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Portugal D2 Visa

Portugal has a thriving start-up ecosystem and is well known as a business friendly destination for English speaking entrepreneurs. The start-up scene now represents over 1% of the country’s GDP. and is growing steadily year on year. The Portuguese D2 Visa is therefore the perfect fit for those who are looking to do business in Portugal. 

Each application is assessed on a case-by-case basis and reviewed on the potential of its social, economic, and cultural impact in Portugal. Emphasis should therefore be placed on presenting how the company can positively impact Portugal and satisfy the needs of the population. Creating jobs and solving a particular need in Portugal are two ways to ensure viability.

What is the Portugal D2 Visa?

The Portugal D2 Visa also known as the Portugal Entrepreneurship Visa is a residency program suitable for foreign entrepreneurs interested in setting up a company and doing business in Portuguese territory. Under the program investors have the choice of setting up and investing in their own company, buying a local company or its shares, creating a branch of an existing legal entity overseas or working as a freelancer.

There is no set minimum investment requirement. However, investors must be able to prove the viability of the business through their business plan. As in all of residency programs in Portugal investors can apply for family reunification to bring their dependent family members with them.

Why Portugal... Where to start?

Portugal is highly regarded as one of the world’s top tourism and lifestyle destinations. The country has one countless awards over the years, some of which we have shared below:

Why move to Portugal you ask? Well, Portugal has some of Europe’s best beaches, and most vibrant cities, is very safe, and is highly appealing for those interested in doing business in the European Union. On top of this, the country has very good public education and healthcare systems.

Who is a suitable candidate for the D2 Visa?

The D2 Visa in Portugal is a long-term residency visa designed for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and independent professionals who wish to establish or conduct an existing business investment in the country.

This visa is most suitable for small and medium-sized business owners. Investors must have a viable business idea which can have a positive impact on the Portuguese economy.

Category 1: D2 Visa for Entrepreneurs

This Entrepreneurship visa is an ideal route for following types of candidates:

  • Foreign nationals looking to immigrate to Portugal to start a new their business
  • Investors interested in investing into an existing business in Portugal
  • Foreign business owners looking to expand into Portugal or the European Union as a whole by opening a branch of their existing business in Portugal.

The entrepreneurship visa is limited to non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens and applicants must be at least 18 years of age to be able to apply.

When analysing whether the applicant is eligible to apply for this visa the authorities take a look at both the applicants professional background and viability / potential of the business. It is therefore essential that the investor has a solid plan in place. We can assist with the business plans. However, note that this is not a passive investor visa like Portugal’s Golden Visa program and is only suitable for those who have a specific business in mind.

There are no limitations on the type of businesses that investors can set up in Portugal. However, when analysing the business plan the immigration office takes into the economic, cultural, technological and scientific impact that the business can have in Portugal.

1. Economic Impact –  The authority will access whether the business can have a positive impact on the Portuguese economy and to what scale.

2. Creation of New Jobs – Most importantly, the business will be scrutinised on its potential to create new jobs in Portugal both in the long and short term.

3. Cultural / Social Impact – The Portuguese immigration office will also take into account whether or not this business can provide social and culture benefits to the Portuguese people.

4. Technological ImpactPortugal is growing tech hub in Europe. If the business can bring new technology in to Portugal and help advance the technology sector then it will looked favourably upon.

5. Scientific Impact – If the business can be of positive scientific impact then this also a big plus.

Category 2: D2 Visa for Freelancers & Independent Professionals

Additionally, the D2 Visa is suitable for Freelancers and independent professionals looking to conduct their business activity in Portugal.

Independent professionals such as lawyers, dentists, doctors or any high level professional looking at conducting business in Portugal as an independent practitioner can also apply for the Portugal D2 Visa. While a business plan is not required, the viability of the activity will be assessed and evaluated using the same criteria meaning that social, technological, scientific and economic impact will be taken into account.


Portugal D2 Visa Benefits

By acquiring the D2 Visa foreign nationals can move to Portugal and enjoy living in a safe European nation with an interesting culture, beautiful countryside, stunning beaches and a high quality of top tier education and medical care.

However, obtaining the Portugal D2 Visa means not only that can you move to one of Europe's most popular nations but also gain access to the entire Schengen Area. The Portugal D2 can be your gateway to the entire continent and puts you on a 5-year pathway to citizenship.

The Right to Live in Portugal
Investors can relocate to Portugal and live, study and do business there freely
Visa - Free Travel to The Schengen Area
Residents of Portugal can travel freely throughout the entire 29 Schengen Area nations.
No Investment Required
The Portugal D2 Visa does not require an investment, only for the applicant to have a minimum amount at the Bank Account at the day of the appointment.
Pathway to citizenship and permanent residence permit
Acquiring the Portuguese D2 Visa means a pathway to either permanent residence or citizenship after 5 years of legal residence.
Business Establishment
Enables individuals to establish a business or work independently in Portugal and have access to the European market.
Family Reunification
Residency in Portugal is available for all dependent family members through the family reunification law (which includes spouse or legal partner, children under 18, dependent children , parents of either Spouse if over 65, or if over 55 and dependent, and siblings under 18 provided either spouse is legally responsible).
Enhanced Business Opportunities
Portugal has a great start-up scene and is a very business friendly European country.
Great Public healthcare system
Portugal's great public healthcare system, offers high-quality services, and accessibility, ensuring that all citizens receive a good medical care.
Access to High Quality Education
The Portuguese National Education Service is a highly respected European educational system.

Portugal D2 Visa Requirements

Besides the main requirements we’ve cited above related to each specific visa type, there are also other main requirements needed for every D2 Visa applicant.

See below the Portugal D2 Visa requirements 2024:

  • Proof of enough financial resources at the portuguese financial institution: As previously stated, even if the d2 visa portugal minimum investment does not require any minimum annual salary, applicants must prove to the portuguese government they have the sufficient financial means to stay in the country 
    • €10.000 of financial resources for the Main Applicant and €5.000 for each family member on the family reunification process.
  • Business establishment.
  • Detailed Business Plan: Submission of a comprehensive business plan or investment proposal outlining the nature and scope of the intended business activity or investment in Portugal.
  • Clean Criminal Record: Providing a clear criminal record certificate from the applicant’s country of origin or from any country where they have resided for more than six months in the previous year.
  • Health Insurance: Obtaining health insurance coverage for the duration of the stay in Portugal.
  • Accommodation: Proof of suitable accommodation arrangements in Portugal.
  • Compliance with Tax Obligations: Compliance with tax obligations in Portugal. The applicant will become a tax resident in Portugal under the D2 Visa.

Portugal D2 Visa Application Process

The process of the Portugal D2 Visa application is very clear and smooth. Below we will outline the D2 Visa process in detail. Those interested in applying for the program can reach out to our team for a complimentary consultation via the button below.

Step1: Initial consultation with Lincoln Global Partners

Those interested in applying for the Entrepreneurship Visa should reach out to our team. We will start by analysing your eligibility for the program, explaining in detail how it works and then performing some initial due diligence before onboarding.

Step 2: Obtain a NIF and open a Portuguese bank account

To start the process we will assist you to acquire a tax number otherwise known as an NIF number at the portuguese tax authority. The tax number allows people to carry out fiscal activities in Portugal and through power of attorney we can acquire an NIF for you remotely.

Once you get a NIF, you can have tax residency in Portugal, but do not worry, because of the double taxation agreement you can only be taxed in one country, so you won't pay taxes two times.

Once you have the NIF, then we can proceed to apply to open a local bank account. Applicants must have a Portuguese bank account in order to submit a Portugal D2 application.

Step 3: Acquire a local Portuguese address

Once you have your NIF and bank account then the next stage of the D2 Visa application process is to secure local accommodation in Portugal. We can assist you to find a place to rent or purchase since it is required to have a local address for the Portugal D2 Visa application.

Step 4: Provide a Business Plan

A business plan for the D2 Visa application in Portugal outlines the business concept, market analysis, operational strategy, financial projections, and overall feasibility of the proposed investment or business activity in the country.

Step 5: Company Incorporation and company’s bank account opening

Company incorporation for the D2 Visa application in Portugal involves legally registering a new business entity in the country, which includes obtaining necessary licences, opening a bank account for the company, and depositing the share capital at the company bank account.

Step 6: Gathering the necessary Portuguese D2 documents

The main documents required for the processing of the D2 Visa are:

-Visa forms, but what is a d2 application form? It is an official document that applicants must fill, providing personal information, purpose of stay, and other specific details about the reason why they are moving to the country.
-Copies of passport photos.
-Criminal record from the country of origin and/or residency.
-Copy of full valid passport.
-Travel insurance and health insurance.
-Accommodation (rental, title deed).
-Bank statements from the country of origin and/or residency.
-ID Card from country of origin and/or residency.
-Company incorporation documents.
-Business plan.
-Tax return (if applicable).
-Proof of profession.
-Proof of address.

Step 7: Scheduling the Visa appointment at the Portuguese Embassy in your home country

Now that you have all of the needed documents, it is now time to schedule your appointment at your nearest Portuguese Embassy or consulate. It is important to note that each consulate can have slightly different requirements when it comes to documentation so we will assist you in preparing your documentation in accordance with the Portuguese embassy or consulates requirements.

Step 8: Go to the Visa appointment

At the time and day agreed, the applicant must show to the appointment with all the required documents.

Step 9: Wait for the Visa approval

After the visa is approved, the applicant must travel to Portugal in between 4 months (visa validity time).

Step 10: Apply for the Portuguese Residence Permit

After the arrival in Portugal, the applicant must visit the local immigration office (AIMA) in Portugal in order to apply for their and their families residency permit.

Portugal D2 Visa Processing Time

The entire process from the initial application is submitted to receiving the residency cards usually takes 5-8 months. However, there are a number of determining factors which affect the processing time.

First of all the documentation gathering process.  This usually takes one month but some applicants will require more time. Our team will be able to guide you through this process and ensure that all of your documentation is compiled correctly.

We also need to take into account the time that it takes to get the appointment with the Portuguese consulate. We can usually book this very quickly but individuals and consulate availability need to match up.

From submission, the processing time of Portuguese consulate takes between 60-90 working days to issue the visa.

When arriving in Portugal on the D2 Visa it will usually take between 30-120 days to get an appointment to collect the residency permits. The location also plays a part however. Major cities like Lisbon and Porto get booked up more quickly than in the smaller cities of Portugal.


Portugal D2 Visa Cost

Applicants need to take into account the following costs:

  • Government fees for visa application: €90 per applicant
  • Residence permit issuance fees: €83 per applicant
  • Residence permit processing fees: €72 per applicant
  • Health insurance coverage (must cover Portugal)
  • Professional service / lawyers fees (Contact us)
  • Property rental / Purchase costs

Portugal D2 Visa Minimum Stay

In order to be able to renew ones residency permit the applicant is required to spend at least 4 months in Portugal for first year and after that at least 6 months in a row or 8 months throughout the year for the following years.

Minimum stay requirements for D2 Visa residence permit holders:

  • D2 Visa must be present for 6 consecutive months, or for 8 months within a full year

For those unable to live in Portugal for most of the year the Portugal Golden visa is a great alternative. The Portugal Golden Visa requires minimum stay of only 1 week per year.

Under special circumstances it may be possible to apply for an exemption of this rule.

Also note that Residents on the D2 Visa by staying 183 days in Portugal will become tax residents.

Portugal D2 Temporary Residence Permit Validity

The first residency permit is issued for a 2 years. This residence permit can be renewed for 3 years thereafter.

Portuguese D2 Visa - Pathway to Permanent Residence

Under the Portuguese law applicants can apply for Permanent residency after 5 years of legal residency on the temporary residence permit. Permanent Residents who spend more 24 consecutive months or 30 non-consecutive months outside of Portugal within a 3 year period will lose their Portuguese residency status.


Portuguese D2 visa - Pathway to citizenship

Portugal has an attractive pathway to citizenship for residents. Under Portuguese Law residents are eligible to apply for Portuguese Citizenship after 5 years of residency. In order to qualify applicants must be able to speak a basic A2 level of Portuguese that will be verified via a basic portuguese language test. Portuguese citizenship is for life so there is no minimum stay requirement.

For those who do not wish to acquire Portuguese citizenship for whatever reason (such as being from a country that does not permit dual citizenship) can instead apply for Permanent Residency in Portugal. The requirements remain the same to acquire the permanent residency permit.

As a Portuguese citizen, one can use their Portuguese passport to visit more than 180 countries visa – free making the Portuguese passport one of the strongest passports globally.

Portugal Citizenship

Alternative Residency Programs in Portugal

Still not sure which Portugal Residency program is right for you and your family members?

Check our program guides below or contact us via the button below in order to schedule a complimentary consultation.

  1. The D7 Visa – For Retirees and Passive Income Earners
  2. The Digital Nomad Visa (D8) – Perfect for remote workers & Digital Nomads
  3. The HQA Visa – Perfect for Highly Qualified Professionals and Entrepreneurs looking to conduct research through Portuguese Universities
  4. The Portuguese Golden Visa Program – The Portugal Golden Visa program is best suited to Passive Investors
Portuguese Residency Solutions

Lincoln Global Partners: International Portugal D2 Visa consultants Apply with us today!

Lincoln Global Partners is an international immigration firm specializing in Residency and Citizenship programs that offer immigration advice sessions. Our Portugal D2 Visa consultants are here to help you with every step of the way. We offer complimentary consultations to those seeking Portuguese residency. We also offer local and regional support in a number of countries to help our clients promptly obtain Portuguese residency.

Portugal D2 Visa Experience

Lincoln Global Partners assist clients across the globe from the US, the UK, the Middle East and throughout Africa and Asia to acquire Residency permit and second Citizenships through government run residency programs. We have a good experience with D2 Visa and very happy clients led by our Portugal d2 visa lawyer in Portugal!


Portugal D2 Visa for UAE Citizens

If you live in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and are seeking a second residency, you can count on Lincoln Global Partners to assist them with their applications.

Portugal D2 Visa for Pakistani Citizens

The Portugal D2 Visa for Pakistani Citizens is a very popular pathway to residency in Europe, particularly those who are seeking to open a Business in Europe. Lincoln Global Partners has a lot of experience assisting Pakistani Citizens to acquire residency in Portugal. Feel free to book a complimentary consultation above.

Portugal D2 visa for Indian citizens

Lincoln Global Partners has consultants on the ground in India who can assist clients with their visa application for the D2 residence visa. Contact us via the chat or our email info@lincolnglobalpartners.com for assistance.

Portugal D2 visa for Bangladeshi citizens

One of our biggest markets is Bangladesh. If you wish to apply for the portugal D2 Visa from Bangladesh then we can most certainly assist you.

Portugal D2 Visa

Portugal Residency SolutionsLife in

Living in Portugal has a lot of benefits, but mainly the cost of living.

The cost of living in Portugal is staggering, being considered one of the cheapest countries to live in Western Europe when considering criteria such as rent, food, transportation, and minimum wage, which is currently around €820, making it a popular destination for expats.

Besides that, as any other country, the cost of living depends on which city you live. Below, we have pointed some of the best cities to live in Portugal for you to find your perfect city match!

➢ Lisbon: As much as Lisbon is being considered one of the most expensive cities to live in Portugal, the city is receiving thousands of expats and is increasingly adapting itself to receive them.
➢ Costa da Caparica and Sintra: As the prices in Lisbon keep rising, a good solution is always to go to surrounding cities that are cheaper, and with a quality of life just as good! Costa da Caparica, located across the 25 de abril bridge, offers cheaper rentals, amazing beaches, and located close to Lisbon, you can get there by train, bus, or car. Sintra is not left behind either, a city with one of the most
colorful castles in Europe, breathtaking architecture and good temperatures almost all year round, Sintra also offers great options for those who are looking for calm, but do not want to be too far away from the capital.
➢ Porto: Porto, Portugal’s second largest city, but it doesn’t feel like it
Which its attractive riverfront and great ease of getting around, both by transport and by foot, Porto has quickly become one of the top destinations for expats in Portugal. In this way Porto can be more
affordable than Lisbon with its great restaurants, and historical views at the Ribeira, next to the Douro river.
➢ Aveiro: Popularly known as “The Portuguese Venice”, full of canals that extend beyond the city limits, suitable for beautiful rides on the famous “Gondulas”. The city is on the edge of the bar, with great temperatures throughout the year, a location close to the city of Porto, with reasonable prices for housing ranging from € 300-€ 800 depending on lifestyle.
➢ Braga: Braga, along with its neighbor Guimarães, is one of the oldest cities in Portugal, dating back to the Roman Empire, well known for its rich history and cultural heritage. Braga has the
feel of a country town, quieter and more peaceful, and is only a few miles away from the big city of Porto, offering a great quality of life with affordable housing and food prices, for those looking to enjoy the authentic side of Portugal.
➢ Coimbra: As much as Coimbra is known as the “students’ city” for its renowned University, the city is a good destination not only for those who wish to study, but also, a city with a lower cost of living, with affordable prices for housing, food and transportation, has a privileged location in the center of Portugal, being close to both Porto and Lisbon, has a lively nightlife, and a first class infrastructure.

Find the right answer

Portugal D2 Visa FAQ’s

Read through out D2 Visa FAQ's or contact us via the form at the bottom of the page.
Does This D2 Visa lead to Permanent Residency?

Applicants will receive a temporary residency permit that will have a validity for 2 years, renewable for other 3 years and after 5 years of living in Portugal the applicant and the family, will be able to apply for the Portuguese permanent residence permit or the Portuguese Citizenship.

How many days can I stay in Portugal on D2 visa?

Within this Visa, and after getting the Residence Permit, you’ll only be able to leave Portugal for 6 consecutive months or 8 non-consecutive months in a year.

Can I apply for Portuguese non habitual residency when living in Portugal on the D2 Visa residence permit?

No, the Portugal non habitual resident (NHR) program is now closed, so new Portuguese tax residents can no longer have those tax benefits.

What is a Portuguese NIF?

The Portuguese NIF is the Portuguese Tax Number. This is one of the first requirements for you to acquire the D2 Visa, so you will be able to open your Bank Account in the country. Please, keep in mind that applicants won’t pay taxes in 2 countries at the same time (Portugal and the previous residency country) because of the double taxation agreement. 

What are the chances of my Visa to be rejected?

Our company has made a lot of D2 visa applications and until now, we haven’t got any visa rejected. The main import thing is that the client has to show the Portuguese authorities the required documents appostiled and translated.

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