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We know that in our industry, our advice and your decisions effect your future. So as a company we strive to deliver opportunities that can help our clients increase their global mobility and ability to relocate to a safe and secure jurisdiction.

Lincoln Global Partners assists individuals and their families to enhance their global mobility while at the same time providing opportunities for international diversification through residence and citizenship planning.

The current global situation makes mobility more valuable than ever. Besides the ability to enhance global mobility and visa-free travel opportunities, having a second residency or citizenship can provide security for one’s family.

Lincoln Global Partners provide clients with a tailor-made service by assessing their specific needs and proposing options based on these requirements.

While Lincoln Global Partners specializes in Investment Migration we offer additional residence and citizenship planning services that supplement our product offering. We recognize that each and every individual has a unique set of needs and we have therefore created a product portfolio that allows us to cater to different types of clients.

Website visitors are encouraged to reach out to us directly as we offer free consultations to Digital Nomads and Global Citizens.

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Interested in obtaining a second passport, second residency or permanently migrating to a safe and secure country? Reach out and schedule a free consultation with our team.
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Our Values

Why choose Lincoln Global Partners for residence and citizenship planning?

Lincoln Global Partners provides a range of services in the Global Migration Industry specializing in residence and citizenship planning for High Net Worth Individuals. Our international consultancy firm assist clients globally, to file residency and citizenship applications in all of the major jurisdictions offering Residency & Citizenship by Investment programs.
Competitive Fees
As an independent advisory firm we do not charge hefty fees. Lincoln Global Partners offers competitive pricing within the investment migration industry in order to ensure that our clients get good value for their money.
A Global Mindset
As Global Citizens ourselves, with experience living, doing business and working in the different parts of the world we understand the difficult challenges that expats, digital nomads and global entrepreneurs face. We also recognize that as Global Citizens we have unique opportunity to utilize the world, not only our country of birth to develop success and prosperity in the key areas of our lives.
Tailor-Made Solutions for our clients
As independent advisors we have access to a large portfolio of services spanning over different continents. We can analyse our clients situation and recommend what is right for them, we are not promoting one country over another for it's residency options. We appreciate that each case and situation is different and we can provide a tailor made service based on our clients needs.
Unbiased Advisers
In terms of our investment options in each country, we do not work exclusively with one company and push their projects. We take the best from what is on the market and add this to Lincoln Global Partners investment portfolio. We are always looking for new exciting investment opportunities and projects for our clients and we are always open to searching outside in order to find exactly what you are looking for.
A Wide Range of Services
While our focus is on investment migration, we also offer alternative ways to obtain residency in different countries that do NOT require an investment. While investing is often the easiest and quickest way to obtain residency and citizenship in many countries, there are a number of Entrepreneur and Economic Self-Sufficiency Programs that can be equally effective. We will always present your full options so that you can make an informed decision.
Digital Nomad Tax & Residency Solutions
We offer a number of interesting opportunities for Digital Nomads looking either relocate, work their way to towards citizenship and reduce their taxes by establishing tax residency in a low taxation country with minimal stay requirements. We can advise Digital Nomads and other location independent individuals on their global options.

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Our Team


David Lincoln

Founder of the blog Global Resident. David has spent the last decade as a digital nomad/ location independent entrepreneur living across South America, Asia and Europe.

David has the strong belief that beyond the borders of our birth nations we can utilize the world and it's boundless opportunities in all of the key areas of our lives in order to enhance both our happiness and prosperity.

Lincoln Global Partners was set up based on this principle, with the aim to provide international clients, entrepreneurs and digital nomads with such opportunities through global residency and citizenship solutions.

Peter Lilliott

Our residence and citizenship planning expert here to assist you throughout the process throughout your journey.

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