Second PassportsAlternative Residency Solutions: Why Acquiring Portugal HQA Visa

June 3, 2024by Georgea Rios0

Alternative Residency Solution: 7 Reasons to Acquire the Portugal HQA Visa

Portugal has emerged as a beacon for international entrepreneurs and investors seeking a European foothold, and the Portugal HQA (High-Quality and Value-Added) Visa stands out as a compelling avenue for those looking beyond the conventional Portugal Golden Visa program. Here are five reasons why acquiring the Portugal HQA Visa is a strategic move for savvy individuals seeking a cost-effective alternative.

HQA Visa Portugal

1.Competitive Pricing- EU Residency on a budget

The program is an attractive donation alternative priced at €170,000, inclusive of all fees and dependents. This capital outlay is notably lower than the Golden Visa alternative, which demands €500,000 plus €100,000 in fees and costs for a family of four throughout the applicant’s Golden Visa lifecycle.

2.Swift Processing for Residence

Our residence visa typically takes one to two months for approval, a significant contrast to the two-year approval process for the Golden Visa. We even had a case where an applicant’s application was processed and approved on the same day. The quick processing time is crucial, initiating the naturalization clock immediately upon approval, resulting in a citizenship journey lasting just over five years, as opposed to the seven to eight years with a Golden Visa.

3.Caribbean Passport Donation Alternative

While Caribbean donation programs cost $200,000 to $250,000 for a family of four, this donationary alternative offering a European passport may be a more appealing choice. Having an EU residence provides visa-free access across the Schengen area and several other EU countries, enhancing the passport’s global mobility.

HQA Visa Portugal

4.Local Entrepreneurship and Social Impact

A portion of the donation goes to universities, benefitting campus infrastructure, R&D activities, scholarships, and special projects. Clients gain access to investment opportunities in early-stage startups through partnerships with the GTP ecosystem. Collaboration with Fred Gil’s association aims to retain local sports talent within Portugal.

5.Flexible Residence, Renewal, Pathway to PR, and Citizenship

Only one renewal is required before applying for permanent residency (PR) and citizenship. Initial residence is granted for two years, with renewals issued for three years. The GV necessitates two renewals during its lifecycle. Article 80 (1b) of the Immigration Act allows PR after five years of temporary residence, and Article 6 (1) of the Nationality Act permits citizenship application after five years of residence.

6.Open to ALL Nationalities

The HQA residence is open to individuals of all nationalities and is not limited to citizens from sanctioned countries, unlike certain other RCBI investment residence programs.

7.Staggered Payments and Refundable Triggers

Payments can be staggered into three parts, as outlined in the process document. Additionally, a mechanism exists for partial refunds in cases where a client’s approval is not obtained. The second donation payment can be held in a lawyer’s escrow account during the initial residence period.

Where to begin with?

Our team of specislists at Lincoln Global Partners can assist you throughout the entirity of the process. From understanding your choices and solving the puzzle of Residency and Citizenship by Investment to guiding you through the legal step by step.

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