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Checkout our articles below for the latest news in the investment migration industry and the digital nomad scene.

In the modern society we live things advance quickly. This is no different in the investment migration industry. Regulations change, program rules change and countries introduce new residency and citizenship by investment programs.

Lincoln Global Partners is here to bring you the latest news from around the industry. We keep our heads close to the ground and maintain close relationships with our local partners across the globe to bring you the latest updates. Check in here for the latest residency and citizenship by investment news and feel free to sign up to our email list for further for email updates.

Besides Residency & Citizenship By Investment, on this page Lincoln Global Partners will provide updates on non-investor residency programs, business residency permits and visas and of course relevant content from the digital nomad scene.

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Europe’s Top 5 Digital Nomad Visas As a digital nomad, choosing the perfect place to work remotely can be challenging. New digital nomad visas are emerging all over the globe, especially in Europe — the continent that coined the trend. Plenty of European countries have made it easier to live and work remotely without hassle....

Meet the Requirements: How to apply for Dominica citizenship Are you seeking a second citizenship or exploring opportunities to expand your global mobility? Dominica, a serene Caribbean island nation, offers a sought-after citizenship program that provides individuals and families with a pathway to a second citizenship through various investment options. Here’s a comprehensive guide on...


Portugal vs Greece: The Battle to be Europes Top Immigration Destination The Atlantic against the Mediterranean  — Portugal vs Greece — rivaling destinations for expatriates, nomads and foreign investors. Both emerging in recent years economically and gleaming at the top of relocation lists. Whether it’s for foreign investors backed by capital, retirees looking for a...


Will Portugal Terminate its NHR Regime? written by: Pedro Marques Monteiro — Portugal Immigration Lawyer The proposal for the State Budget of 2024 presented to Parliament by the Portuguese Government, puts an end to the Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) regime starting from January 2024. The NHR regime came into effect in 2009 in the midst of...


Portugal D7 Visa Requirements Portugal — we can’t say enough about the marvels of this country. With its stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture, Portugal has increasingly become a sought-after destination for retirees to live an exceptional life in Europe. Recognizing the influx of interest, the Portuguese government introduced the D7 Visa pathway, often...


The World’s Top 20 Residency By Real Estate Investment Programs In our increasingly interconnected world, people are constantly seeking opportunities to secure a brighter future for themselves and their loved ones. Residency or citizenship through real estate investments have gained popularity over the last few decades. Such programs give individuals the opportunity to invest in...


Citizenship by Investment in Argentina Looking for a pathway to second citizenship? Consider heading to Argentina! Argentina is a hot spot South American destination. Pack your bags because Argentina offers a residency by investment program for foreigners looking to obtain residency and potentially citizenship. Contribute to the growth the Argentine economy while basking in the...

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