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Azulik Tulum: Setting the Pace for the Future of Travel

Nestled in the heart of Mexico’s Mayan lush jungle lies — Azulik. Azulik is a brand, exclusive property serving as an eco-friendly wellness resort, art destination and gastronomy, fashion experience plus exclusive residences. The breathtaking architectural marvel is constructed with a mixture of wood and stones meshing seamlessly into the Tulum eco-system.

Azulik is shrouded in a mysterious enchantment — part of its allure. It’s a place which no article or review can do true justice to, as you must see and experience it fully by visiting.

Nonetheless, this article sets out to take you on an imaginative journey, dipping your toes in the magic of Azulik.

The Experience of Azulik

Experience the height of well being, guests and residents enjoy a tranquil and immersive experience at Azulik. Azulik eco-resort has various spaces, each one takes guests to a different portal where art, food, fashion, nature and architecture seamlessly co-exist.

A place of both past and future, Azulik hosts a wide range of concepts of nature and elegance, rustic and modern, beach and forest, art and Mayan culture, among others. Azulik combines a multitude of elements to give a well-rounded one of a kind experience of decadence and peace. Every corner is curated with immense thought from the lighting to the details of the art.

Azulik’s commitment to sustainability, artistic expression, and the integration of nature into its design has earned it a reputation as a one-of-a-kind destination. Reeking with appeal to anyone seeking a unique and environmentally conscious travel experience. It has become an iconic retreat for travelers looking to connect with nature and immerse themselves in a serene and artistic environment. It’s important to note that Azulik hotel and resort is adult only with a minimum age of 18+.

Key Features of Azulik Resort: 

Azulik Residences

  • Architectural Prodigy: Azulik’s architecture is a standout feature. The resort is designed with organic, curvilinear shapes and rustic materials that harmonize with the surrounding jungle and coastline. Its treehouse-style villas are perched on stilts, providing breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea.
  • Sustainability: Azulik places a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental conservation. The resort is constructed using reclaimed wood and other eco-friendly materials. It operates without electricity, relying on candlelight and natural ventilation, and minimizes its carbon footprint as much as possible.
  • Art and Culture: Azulik is also an artistic and cultural destination. It features various art installations and galleries, providing a space for artists to showcase their work. The resort hosts events, workshops, and exhibitions that celebrate art and creativity.
  • Secluded and Romantic: Azulik is known for its secluded and romantic atmosphere, making it a popular destination for honeymooners and couples seeking a tranquil escape. The lack of electricity and the absence of Wi-Fi in most areas enhance the sense of disconnection from the outside world.
  • Wellness and Spa: The resort offers wellness and spa services, including yoga classes, massage treatments, and holistic therapies. 
  • Cuisine: Azulik’s restaurants serve gourmet, locally sourced cuisine. Dining is often a communal experience, with a focus on fresh and organic ingredients that complement the resort’s eco-conscious philosophy.
  • Private Beach Access: Guests have access to a private beach (clothing optional), perfect for relaxation, swimming and basking on the beautiful Caribbean coastline.

Portals of Azulik

From food to fashion, art and design, culture and rituals, music and elixirs — each portal in Azulik is crafted to give travellers a different memorable experience. The property amenities of this stunning eco-resort exceed other resorts in the entire country.


azulik restaurant kin toh

Take your pallet on a journey through Azulik’s five culinary destinations. Explore top-notch restaurants with sunset views that no photos give proper justice to.

Kin Toh: Sit atop the jungle canopy in “nests” of this treehouse style restaurant said to take guests on an immersive journey of all five senses. Serving international cuisine, Kin Toh is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It boasts a wine cellar, exclusive mixology and an enchanting setting, complete with hammocks by the bar. The menu ranges from Mayan octopus to Australian porterhouse. The walk up to the restaurant is an experience in itself. A series of wooden bridges swirl around the jungle canopy. The top offers views of the beach, jungle and Mayan ruins all at once. 

Tseen Ja: This restaurant embarks on culinary and cultural fusion of Japanese and Mexican traditions. Guests enjoy a party experience unlike any other on a circular terrace above the jungle canopy. Catch the sunset with music and mixology above the jungle with views of the Caribbean sea.

Jungle Cuisine: The name says it all. Using only fresh local ingredients the menu changes daily to respect the environment and what it provides. This restaurant is inside Uh May, the City of Arts, and each dish is a piece of art. Advertised to be nourishing and medicinal. 

Mantli: Plan a night to engage in a ritual mezcal drink under the moonlight to unwind and center yourself in this enchanting, calming setting. 

IMIX Beach Club: Eat, drink and vibe beachside on Azulik’s exclusive beachfront. 

Community Spaces

MIrador: A floating space for the ultimate rooftop hangout to catch the sunset.

Copa del Pintor: Schedule a spot on this lovely gathering space to enjoy the universal language of music.

City of Arts

Sfer Ik: An incredible art gallery and museum hosting curated shows throughout the year. The city of arts is founded on three core principals: nature, art and ancestrality. As with all of Azulik, the space itself is art.


ZAK IK: “A boutique that inspires us to rethink fashion.” Pick up some gorgeous pieces in ZAK Ik boutique storefront, the space alone changes the tone of shopping with its relaxing yet mesmerizing design. Other pop-up stores coincide here big brand names like Dior and Bvlgari. 

Anikena: Pick-up unique sustainable fashion to unleash the untamed spirit. This brand pushes the bounds of fashion even in todays world with its embrace of Mayan designs and textures paired with inspiration from light, dark and natural earthy materials. 


Azulik Spa: Not your average resort spa — Azulik brings in a variety of ancient treatments and techniques to enhance the wellness experience. Book a relaxing and restorative massage or facial, an ancestral ceremony to learn sacred rituals, energetic therapies with the use of stones, herbs, fire and sacred instruments, or a meaningful motion to realign your spirit and body. Each option is sure to help guests unwind and rejuvenate.

A playground for the who’s who

azuik wedding

Influencers are absolutely drawn to Azulik. The property isn’t only an utterly cool, luxurious haven, it holds values worth promoting. Influencers, well known actors, known people of the art world and the average Joe can easily get behind what Azulik’s mission and promote it to the world, while enjoying the hell out of it themselves. At its core Azulik promotes conscious travel, a minimized footprint and embraces the present local population along with past cultures who inhabited the land. It sets the pace for the direction travel will likely (hopefully) take in the future, leaving behind the detrimental plugged in, unaware, ultra-consumer attitude. 

Vanessa Hudgens and Cole Tucker’s wedding was held at Azulik Uh May. The couple described their wedding as a “jungle dreamscape.” It’s an iconic wedding venue, giving the soul the comfort of nature with architecture and art city doting on luxury and quality. It’s the best of both worlds you could say. Azulik is an unmatchable wedding destination venue, nothing in Mexico or even the Caribbean quite tops it. Famous tik-tockers, Andrea Camila and Lewis Kelly, also swapped vowels in the contemporary art museum of Azulik Uh May. 

It goes without saying that this is an amazing honeymoon destination. Enjoy an adult only setting with your loved one in a luxurious suite. Don’t be phased if you spot a celeb or two walking the grounds of this enchanting resort.

Azulik’s Key Location in Tulum area

map of tulum

Tulum, Mexico is an up-and-coming destination. Although, it’s already ranked as one of the worlds top-spots. Construction of the new city is being done in phases with Azulik in the newest phase. Edging towards one of the greenest spaces in Tulum and boasting some exclusive beachside fronts. Offering the best of both worlds in Tulum. To the west is a digital nomad village edged by a more local town with boutique shop fronts, grocers and local restaurants. To the North of Azulik (short walking distance away) the Mayan Trail is being built. A rail system which will give convenient access all over Tulum.

Jungla park, a massive conservation aimed to preserve and protect the local wildlife and environment is close by. The Tulum airport opening, will open Tulum to direct international and domestic travel.

For investors planning to buy property in Azulik residences or Azulik villages, there is a Green School opening in 2026. Green School originally opened in Bali and offers a one-of-a-kind academic approach.

The Green School mission is “to create a global community of learners, making our world sustainable.”

Invest in Azulik

Azulik Residences and Azulik Villas opens the opportunity for investors to own a piece of something truly inclusive. By investing in these luxury properties investors are committing to the values of Azulik. Transformative values are paired with the promise of turning a profit, as Tulum upwardly booms as a destination. 

Lincoln Global Partners work with the developers of these exclusive properties. We can walk you through the ins-and-outs of investing in Azulik and Mexico at large. Our team of residency by investment experts will support your pursuit towards Mexico’s Residency by Investment program. Azulik is an investment in your personal future and in the future of travel. Contact us today for a free 30-minute consultation. 

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