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Exclusive Beachfront Haven in Poniente Beach, Benidorm

Discover a new level of exclusivity at Diamond Residences, a luxury development situated at the northern end of Poniente Beach in Benidorm, one of Europe’s most cherished beach resorts. This iconic building rises above all others, offering commanding views of the Mediterranean and Europe, coupled with distinctive architecture that has made it a global landmark. On sale are luxurry Benidorm apartments on offer to both local and foreign investors.

Limited Edition Pinnacle Residences – Spain Golden Visa Eligible

Investing a minimum of 500k in Diamond Residences not only elevates your lifestyle but unlocks the exclusive opportunity of the Spanish Golden Visa. This unique investment pathway offers residency in Spain, adding an extra layer of prestige to your opulent living experience at Diamond Residences. Seize the benefits of European luxury and the Spanish Golden Visa with this unparalleled investment opportunity.

A select number of these luxury apartments in Benidorm are now available at the pinnacle of Diamond Residences, featuring re-imagined interiors with state-of-the-art finishes. This is an exclusive opportunity for discerning buyers who appreciate the finer things in life and seek an additional home at the pinnacle of Europe.

  • 45th Floor: Explore a 2-bedroom home with 168.91 square meters, offering breathtaking views for €1,170,000.
  • BC (8th Floor): Immerse yourself in the grandeur of an 8-bedroom, 565-square-meter masterpiece, priced at €4,950,000.
  • 44th Floor: Discover the variety of 3-bedroom residences, including a 175.26-square-meter home for €1,170,000 and a 230.57-square-meter dwelling currently reserved.
  • 43rd Floor: Indulge in a 3-bedroom haven spanning 196 square meters, priced at €1,265,000.
  • 42nd Floor: Experience unique offerings, such as a 175.26-square-meter residence for €1,105,000.
  • 41st Floor: Explore an exquisite 173.53-square-meter dwelling for €1,250,000.
  • 40th Floor: Immerse yourself in a collection of 3-bedroom residences, ranging from 171.37 to 175.26 square meters, priced between €1,085,000 and €1,100,000.
  • 39th and 38th Floors: Discover a blend of 2 and 3-bedroom homes, with prices ranging from €995,000 to €1,100,000.

Immerse yourself in the unmatched elegance and exclusivity of Diamond Residences, where each residence tells a unique story of opulence.

Benidorm Luxury Apartments: Amenities

The amenities at Diamond Residences luxury apartments in Benidom are unparalleled, enhancing the sensations of a property of this caliber. Imagine swimming in the infinity pool on the 46th floor, with services on the 46th and 47th floors that epitomize the unique residential complex. From 24-hour security to subway parking, wellness areas, massage rooms, saunas, gyms, and more – residents enjoy up to 6,500 square meters of services with qualified staff catering to their every need.

Flooded With Light

Floor-to-ceiling windows and generous terraces in every room ensure that these luxury apartments in Benidorm, located in the heart of Benidorm, is synonymous with light – creating an atmosphere of warmth and openness.

Leisure, Relaxation, Health

The luxury and design of Diamond Residences are matched by its lifestyle offerings. Residents can indulge in a healthy lifestyle with first-class services, including wellness areas, top-floor jacuzzis, two gyms, and a co-working space. Enjoy delicious meals in its restaurants or unwind with a drink in the sky bar.

Details That Define Perfection

Every detail at Diamond Residences, from the entrance to the halls, gardens, and beyond, is crafted with meticulous care. The power of these details contributes to an unparalleled living experience.

Luxury Benidorm Apartments A Unique Lifestyle

Exclusivity and luxury blend seamlessly at Diamond Residences in Benidorm. The unbeatable location on Poniente Beach, the iconic Intempo building, and the array of services available contribute to a lifestyle that is truly one-of-a-kind. Whether enjoying sunset views from your private terrace or relaxing in the jacuzzis of the sky bar, Diamond Residences promises an incomparable living experience.

Residential Rooftop Terrace Unique in Europe

The 47th floor features a breathtaking terrace, sky bar, and jacuzzis with unparalleled views of the sunset and the coastal skyline. This exclusive feature sets Diamond Residences in Benidorm apart, offering residents an experience found nowhere else in Europe.


Madrid Golden Visa Hotel Investment Opportunity in New Central East (NCE) Area

Discover the epitome of bespoke comfort at Soho Boutique Hotel San Blas, an exclusive project poised to redefine hospitality in Madrid’s burgeoning New Central East (NCE) area. From the moment you step into the lobby, the meticulously designed interior radiates sophistication and warmth, creating an inviting atmosphere reminiscent of home. The Madrid Golden Visa hotel’s thoughtfully curated restaurants and bars add to the overall experience, offering a perfect blend of comfort and convenience.

Spain Golden Visa Hotel Project

Madrid Golden Visa Investment Highlights

Be a part of shaping Madrid’s future by investing in Soho Boutique Hotel San Blas. This exceptional opportunity includes:

  • Investment Starting at €500,000: Secure your stake in this lucrative venture with a minimum investment of €500,000, contributing to the total project investment of €11 million. Madrid Golden Visa eligible.
  • Guaranteed 2.5% Yield: Enjoy a guaranteed 2.5% yield from the first year, including VAT, ensuring a steady return on your investment.
  • Buyback Option: Benefit from a guaranteed buyback option after 9 years, providing added flexibility and security.
  • Complimentary Stay: Investors are entitled to a complimentary 7-day for each renovation period associated with their Golden Visa.

Spain Golden Visa Eligibility

Spain’s Golden Visa program, designed to attract foreign investment, stimulate economic growth, and enhance the real estate market, presents a unique opportunity for Soho Boutique Hotel San Blas investors (Madrid Golden Visa). By investing in qualifying projects like ours, investors can obtain residency and, after meeting specific criteria, apply for Spanish citizenship. This program is renowned for its simplicity and flexibility, making it an attractive option for individuals and families seeking a European foothold. As a Golden Visa holder in Madrid, you gain the right to live and work in Spain, enjoying visa-free travel within the Schengen Zone.

Investing in Soho Boutique Hotel San Blas not only secures your position in an exclusive and promising project but also opens the door to the unique benefits provided by Spain’s Golden Visa program. This dual advantage makes the investment an exceptional opportunity for those looking to invest in both the future of Madrid and their own international residency.


Seize the opportunity to invest in excellence. Our call for investors begins in January 2024, with the expected completion date set for Q4 2025.

Proven Track Record

Soho Boutique, a renowned Spanish brand, has a successful track record with operational hotels across Spain, including Malaga (48 rooms, operational since 2021), Seville (23 rooms, operational since 2019), Madrid (41 rooms, operational since 2019), and Cordoba (93 rooms, operational since 2021).

Upcoming Projects

Expanding on the commitment to excellence, Soho Boutique has exciting upcoming projects, including:

  • Best Price San Blas – Madrid: 53 rooms, opening in 2024.
  • Madrid – Albarracin: 92 rooms, under construction with a 21M€ investment.
  • San Sebastián – Martutene: 73 rooms, under construction with an 18M€ investment.
  • Málaga – Pasaje Campos: 28 rooms, under construction with a 14M€ investment.

Invest in Soho Boutique Hotel San Blas and become a Madrid Golden Visa resident!


Benidorm Sky Tower – Benidorm Apartments for Sale

The Benidorm Apartments are for sale in the luxurious tower overlooking the seafront. The Benidorm Sky Tower is a luxury residential condominium in the coastal city of Benidorm, a city known for its recent urban renaissance. 

A Luxurious Residential Condominium

The property offers stunning views of Benidorm’s two beaches and majestic skyline. Additionally, the developers designed the building with an art deco style that enhances feelings of comfort with special attention to privacy and security.

The ground floor includes a wooded tree area, children’s area, public and valet parking, a restaurant, two pools, and a tanning area. In addition, the resort features a spa, gym, rooftop hot tub, massage rooms, saunas, and amazing panoramic views of the Mediterranean.

Each Benidorm apartment for sale has an open kitchen and dining room. Moreover, they include a living room that leads to a private terrace to optimize space and create a comfortable environment. All apartments are equipped with energy-efficient temperature regulating devices and the kitchens are installed with top-brand devices, which include electric ovens, stainless steel sinks, microwaves, dishwashers, hoods, and fridges. The bathrooms are equally impressive, each containing a whirlpool bathtub.

Luxury Benidorm Apartments for Sale

The Benidorm apartments for sale start at €375,000. In total, there are 256 units available on 47 floors. Many units in the complex have already been sold, so availability is limited. Investment in the project is available to Spanish Golden Visa. However, those looking to apply for the Spanish Golden Visa must invest at least €500,000. The current availability includes the following:

9 two-bedroom units for €375,000(75m2)

7 two-bedroom units for €425,000(75m2)

8 two-bedroom units for €475,000(75m2)

6 two-bedroom units for €483,000 (93m2)

Large Three Bedroom units from €1,000,000

Large Four Bedroom Units from €2,000,000

Additionally, have full access to all of the services and amenities available at the resort.


The developer of the Benidorm apartments for sale is a local property developer with experience in various hospitality and luxury brand operations. The company’s philosophy emphasizes unique experiences through architecture and design, providing its residents with a truly original and inspiring living experience. They currently operate numerous successful real estate and development projects throughout Spain.


The Benidorm Apartments for sale are located in Benidorm, known as “New York of the Costa Blanca.” The city is booming again and experiencing an urban renaissance that has pumped new life into the city. Accordingly, interesting people of all kinds are flocking to the city, bringing with them unique personalities and cultures. Thus, the area is popular among Spain Golden Visa seekers offering solid short and long term rental yields.

Benidorm is in Spain’s southeast Alicante Province. The beautiful coastal city has many pristine skyscrapers, amazing beaches, diverse sports and leisure activities, and world-class dining and nightlife. Additionally, Benidorm is known for its two infamous beaches, Levante and Poniente. Further, the Puig Campana, a stunning mountain range, is visible between the town’s two beaches. Certain units within the property have amazing views of this mountain range.

Benidorm has something to offer everyone. Furthermore, the city is just 30 minutes by car from Alicante and 90 minutes from Valencia. The Benidorm Apartments for sale are perfectly located with extraordinary sea views.

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