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The Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment program first entered the market back in 2012 as the country looked to increase foreign investment in exchange for citizenship. The program soon grew to be one of the most popular programs of its kind in the industry, due to its attractive benefits, competitive pricing, and fast application process.

Since then the program has gone through several amendments and there are currently two versions of the program available to investors. First you have The Vanuatu Development Support Program (DSP) which was launched in 2017 allowing foreign nationals to acquire citizenship in exchange for a donation to the Vanuatu government. Additionally, there is the intriguing Capital Investment Immigration Plan launched in 2023 which allows investors to combine a donation to the government with an investment into the country within key business sectors in the local economy.

As of today, Vanuatu’s Citizenship By Investment Program provides the fastest pathway to a second passport currently available globally, and with prices set to increase in the Caribbean, Vanuatu will become by far the most cost-effective citizenship by investment program on the market.

Vanuatu Citizenship

Vanuatu Citizenship

Visa Free Travel to 100+ Countries
Citizens of Vanuatu can travel to 100+ countries around the world visa-free including Russia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
Australia and New Zealand Visitor Visas
Citizens of Vanuatu can apply for multiple re-entry Visitor Visas to Australia and New Zealand.
No Physical Residency Requirements
Citizens of Vanuatu are not required to visit the country in order to acquire or maintain residency.
Zero Taxation
Vanuatu Citizens are not subject to taxes, no matter where they live, (excluding indirect VAT and Customs taxes).
Second Passport in Just 3 Months
Vanuatu's Second Passport Program is the fastest program of its kind globally.
The World's Most Affordable Second Passport By Investment
The Vanuatu Passport By Investment is the world's most affordable second citizenship program.
Family Members Can be Included on Ones Application
The entire family is eligible for Vanuatu passports, (including children, parents, parents-in-law of the main applicant).
Citizenship is for Life and Can be Passed Down to Future Generations
Vanuatu Citizenship is for life and is hereditary.
Strictly Confidential
The process of Vanuatu citizenship is entirely confidential.
Diversify your Investment Portfolio
Investors who choose the CIIP program can invest into key sectors of the local economy.
Cross Border Banking & Business Opportunities
Citizens of Vanuatu can use their passports to establish cross-border banking and business entities.
Donations made after Pre-Approval
Investors only pay their donations upon pre-approval by the government.

Vanuatu Citizenship Cost

As highlighted previously Vanuatu has two options when it comes to acquiring your passport by investment. The DSP Program requires a pure donation to the government, while the CIIP Program requires an investment along with a donation. Now let's look at the Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment cost.

Vanuatu DSP Program (Donation Only)

Through the Vanuatu DSP Program foreign nationals who make an economic contribution to the government can apply for citizenship. The main applicant must invest the following to secure eligibility:

  • Single Applicant: $130,000
  • Married Couple: $150,000
  • Family of Three: $165,000
  • Family of Four: $180,000
  • Additional Family Members: $10,000

Vanuatu CIIP Program (Investment + Donation)

Tailored for affluent individuals and families The CIIP program provides investors with the opportunity to acquire citizenship with an investment into key local industries alongside their donation. The Pricing of The Capital Investment Immigration Plan as prescribed by the Vanuatu government is as follows:

Redeemable Investment: $50,000 USD

As part of the CIIP program requirements, investors must contribute USD 50,000 to an eligible sustainable investment fund. The investment must be held for a minimum of 5 years. On top of this investment, the following fees are required:

Main Application Fee (Donation + Government Fees):

  • Single Applicant: $100,000
  • Married Couple: $100,000
  • Family of Four: $100,000
  • Additional Family Members: $10,000

The Main Application Fee includes all Vanuatu Government Department and associated costs in the issue and delivery of Citizenship Certificate, Investment Documentation, and the Vanuatu Passport. In addition to this fee, there is a $5,000 Due Diligence fee charged per application.

Investment Options

The CIIP offers investors citizenship in return for their investment in the nation’s sustainable economic prospects. The investment-focused CIIP has already demonstrated remarkable success and is expected to significantly boost Vanuatu’s national revenue.

Under the CIIP, applicants have the choice of investing in a range of local investment funds focused on the sustainability of key industries in Vanuatu. The following investment funds are currently eligible under the initiative:

  • The Cocoa Sustainable Fund
  • Coconut Oil Future Fund (CNO)
  • Coffee Impact Fund
$50,000 Recoverable Investment

The Cocoa Sustainable Fund

The Cocoa Sustainable Fund is designed to support Vanuatu's Cocoa Industry, which has been integral to the nation's economy since the 1800s. Today, over 25% of the rural population relies on cocoa for income, making it a vital source of livelihood. This fund focuses on key investments in the local Cocoa Industry which aims to drive industry growth and ensure long-term sustainability.


Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment Requirements

Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment Program Key Requirements

Key Requirements for the Main Applicant

  • Clean Criminal Record
  • Minimum age of at least 18 years old
  • Proof of net worth of at least $450,000 USD, must be shown through assets such as established businesses, shares, bank deposits, and real estate.
  • Must be free of contagious diseases and serious health conditions
  • No subject to any criminal investigation
  • Cannot be considered a potential national security risk
  • Cannot be involved in any activity that could cause disrepute to the nation of Vanuatu.

Dependency rules – Who can apply as a dependent?

  • The Spouse
  • Children below 18 years of age
  • Dependent children up to 25 years of age
  • Parents and Grandparents aged 50 and above

Vanuatu By Investment Required Documents

Stage 1 Documents: Initial Due Diligence

Stage one due diligence is conducted to evaluate the applicant’s background and eligibility for the Vanuatu Passport By Investment program. The following documents must be submitted to the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). Clearance letters to be issued for no adverse findings within 8-10 days.

  • 1st Stage Nomination Form
  • Certified Passport Copy
  • Certified Identity Card
  • Police Clearance
  • Personal CV
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate (for the spouse)

Stage 2 Documents: Full Submission

Stage 2 requires the submission of all of the applicant’s personal, financial, and health documentation to the Citizenship Commission for approval in principle. The following documents are required:

  • Completed 2nd Stage Nomination Form
  • Medical Certificate
  • High-resolution Photo
  • Asset Report
  • Bank Reference
  • Bank Statement stamped by the bank (minimum of 6 months)
  • Utility Bill for proof of residency
  • Completed and Signed Passport Form
  • Investor Forms (CIIP / DSP)

Vanuatu Citizenship Process: How to become a Vanuatu Citizen?

Now you understand the benefits, costs and investment options let's take a look at the process of how to become a Vanuatu Citizen.

How to apply for Vanuatu Citizenship

Vanuatu’s Citizenship By Investment Program is the fastest program of its kind globally. In fact, it is possible to acquire your second passport in a matter of months.  The average timeline is 3 months.  The steps on how to become a Vanuatu Citizen are as follows:

1. Book a free consultation with Lincoln Global Partners

Our team will guide you through your options and analyze your case to see if the Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment will meet your personal requirements.

2. Select your Program

At this stage, you will need to decide whether you wish to apply for citizenship in Vanuatu via the DSP Program or the CIIP Program.

3. Initial Due Diligence
Once you are ready to proceed initial due diligence checks are carried out by the Vanuatu Financial
Intelligence Unit (FIU), the National Immigration Department and Interpol. A fee of $5,000 USD must be submitted with the required documents at this stage. The due diligence process takes between 7-10 days.

Upon clearance, a letter is issued informing the CBI Unit that the applicants can proceed to gather the remaining documentation and proceed with the formalities.

 4. Gather your Documentation

We will be providing a comprehensive checklist and support to accompany you through the documentation process.

5. Submission of your Application

Once you gathered all of the required documents, our team will check through your file and prepare your application submission. Your documents will be submitted to the CBI Unit together with the application payment. The investment funds will then be held by the designated unit and not released to the government until the client has been awarded citizenship.

6. Processing of Application

The Citizenship Commission Committee sits twice a month during which applications are considered over a one-day sitting. The processing time therefore takes around 30 days.

7. Oath of Allegiance, 

Upon receiving confirmation of citizenship the new citizen is required to take a short oath. Ceremonies can be carried out online via Zoom/Skype.

8. Citizenship Certificate and Passport Issued

Shortly after the Oath the investor and their families will receive their Vanuatu Citizenship Certificate and their passports.

9. Investment Processed and Documents Courier Serviced to Investor

Once citizenship is granted and the passports issued, the investment will be processed.
The client will then receive the documentation of their investment. Confirmation of the investment will be couriered via DHL to the new citizen along with their Citizen Certificate/s and

Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment

Interested in a Free Consultation with one of our specialist Residency & Citizenship by Investment advisors?

Life In Vanuatu

While investors applying for the Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment Program are not required to visit Vanuatu to acquire citizenship and maintain their nationality it would certainly be a shame not to visit!

The island nation of Vanuatu in the Pacific Ocean is a stunning tropical paradise celebrated for its idyllic location, climate, and welcoming local community. Vanuatu is known for its beauty but also its friendly citizens. In fact, the country is continuously ranked one of the “Happiest Countries on the Planet.”

Given the country’s remote location, Vanuatu stands out as a peaceful sanctuary in the South Pacific. The country is also blessed with good connectivity to the key regional nations of Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. In the forthcoming years, it is likely to add these countries to its visa-free travel list which would be an additional benefit for new citizens of the country.

The benefits of Vanuatu Citizenship extend beyond visa-free travel. Citizenship in this beautiful Pacific island provides a valuable backup plan for investors looking for a true ‘safe-haven’.

With current global events, there is an escalating need for resilience planning in many parts of the world. Vanuatu known for its tranquility, safety, and tax benefits is a great option for families looking for an alternative residency that can provide peace of mind and enjoyment for future generations.

Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment

Apply for Vanuatu Citizenship with Lincoln Global Partners

Lincoln Global Partners is a specialist international investment migration firm. Our professionals are experts in the field of Citizenship By Investment and we are ready to assist you every step of the way with your Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment application.


    FAQ's Vanuatu Citizenship Frequently asked Questions

    Does Vanuatu allow Dual Citizenship?

    Yes, Vanuatu does allow dual citizenship. The Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment process is also strictly confidential.

    Are any nationalities restricted from applying for Citizenship By Investment in Vanuatu?

    Yes, The Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment Unit is currently not open to nationals of:

    • Yemen
    • Syria
    • Iraq
    • Iran
    • North Korea.
    How long does the Vanuatu Passport By Investment process take?

    This pre-approval process usually takes around 10 days. Once pre-approval is provided, the second phase commences in which all the documents are submitted together with the full payment. This process takes between 30 to 90 days. Vanuatu is currently the world’s fastest Citizenship By Investment program.

    Is the Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment Program open to nationals of Russia and Belarus?

    Vanuatu is currently the only citizenship by investment program in the world that is open to nationals of Russia and Belarus.

    When can I sell my investment?
    Those that choose the CIIP program must hold their investment for at least 5 years.
    Is there a minimum stay requirement to maintain Citizenship?

    No,  citizenship is for life. Investors are not required to visit Vanuatu before or after the application process.

    What is Vanuatu’s passport ranking?

    The passport provides visa-free, on arrival travel to around 100 countries including Russia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

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