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Greece Golden Visa News: Anticipated Rise in Minimum Investment Thresholds

Last week, our team published an article reviewing the most recent statements from the Greek Government regarding the Greek Golden Visa News on the Price changes for the eligible threshold.

Projected adjustments to the investment thresholds within the Greek Golden Visa program are generating considerable interest and speculation. Here’s what we know about the potential changes:

Greek Golden Visa News- The Expected Increases

Reports from various Greek media outlets shed light on the forthcoming adjustments to the Greek Golden Visa price thresholds. Likely to be implemented in a matter of days, the revised criteria will introduce a tiered structure, categorizing investments into three distinct zones:

  • Zone A: EUR 800,000
  • Zone B: EUR 400,000 – 500,000
  • Zone C: EUR 250,000

While the specific delineation of municipalities within each zone remains somewhat nebulous, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has underlined that the impending price revisions will predominantly affect prime locales.

Zone A is expected to encompass Central, Northern, and Southern regions of Attica, as well as select areas in Thessaloniki and coveted islands like Mykonos and Santorini.

Increasingly popular destinations for investment such as the municipality of Piraeus and the Island of Crete will likely see a price increase from 250,000 EUR up to 400,000-5000,000 EUR as they make up members of Zone B. While less developed cities and islands in Greece will remain with the current investment threshold of 250,000 EUR. However, it is not clear whether destinations like Patra, Corfu, Iraklio, Hanna and Rhodes which have very few golden visa investors, but housing pricing shortages will see minimum investment requirement increases.

greece golden visa price change


Navigating the Changes

As the Greek Golden Visa undergoes further transformation, it’s paramount to stay informed and act swiftly to capitalize on favourable investment conditions. Investors should closely monitor updates and consult with professionals to make informed decisions aligned with their goals.

At Lincoln Global Partners, we specialize in identifying properties that align with your investment objectives and adhere to current regulations. While official legislation has yet to be finalized, now is a critical moment to secure your Golden Visa in regions anticipating price adjustments. Stay informed by subscribing to our newsletter for the latest Greece Golden Visa updates.

In the realm of Investment Migration, staying agile and well-informed is paramount. With our expert team at your side, rest assured that your investment journey will be guided by precision, ensuring your pathway to global citizenship is secure and successful.

greece golden visa price change

Greece Golden Visa Real Estate Opportunities

As of now, The Greece Golden Visa Program remains the same. Below are a number of our top real estate projects!

  • Athenian Riviera Freehold Units: Positioned amidst the Athenian Riviera, this project presents an exceptional investment opportunity. With only a few units remaining, starting at EUR 520,000, investors can secure premium apartments boasting proximity to essential amenities and a guaranteed 5% annual yield.
  • Student Apartments in Patras: Embrace coastal charm and investment potential with purpose-built student accommodations in Patras, available from EUR 250,000. This venture promises a unique lifestyle experience and a steady 5% rental return annually, making it an appealing option for Golden Visa seekers.
  • Wyndham Residences, Piraeus: Experience luxury living in Piraeus with serviced apartments starting at EUR 272,500. Benefit from robust capital growth prospects and a promising 4% annual yield, elevating your Golden Visa investment journey.
  • Smart Piraeus Apartments: Discover a blend of sophistication and innovation at “Smart Residences, Piraeus.” Priced from EUR 290,000, these fully furnished apartments offer modern amenities and Golden Visa eligibility, paving the way for seamless residency acquisition.


Discuss the Greek Golden Visa News with our team – Book a call with our team now by clicking here.

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