or delays.


1. Calculate all the costs

When sending and receiving money overseas, there are always fees to consider. If you’re making a large payment, such as buying property, you  want to make sure every penny counts. Transparency is everything. A solid provider will have different payment options available for you to choose from, based on the nature of the payment. Caxton is an established, trusted and reputable payment provider that gives you the associated fees up front. With Caxton, what you see is what you get.

2. Speak with a real human

While chatbots can be great for simple questions, when it comes to a company handling your money, regardless of the amount, you want to ensure you can speak to a real person if need be. Companies with an online-only presence are cutting-edge as long as they have a real-life customer support team for you to get in touch with to voice a problem or concern.

When making international payments, you may wish to discuss your payment options with an expert who can advise you. It’s important to verify the payment provider you deal with has such services available. Even better, a team of dedicated account managers there to help you with all your international payments. You’ll find this at Caxton.

3. Customer Benefits

It’s always a nice plus when any company offers extra ways to benefit from being their customer. Doesn’t have to be much, anything counts, right? If you’re moving all your payments to one platform, a small gesture can go a long way.

It’s worth checking if the company offers anything beyond the service itself. Perhaps email subscriptions on different topics you’re interested in, such as a daily exchange notification. Are they able to help streamline your payment experiences abroad with other services they offer? And, will you be assigned a dedicated account manager to ensure you are making the most of your money?

Prioritize your own benefits when choose an international payment provider; after-all, it’s your money they are handling. Caxton offers all of this and more. Check out their website to explore their services and what they have to offer.

Go international with Caxton

Caxton has over 20 years of experience in sending and spending money abroad. They’re an excellent choice to make international payments as easily as possible and we regard them as a trusted partner.

Not sure if Caxton is right for you? You can request a callback from their team of award-winning consultants who can chat with you about how Caxton can work with your needs.


Kathryn Funk

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