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February 13, 2024by Kathryn Funk0

St. Lucia Opens a New Infrastructure Investment Option 

The start of February brings good news on the global mobility front — St. Lucia has opened a new infrastructure investment pathway! The St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment, one of the most attractive Caribbean programs has further enhanced its appeal by giving investors yet another enticing investment option. 

An official Memorandum sent to authorized agents from the St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment unit announced and outlined new application forms and an additional investment option. These changes went into effect on February 5th, 2024.

New Application Forms

The Citizenship by Investment unit has strategically reduced the number of application forms from eight to five forms! These fewer forms “capture all essential data for thorough verification and screening of applicants”. This change is said to have eliminated redundancy throughout the forms while still collecting critical applicant data. The goal of this move is to improve application efficiency and enhance the capacity of agents. 

Less paperwork that’s more direct is certainly better for everyone — applicants, agents and the investment unit will all appreciate this change. 

Additional Investment Route — Infrastructure Investment Option

The “Infrastructure Option” expands the avenues for citizenship by investment in St. Lucia to invest in expansive projects aimed at enhancing the country’s infrastructure. A single applicant can contribute $100,000 to qualify, and a family of four or less must invest $150,000. Investors have a diverse range of development projects to choose from. 

Infrastructure projects include:

  • Specialist restaurants
  • Cruise ports and marinas
  • Agro-processing plants
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Critical infrastructure such as ports, bridges, roads, and highways
  • Research institutions and facilities
  • Offshore universities
  • Housing and social development projects
  • Investment services

This new move doesn’t only open more doors for investors, it also gives them the opportunity to directly impact the development of St. Lucia and overall prosperity. These changes open a new chapter of St. Lucia’s citizenship by investment program, shaking things up for the better. Now it has become an even more appealing option for those considering an investment in the Caribbean.

St Lucia citizenship by investment

St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Options

For investors looking to pursue citizenship by investment in St. Lucia, they can now choose from the following investment pathways including the newest infrastructure investment option.

Infrastructure Option: 

$100,000 (single applicants); $150,000 (family of four)


$100,000 (single applicant); $150,000 (family of four)

Real Estate:

$200,000+ depending on number of dependents

Government Bonds:

$300,000 plus a flat administrative fee of $50,000 regardless of number of dependents

Enterprise Project:

$3,500,000 plus generate 3 permanent jobs

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Kathryn Funk

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