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Portugal as a country is doing a truly fantastic job attracting foreign investors, retirees, digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and highly qualified professionals. It seems Portugal has something for everyone hence the high demand for the Portugal Residency Visa.

To cater to this the Portuguese government has crafted a wealth of residency programs to cater to each one of these high-value segments. Here are a handful of Portugal’s most popular residency visa programs.

  • The Portugal Golden Visa Program – For High Net-Worth Investors
  • The D7 Visa – For Retirees and those with passive income
  • The D2 Visa – For Entrepreneurs
  • The D8 Visa – For Digital Nomads
  • The HQA Visa – For Highly Qualified Professionals

The tricky part is to identify which program is right for you! And this is where Lincoln Global Partners comes in. As a leading international immigration consultancy firm Lincoln Global Partners are experts in the field. We can assist you in applying for each of the following residency programs and based on your personal needs and requirements we can analyze your options and recommend which program to apply for.

Why apply for residency in Portugal?

Portugal has established itself as Europe’s leading tourism and lifestyle destination. In fact, the country has won every prestigious award and title imaginable in recent years.

Here are a handful to whet your appetite!

As one of the world’s safest countries, with attractive business opportunities and a high level of education and healthcare, it is hardly surprising why so many people a drawn to Portugal.

The country is attracting Digital nomads, Retirees, Highly Qualified Professionals, and Entrepreneurs to its vibrant cities and tranquil shores through uniquely attractive immigration programs that we will discuss throughout this guide.

Portugal Residency Programs 2024

The Portugal Golden Visa Designed For Investors

The Portugal Golden Visa is one of the world’s most popular investor visas. The program draws in high-net-worth individuals across the globe from the likes of China, India, The US and The United Kingdom looking to secure residency in a highly progressive EU nation with visa-free access to the Schengen Area.

However, what makes Portugal stand out from other European golden visa programs is its flexible pathway to citizenship. The Portugal Golden Visa program is the only program of its kind that allows investors to work their way towards citizenship without living in the country. Investors and their family members need only spend 7 days per year in the country and learn a basic A2 Level of Portuguese. 5 years after the initial residency application investors are entitled to apply for citizenship and their dreams of becoming European Citizens can become a reality.

Minimum Investment from €250,000
5 Year Pathway to Citizenship
7 Day Annual-Minimum Stay Requirement
Processing Time: 12-18 Months

The D2 Visa Designed for Entrepreneurs

Portugal has a thriving start-up ecosystem and is well-known as a business-friendly destination for English speaking entrepreneurs. The start-up scene now represents over 1% of the country’s GDP. and is growing steadily year on year.

The Portugal D2 Visa is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs interested in setting up a business and relocating to Portugal. There is no minimum investment requirement. However, an extensive business plan must be presented and the investors must prove the viability of this plan.

Each application is assessed on a case-by-case basis and reviewed on the potential of its social, economic, and cultural impact in Portugal. Emphasis should therefore be placed on presenting how the company can positively impact Portugal and satisfy the needs of the population. Creating jobs and solving a particular need in Portugal are two ways to ensure viability.

No Minimum Investment
5 Year Pathway to Citizenship
6-8 Month Minimum Stay Requirement
Processing Time: 60 Days

The D7 Visa For Passive Income Earners

The Portugal D7 Residency Visa is an economic means program in which foreign nationals can apply for residency in Portugal by proving they have sufficient funds in the form of passive income to support themselves and their dependent family members.

Applicants must show proof of passive income from their home country which can include pensions, real estate income, and many other types of investment income.

The main applicant on the D7 Visa cannot work in Portugal and residents are required to spend at least 6 months per year in Portugal consecutively or 8 months per year in total to maintain residency.

Passive income from €8,460 per year
5 Year Pathway to Citizenship
6-8 Month Minimum Stay Requirement
Processing Time: 2-4 Months

The D8 Visa The Digital Nomad Solution

The Portugal D8 Visa was designed to attract Digital Nomads to Portugal. Since launching the Portugal residency visa back in 2022 the program has proved exceedingly popular with remote workers interested in acquiring residency in Portugal and making the country their main base. Portugal is well known as a top destination for Digital Nomads and last year the country was voted the best country in the world for Digital Nomads.

Minimum Income of €3040 Per Month
5 Year Pathway to Citizenship
6-8 Month Minimum Stay Requirement
Processing Time: 2-4 Months

The HQA Visa For Highly Qualified Professionals

The Portugal HQA Visa has been designed for highly qualified professionals and business persons interested in conducting research activities for their businesses in Portugal. Interested foreign nationals can invest €175,000 into research activities to be conducted by one of Portugal’s top universities.

The HQA Visa can be seen as a cost-effective alternative to the Portugal Golden Visa and international business persons have more flexibility when it comes to how much time they spend in Portugal if they have outside obligations to attend to.

Minimum Investment of €175,000
5 Year Pathway to Citizenship
6-8 Flexible Minimum Stay Requirements
Processing Time: 2-4 Months

Residency in Portugal Benefits

Portugal is one of Europe's most in-demand countries when it comes to residency. As one of the safest and most welcoming countries on the continent with beautiful nature and scenery, it is easy to see why. The country offers a lot of opportunities when it comes to business and education and its strategic location in the European Schengen Area makes it a great base for onboard visa-free travel.
Visa Free Travel to The Schengen Area
Residents of Portugal can travel freely across 29 countries within the Schengen Area.
Cost Effective Residency Visas
Portugal has a number of cost-effective residency programs including options that require no investment
Attractive Investment Opportunities
Those who choose to invest in Portugal can find a wealth of interesting options with high yields on offer
5 Year Pathway to Citizenship
Portugal offers one of Europe's fastest pathways to citizenship with a 5 year naturalisation period
Access to the EU Banking Systems
Residents of Portugal can access banking services throughout the European Union.
Family Reunification
Residency in Portugal is available for all dependent family members through the family reunification law
Great Opportunities for Entrepreneurs
Portugal has lots of interesting opportunities for business persons looking for a European base for their business
Access to High Quality Healthcare
Residents of Latvia can benefit from the use of high-quality European healthcare standards.
Access to High Quality Education
Investors can send their children to high quality schools and universities in Latvia.

Interested in a Free Consultation with one of our specialist Residency & Citizenship by Investment advisors?

Life In Portugal

Portugal is one of the most complete countries in Europe. Reason being, there is something for everyone. A vibrant nightlife and cafe culture attracts the digital nomads, while the sunny beach towns calls retirees. Entrepreneurs and highly qualified professionals are drawn to the country’s friendly culture and start-up scene while investors see the potential of this prosperous nation.

Those who move to the country have the tough choice of moving to the Algarve for sea, sun, and surfing, a vibrant city like Lisbon or Porto, or settling down in a tranquil town in the countryside of Alentejo. Whatever kind of lifestyle you are looking for you are sure to find it in Portugal. The country is both attractive for young expats and nomads as well as families and retirees. Portugal boasts some of the best safety records in the world, has a good quality healthcare and educational system, and in our opinion is an all-round gem! Take a trip for yourself and let us know if you agree!

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Residency in Portugal Frequently asked Questions

Portugal D7 Vs The Portugal Golden Visa

Both Portugal Residency Visa programs have their advantages. The Portugal Golden Visa is best suited to people willing to invest in Portugal who wish to work their way towards citizenship without the need to live there. On the other hand, the Portugal D7 Visa is more suitable for those who wish to come and live in Portugal for at least more than half the year. It also does not require an investment. However, applicants must prove economic solvency through passive income to qualify.

You an contact us at info@lincolnglobalpartners.com to confirm your eligibility to apply for residency in Portugal.

Portugal D7 Vs Portugal D2 Visa

The Portugal D2 Visa is suitable for entrepreneurs looking to set up a business in Portugal, while the Portugal D7 Visa is best suited to those who have passive income to live off in Portugal such as a pension or real estate income. You can check out our comparison article here.

Portugal D7 Vs Portugal D8 Visa

The Portugal D8 Visa is ideal for digital nomads who earn a decent income from an employer overseas while the Portugal D7 Visa is best suited to those who earn income from a passive source such as investment income or a pension.

Is there a minimum stay requirement to maintain residency in Portugal?

Yes, for the Portugal Golden Visa residents are required to spend at least 7 days per year in Portugal each year. For all other programs residents must spend at least 8 months per year living in Portugal OR 6 months per year consecutively. However, highly qualified professionals and business persons on the HQA Visa may be able to apply for an exemption if they are required to be out of Portugal for external business reasons.

How long does it take to be eligible for citizenship in Portugal?

Residents of Portugal can apply for citizenship after 5 years. Additional requirements such as speaking a basic level of A2 Portuguese are also required.

Residency in Portugal with Lincoln Global Partners

Lincoln Global Partners is a specialist international investment migration firm. Our professionals are experts in the field of Citizenship By Investment and we are ready to assist you every step of the way with your Portugal Residency Visa application.

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