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Dominica Citizenship by Investment: Your Path to Global Mobility

Are you looking for a pathway to obtain second citizenship and unlock a world of opportunities? Dominica's Citizenship by Investment Program offers a fast and efficient route to acquiring Dominican citizenship. A second passport will enable you and your family to enjoy numerous benefits, including visa free travel to over 140 countries, work, stay and study opportunities for the whole family and a secure financial future.

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program: A Time-Tested Route

The Dominica citizenship by investment program has been capturing the attention of investors since its inception in 1993. Its popularity is evident with a remarkable 4,192 individuals obtaining Dominica passports between 2017 and 2020.

But what makes Dominica stand out amongst its Caribbean counterparts and similar citizenship schemes? Aside from the overall allure of the country itself, it’s one of the more affordable options in the region (even with recent changes detailed below). As an investor you can gain citizenship by contributing a reasonable sum of $100,000 to the state fund or by opting for real estate ownership at just $200,000.

Choosing the real estate investment route not only grants you citizenship but also opens the door to a unique opportunity. With the possibility of reclaiming your investment in a mere 3-5 years through property resale, you'll enjoy both citizenship benefits and potential returns.

The program also embraces the spirit of family, allowing applicants to include beloved spouses, children, and parents in citizenship applications. It's a chance to build a brighter future together.

In this fast-paced world, we understand the need for convenience. That's why obtaining Dominica citizenship is entirely attainable from the comfort of your home — the entire process is remote, making it hassle-free and efficient.
Embrace this well-established pathway to a world of opportunities with the Dominica citizenship by investment program, and let your dreams take flight!
Dominica Citizenship By Investment
Dominica CBI town view

Dominica CBI Program Overview

The successful program is spearheaded by the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU). Well versed in diplomacy and International affairs, Ambassador Emmanuel Nathan oversees the unit. Nanthan fervently advocates for the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme, recognizing its significance as a means to propel the nation forward.

Overall, the Dominica government welcomes the impact of private investment as a means to foster the country’s prosperity. The Citizenship by investment program opens the doors to incentivize foreign direct investment, fostering private sector expansion. This gradual process contributes to establishing a foundation of varied, lasting and robust economic frameworks capable of adapting to the demands of a competitive global landscape. For over twenty years, the government has unwaveringly upheld its dedication to the citizenship investment initiative, while occasionally seeking ways to enhance the caliber of the program provisions.

Dominica Citizenship Investment Program Recent Changes

The following changes have gone into effect as of July 17, 2023.
New Mandatory Interviews: 

As a protocol to better verify quality applicants, the Dominica citizenship by investment unit will now enforce interviews as part of the application process. All applicants 16 years or older will be required to attend an interview. 

Enhanced Diligence for Iranian Nationals:

Iranian nationals specifically, regardless of where they reside will now have to pay enhanced due diligence fees. Due to this change, Nationals from the Islamic Republic of Iran and applicants domiciled in the Islamic Republic of Iran will be required to pay the following due diligence fee structure: 

Main Applicant: $25,000 USD

Spouse: $15,000 USD 

Each dependent 16 years or older: $15,000 USD

Each dependent aged 12-15 years: $10,000 USD

*These enhanced due diligence fees are inclusive of the standard due diligence fees outlined below.

Advantages of CBI in Dominica

Dominica's citizenship by investment program is a lifetime opportunity.
Visa Free Travel to 142 countries
With Dominican citizenship, you gain visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to a wide range of countries, facilitating hassle-free international travel for business, leisure, or education.
Full Residence Status in Dominica and CARICOM
Obtain the rights to live, work and invest in Dominica. As a member of CARICOM, citizens can can also reside in any other member nation.
No Physical Residency Requirements
One of the most defining benefits of obtaining a Dominican passport is that you don't need to reside in the country to acquire nor maintain citizenship.
Tax Benefits
As a Dominican passport holder you'll owe zero tax on worldwide income. If you opt to reside in Dominica you won't face any capital gains tax, inheritance tax or wealth tax!
The entire family can be included in your application
The Dominica CIP extends to include eligible family members, making it a fantastic opportunity to secure a better future for your loved ones.
Education and Healthcare
Access to top-notch education and healthcare facilities becomes available for you and your loved ones, ensuring a high quality of life.
Diversify your investment portfolio and earn income
Dominica's stable economy and tax-friendly environment provide an ideal platform for wealth diversification and asset protection.

Investment Options

The citizenship by investment program in Dominica offers two investment pathways to acquire a Dominica passport.

Economic Diversification Fund Donation

The Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) is a viable fund created by the Dominican government that supports projects to boost the country’s development. It’s an investment stream part of the Dominica citizenship by investment program. Investors can become a Dominican citizen through their Citizenship by Investment Programme by making a financial contribution to the EDF.

All funds generated through the EDF are channeled towards enhancing various projects in both the public and private sectors that require financial backing. These projects support diverse areas throughout the community such as constructing schools, refurbishing hospitals, establishing a national sports stadium. Plus, EDF aids ventures across tourism, information technology, and agriculture industries. It’s all about making Dominica an even better place to live and work!

Investors can contribute the following costs in exchange for Dominica citizenship:

  • $100,000 USD for the main applicant;
  • $150,000 USD for the main applicant and spouse;
  • $175,000 USD for the main applicant and up to three defendants;
  • $25,000 USD for any additional dependent under the age of eighteen;
  • $50,000 USD for any additional dependent eighteen years of age or older;
Additional Fees

It’s important to consider and account for the fees associated with citizenship by investment programs. Here are the following fees for the Dominica CBI program when opting for the EDF donation route. 

Processing Fees: $1,000 USD per application 

Due Diligence Fees: $7,500 USD for a single applicant; $4,000 for the Spouse and $4,000 for each additional dependent above 16 years 

*Enhanced due diligence checks and fees may sometimes be required, depending on the applicant’s current citizenship status, and other personal circumstances.

Certificate of Naturalization fee: $250 USD per person

Expedited passport issuance fee: $1,200 USD per person

Real Estate Investment

If you’re looking to become a Dominican citizen through the real estate option of their Citizenship by Investment program, here’s the scoop: you need to buy approved property valued at a minimum of $200,000 USD. Then, hold onto the real estate for either three years from the day you become a citizen. In the case the next buyer is also using the citizenship investment route, you’ll need to hold onto the property for five years from the day your citizenship is granted. 

Costs associated with purchasing real estate:

Property Amount: $200,000 USD minimum 

If your application is approved, you’ll also be required to pay additional government fees:

Single applicant: $25,000 USD

Main applicant and up to three dependents: $35,000 USD

Main applicant and up to five dependents: $50,000 USD

An additional $25,000 USD for any additional qualified dependents

Additional Fees

Processing fees: $1,000 USD per application

Due diligence fees: $7,500 USD for a single applicant, $4,000 USD for a spouse and $4,000 USD for any defendants aged 16 or above.

In some cases, enhanced due diligence fees may be required depending on current citizenship status, and other personal circumstances.

Certificate of naturalization fee: $250 USD per person

Expedited passport issuance fee: $1,200 USD per person

As you can see, the overall cost you’ll fork out for Dominica citizenship is determined by the amount of dependents you’ll include on your application. All-in-all, it’s a well-priced program. 

Government Approved Dominia CBI Project

Jungle Bay Eco Village

Jungle Bay Eco Villas, the number one ranked hotel in Dominica on Trip-adviser provides the opportunity for investors to purchase a Villa and apply for a second passport in Dominica under the country’s Citizenship By Investment program.
Government Approved CBI Project

Secret Bay in Dominica

Secret Bay in Dominica is an award-winning 6-star luxury resort that is without a doubt one of the most luxurious hotels in the entire Caribbean. It was ranked the best hotel in the Caribbean in Travel & Leisures 2020 World’s Best Awards and was voted ‘The World’s Best Boutique Hotel in 2016′. The resort is famous for its dramatic setting on the Caribbean Sea, world-class amenities, and 2 private secluded beaches.

Eligibility and Requirements

Key Requirements

Find out who is eligible for the Dominica citizenship by investment program and what documents applicants will need to round up.

Eligibility Criteria
  • 18 years of age
  • Clean Background Check
  • Good Health
  • Financial Investment
Banned Nationalities 

Unfortunately nationals from the countries of: Northern Iraq, Russia, Belarus and the Kurdistan Region will not be eligible to apply for the citizenship by investment program in Dominica. 

Additionally, applicants from North Korea and Sudan will be refused unless: 1. the applicant hasn’t lived in these countries for the last ten years; 2. They hold no substantial assets in those countries; and, 3. They’ve not conducted business or similar activities in those countries.

Required Documents

When applying for Dominica’s citizenship by investment programme, the applicant will need to submit the following list of documents:

General Documentation

All applicants will need to submit to following: 

    • Disclosure form — completed accurately. Attain the updated form from your agent or contact the CBIU.
    • Fingerprint and photograph form — must be completed in front of a fingerprinting officer
    • Medical Questionnaire and certificate, certified by a licensed medical examiner
    • Investment agreement for those pursuing the EDF option; Sales and purchase agreement if pursuing the real estate option
    • Colored passport copies for each applicant
    • Birth certificates 
    • Marriage/divorce certificates and name change documents
    • Police records from the country of birth, country of citizenship, country of residence and any country the applicant has lived in for more than six months in the last 10 years.
    • Copies of driver’s license, and all identity books/cards
    • Military identification if applicable 
    • 8 passport sized photos for each applicant
    • Proof of residential address
    • University/college diplomas
    • Children aged 12-18 will need a letter of recommendation from the head of school and official transcripts
    • Notarized affidavit of support for each dependent over 18 years of age (except the spouse)
    • HIV test results (for all applicants aged 12 or above)
    • Routine blood and urine test results
    • One (1) professional reference
    • Letter of employment/financial statements
    • 12 months bank statements
    • Notarized affidavit of source of funds
    • Resume/CV
    • Proof of payment of relevant fees


Additionally, any documents not in English must be accompanied by a certified translation into English. Finally, all documents must be certified and authenticated according to the law of the jurisdiction from which it originates.

How to get citizenship in Dominica?

So, you can swallow the investment costs and check the boxes to be an eligible applicant, but how do you actually go about obtaining Dominican citizenship through the CBI program?

How to get a Dominican Passport in 5 steps

  1. Consultation: Begin your journey by consulting with Lincoln Global Partners experienced advisors who will guide you through the process and help you choose the most suitable investment option.
  2. Document Preparation: Gather the necessary documents, ensuring compliance with the program’s requirements and providing evidence of your legal source of funds.
  3. Due Diligence: Undergo a thorough background check to demonstrate your good character and eligibility for the program. Along with the newly instated mandatory interview with the. 
  4. Investment and Application Submission: Make the required investment and submit your application through a licensed agent approved by the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit.
  5. Citizenship Approval: Once your application is approved, you and your family become proud holders of Dominican citizenship, opening doors to a world of possibilities.
Dominica Citizenship by Investment black sandy beaches

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Life in Dominica

What’s Dominica actually like and is it a place people want to call home?

There’s no requirement for you to live in Dominica if you go through the citizenship by investment program. However, if it’s going to be the place of your next passport, there may be a time you or your family members consider actually living there. At least for some time. So how is it?

Living in Dominica is like stepping into a tropical paradise full of natural wonders and vibrant culture. Nestled in the heart of the Caribbean, this island nation offers a unique blend of lush landscapes, warm hospitality and a relaxed pace of life.

Picture waking up to the soothing sound of waves crashing against the shore, surrounded by lush rainforests and breathtaking mountains. Dominica’s untouched beauty is a nature lover’s dream come true. You can explore hidden waterfalls, soak in hot springs and hike through lush trails leading to stunning vistas. There are a slew of activities for adventure seekers, from water sports (add whale watching to the traditional list) to zip-lining.

Dominica CBI property Secret Bay

The local culture is a rich tapestry woven from African, European and indigenous influences. This mix is reflected in the island’s festivals, music and delectable cuisine. Savor mouthwatering Creole dishes prepared with fresh seafood, tropical fruits and a medley of spices. And don’t miss out on experiencing the lively music scene and vibrant dances that truly embody the spirit of the island.

The sense of community in Dominica is strong and welcoming. The locals, known as Dominicans, stay true to Caribbean hospitality offering warmth and friendliness. It’s easy to forge connections and integrate into the local way of life. With a blend of traditional practices and modern amenities, you’ll find authenticity and comfort at your fingertips.

While life here is relaxed, it’s important to note that the island’s infrastructure may differ from what you’re accustomed to. Internet and transportation options might be more modest, but that’s all part of the charm of living in a place that prioritizes natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retirement haven, an adventure-filled lifestyle or simply a break from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, Dominica offers a unique and enriching experience that’s hard to find anywhere else. Embrace the tranquil pace, immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, and let the island’s enchanting spirit captivate you.

Apply for Dominica citizenship with Lincoln Global Partners

Citizenship by investment in Dominica is a great opportunity for individuals to increase their global mobility, enjoy the safety net of a second passport, returnable investment opportunities, and gain exceptional citizenship benefits.

Lincoln Global Partners is a specialist international investment migration firm with offices in the UK, UAE and Brazil. Our professionals are experts in the field of citizenship by investment and we are ready to assist you every step of the way with your Dominican citizenship by investment application.
Frequently Asked Questions

Your Journey with Lincoln Global Partners

What is Citizenship by Investment (CBI)?

Citizenship by Investment (CBI) is a program that allows wealthy individuals to obtain a second citizenship by investing in a particular country. These programs are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a number of benefits, including visa-free travel, tax reduction, and a second home.

What are the benefits of obtaining a second citizenship?

There are many benefits to obtaining a second citizenship, including:

  • Visa-free travel: A second passport can give you visa-free access to a number of countries, making it easier to travel the world.
  • Tax reduction: Some countries offer citizenship by investment programs with attractive tax benefits, such as no income tax or inheritance tax.
  • A second home: Citizenship by investment can give you the right to live and work in another country. This can be a great option for those who are looking to retire abroad or who want to have a backup plan in case of political or economic instability in their home country.
Which countries offer Citizenship by Investment programs?

Lincoln Global Partners offers citizenship by investment programs in a number of Caribbean and European countries. Some of the most popular programs include those offered by Grenada, St. Lucia, Dominica, Portugal, and Spain.

How much does it cost to obtain citizenship by investment?

The cost of obtaining citizenship by investment varies depending on the country and the specific program. However, it is generally necessary to make a significant investment, such as in real estate or government bonds.

How can Lincoln Global Partners help me obtain citizenship by investment?

Lincoln Global Partners is a leading provider of citizenship by investment programs. They have a team of experienced professionals who can help you choose the right program for your needs and guide you through the application process.

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