The serviced apartments Lisbon in the neighbourhood of Arroios are a commercial golden visa investment opportunity ideal for savvy investors looking for a secure investment with attractive long-term annual returns. The project is undergoing refurbishments and is a golden visa eligible at the reduced investment threshold of €350,000. On sale are freehold serviced apartments in Lisbon’s City Centre from just €350,000.

The Investment

The Arroios Serviced Apartments Lisbon provide investors with the unique opportunity to purchase managed freehold apartments in a central neighbourhood in one of the fastest-growing European cities and a strong long-term yield.

The Arroios serviced apartments are one of the most attractive golden visa investment opportunities available on the market this year. They are one of just a handful of golden visa-eligible property investments in Lisbon in 2022 given that it is no longer possible to invest in residential property in Lisbon and apply for the Portuguese Golden Visa.

On sale are a total of 72 apartments spread across 6 floors, ranging from studio apartments between 30 to 43 SQM and 1-bedroom apartments between 42 to 55 SQM.

  • One-Bedroom apartments start at €350,000
  • Two Bedrooms Apartment start at €400,000

Each apartment will be delivered with high-quality finishes and noble materials that match up to the high standard of living that one can expect in an upscale area of Lisbon. Apartments will be fully furnished and decorated in a contemporary style and the building will feature a communal lobby, lounge area, laundry facilities, 2 lifts, and 55 parking spaces. Construction will start in the final quarter of 2022 and the estimated completion date of the project is project will be completed by Q2 2024.

The property management company to manage the project is offering a guaranteed yield of 3.5% per annum on their investment for a period of 15 years. However, after the 5th year, the yield may be increased to match the inflation index set by Portugal’s government. Yields will be paid monthly upon full completion of the project.

The serviced apartments Lisbon, as a freehold investments can be sold at any time and while Golden Visa investors may choose to sell their apartments upon receiving citizenship, those looking for a long-term investment in Portugal can continue to enjoy strong rental yields for 15 years or longer. Given that we expect the property value to increase by 5% per annum investors can also expect significant capital appreciation at the time of sale. Investors who complete the full 15 years will be in a strong position to negotiate a new lease with the operator.

Investors will also be offered 7-days of complimentary usage of an apartment each year to ensure that they have accommodation available when visiting Portugal to meet their annual minimum Golden Visa 7-day requirement.

serviced apartments Lisbon


The Serviced Apartments Lisbon are primely located in what Time Out has described as ‘The World’s Coolest Neighbourhood’.

Arroios is a centrally located neighbourhood that is home to many of Lisbon’s trendiest cafes, bars, and restaurants. The barrio is a multicultural district with gastronomy from all 4 corners of the world and the neighbourhood features historic treasures and cultural spaces alongside modern open-air galleries and commerce. The apartments are 3 minutes’ walking distance away from Anjos Metro station. As Lisbon’s hippest neighbourhood the location is appealing to tourists and digital nomads ensuring strong short-term rental appeal to the international market.

serviced apartments Lisbon
The Property Management Company

All of the serviced apartments Lisbon will be fully managed and operated by Numa, an experienced German property management company headquartered in Berlin. Nusa has a portfolio of 2,700 apartments spread across a total of 27 major cities in Europe. Over the years Numa has perfected its fully automated booking and check-in system for guests at 90% of their properties which allows them to reduce their operating costs to 60% less than traditional hotels. This setup allowed the company to easily adapt to the pandemic in a way that other hotel operators and property management companies struggled with. In fact, throughout the pandemic occupancy rates remained steady at 85%. As Numa looks to continue its expansion across Europe we can expect to start seeing the brand’s presence increase in major European cities of the UK, Spain, Holland, and Portugal. The firm recently teamed up with a property investment company that will be investing in excess of €500m in hotels over the next 24 months so Numa may well become a household name in the not-so-distant future.

serviced apartments Lisbon



The upscale condominium is made up of 11 refurbished apartments and a large Lisbon Commercial Property Investment opportunity in the central Alcantara district of Lisbon. Each of the apartments has now been sold. However, the ground floor shop / commerical space is still available for purchase and ready for immediate commercial activity.


Alcantara is an upcoming residential district in the centre of Lisbon next to the bay with Lisbon’s iconic suspension bridge ‘Ponte 25 de Abril’. The cozy neighbourhood is popular with both local Portuguese families and ex-pats and features quaint coffee shops, convenience stores shops and restaurants all in walking distance from the condominium. The most famous attractions in the area include the LX Factory a famous arts centre made up of artistic retail stores and hip restaurants and the close by Belem district home to the famous Belem Tower and debatably the world’s most tasty pastry the famous ‘Pasteis De Belem’.

Lisbon Commercial Property Investment

The Investment

On sale is a huge 311- Square meter shop on the ground floor of the condominium. Given the popularity of the area amongst both Portuguese residents and tourists, the Lisbon commercial property investment is primely located for business. The Lisbon Commercial property investment is on sale at just €830,000 giving it a very reasonable cost per square meter for this location. The commercial shop is ready for immediate inhabitation.



The Developer

The Lisbon-based developer has a fantastic track record in Portugal. They were one of the first developers to rehabilitate properties in Portugal for the Golden Visa and are now one of the market leaders in residential and commercial refurbishment category projects eligible for the Portuguese Golden Visa. The developer has a large portfolio of successful developments across Lisbon and nearby towns of Alcacer and Evora. They also recently launched their first project in Porto with serviced apartments on sale from €180,000 for studio, meaning that investors can purchase two apartments for €360,000 and apply for the Portuguese Golden Visa.

Lisbon Comercial Property

The ideal Portugal Golden Visa Commercial Property investment for savvy investors seeking the rewards of an investment in Lisbon city’s most desirable location and upward trending real estate market, The Golden Postcode.


Fresh and sophisticated, Lisbon city centre is poised to redefine a new generation of retail, commerce, and tourism. Liberdade Tower is a Portugal Golden Visa Commercial property in the heart of the Portugals Capital City with stunning views over Lisbon’s skyline The building will feature 9 floors of modern commercial and  2 floors of exclusive retail stores.. The 11-story ‘trophy collection’ commercial building is located on Lisbon’s most exclusive avenue. The ‘Golden Postcode’ promenade ‘Avenida Da Liberdade’ is home to both Lisbon’s rich history, international hotel brands, and a list of the world’s most luxurious retail and fashion brands including the likes of Cartier, Bvlgari, Versace, Emporio Armani, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Michael Kors, Rolex and Hugo Boss.

Avenida Da Liberdade provides a catwalk through the city center to the historic centre and the landmark meeting point Marques De Pombal. Leafy and calm residential neighbourhoods home to Portugal’s elite surround the avenue which provides daily entertainment for its local residents with its shopping, art, cultural, and upscale dining opportunities.

The Investment

The trophy asset located in one of Europe’s most iconic boulevards has been independently valued at €35.4 million. Investors can purchase title deeded fractions of the building for just €350,000 with guaranteed returns of 3% for 5 years.

  • Year 0-1: GV Eligible Investment €350,000 (Portugal Golden Visa Commercial Property Investment)
  • Years 1-3 : Guaranteed Returns of 3% per annum
  • Years 4 -7 : Variable Market Returns predicted to be 4% per annum
  • Year 8: The developer offers a guaranteed buyback in year 8 for the current market price minus 10%

Over a 7-year period, this return equates to a total of €87,500.

When forecasting the assets worth in 8 years’ time when clients are entitled to their buyback we can read into the historic data and see the following:

  • Prime Retail Rents in Lisbon have grown by 73% over the last 8 years with an average growth of 9% per annum
  • Prime Office Rents have grown by 39% in the past 8 years with an average growth of 4.8% per annum
  • Capital appreciation in Avenida Da Liberdade has grown by 42% in 8 years with an average increase of 5,2% per annum.


Taking an optimistic viewing and looking at the historical data, if the same trends continue for the next 8 years then the valuation of the project at the exit would be €78.8 million and investors would be able to double their investment and sell their assets for €780k – 10%.

With a more conservative approach an expectation of a 3% rental yield per annum and 0.25bps correction in the yield,
the valuation at the exit would be €47.1 million for the entire Asset and €469,000 per investor – 10%.


Summary of Investor Benefits
  • A Prestigious City-centre investment located in Lisbon’s Golden Postcode
  • Robust Yields – 3% fixed yield for 3 years & market yield for 4 years
  • Excellent Capital Growth Potential
  • Exit Liquidity
  • Portugal Golden Visa Commercial Property at €350,000 – Lisbon City Centre
  • Buyback in Year 8 at market price minus 10%
  • Easy & Convenient Investment that requires no maintenance


Portugal Golden Visa Commercial Property

The Offices & Retail Space

The upscale and modern architectural design will blend into Avenida Da Liberdade leafy boulevard. Given the prime location in the centre of the avenue the Portugal Golden Visa Commercial property will attract leading international luxury brands to the two stories of retail space. The retail area provides tenants with two elegant floors of airy space, to accommodate fashion stored and tech retailers while the lower floor garden area will secure high level of interest from retailers focused on giving their customers an in-store experience

Leading e-commerce companies seeking out flexible office space in one of Europe’s fastest-growing city centres will be drawn to the nine spacious floors of office space, comprising plenty of open spaces, break-out rooms, individual offices, and meeting rooms. The ninth floor of this building offers unparalleled views of the city from the tree-top terrace.

Portugal Golden Visa Commercial Property

The Developer

The UK, UAE, and Portuguese-based developer was founded as a joint venture by two leading industry players each within their respective fields of real estate investment and immigration through investment advisory. With a combined experience of 65 years in real estate investment, finance, fund management, and immigration, the developer has uniquely positioned itself in the market as one of the leading developers for Portuguese Golden Visa eligible projects.

The developer has a strong local professional team in Portugal made up of architects and lawyers and is strategically aligned with the best construction partners, hospitality management groups, and property managers in Portugal. The developer has now successfully delivered luxurious residential condominiums in both Porto and Lisbon and is in the process of selling another luxury condominium in the Algarve, alongside his Lisbon-based Portugal Golden Visa Commercial property asset.

The developer has also delivered a number of projects in the UK including some very successful student housing in London.


Portugal Golden Visa Commercial Property



Located in the Campo De Ourique district in Lisbon are the Luxury Serviced Apartments Lisbon. The refurbishment project provides investors with the unique opportunity to purchase serviced apartments in Lisbon as commercial property and qualify for the Portuguese Golden Visa with an investment of just €350,000. Very few projects, particularly one of such quality are currently available on the market to Golden Visa investors.

The Investment

On Sale at the Ourique – Luxury Serviced Apartments Lisbon are a total of 22 signature one and two-bedroom apartments in a magnificent 4-story refurbished building.

  • One-Bedroom apartments start at €410,000
  • Two Bedrooms Apartment start at €505,000
Construction Starts in the summer of 2022 and the project will be completed by December 2023.

The developer is offering investors the choice of a guaranteed 3.6% return per annum on the sale on the purchase price of their unit OR a variable return based on the performance of the apartment NET of any operational costs.

Investors who purchase at least €350,000 worth of property in this project will be eligible to apply for the Portuguese Golden Visa with their families via the refurbishment category investment route.

The Apartments
The Luxury Serviced One-Bedroom apartments are fully furnished and decorated in contemporary style with a modern and minimalistic design without clutter. The bright living rooms and dining areas provide lots of natural light and provide a pleasant ambiance. Each and every apartment includes a sofa, along with premium audio and visual systems. The bedrooms are fitted with a queen-size bed and built-in cupboards for storage, while modern appliances are incorporated into the fully fitted kitchen. Bathrooms include a bath and shower perfect for seasonal variation, while all apartments have lift access. Larger apartments include elegant terraces and patios.
The apartments are designed to suit the needs of one’s personal life and hectic professional life making these apartments perfect for the digital nomad lifestyle which is becoming ever more popular in Portugal. The apartments maximize light and space and provide the comforts of high-speed broadband and airconditioning the Luxury Serviced Apartments Lisbon are suitable for both long and short-term lets.
The Facilities

The Luxury Serviced Apartments Lisbon feature luxurious facilities including:

  • A Wellness Center and Gym
  • Laundry facilities
  • Co-working space
  • Communal dining area
  • Communal spaces for social gathering
  • Social Gourmet Kitchen
  • Parking for Bicycles
  • Unique building
  • Top-quality finishings throughout the building.


The Location

The Luxury Serviced Apartments Lisbon are located in the charming neighborhood of Campo De Ourique. Campo De Ourique is one of Lisbon’s most prestigious neighborhoods and a pleasant place for both locals and tourists.

Those coming to Lisbon for various purposes whether it be leisure, business, study, relocation or even medical treatment who require temporary accommodation for a short or extended stay will find that Central Lisbon and the Ourique serviced apartments will comfortably accommodate them.


The Developer
The developers of this project who specialize in boutique residential property have a background in architectural design with 32 years of experience in designing private luxury residences worldwide. Besides design, they have now completed numerous projects across the country with a combination of residential boutique multi-story buildings and signature villas delivered in Portugal’s most exclusive neighborhoods with 4 more currently under construction. The developer’s architectural expertise assures that each project has its own unique feel and design.

Over recent years Porto Montenegro has become the pride of the nation. The exclusive marina with its 450 berths is now one of the Europe’s most popular Yachting Marinas. Set within the UNESCO-protected Bay of Kotor Porto Montenegro offers world-class international dining and retail, a luxury waterfront village, and all year-round events and entertainment. Investors can now purchase luxury Porto Montenegro apartments and apply for citizenship via the Montenegro Citizenship By Investment program.

Boka Place

The Porto Montenegro apartments eligible for citizenship are located in Boka Place, Porto Montenegros’ newest neighborhood. Boka Place features green outdoor spaces and immersive lifestyle experiences. There is a central meeting square in the neighborhood, a mix of cafes, restaurants, and luxury retailers, a cinema, an indoor climbing wall, a concept market, and a food hall all located within the luxurious neighborhood.

On sale with Boka Place are both private residences and the Citizenship eligible SIRO Managed Residences.

Siro-Managed Residences

The 144 Siro-Managed residences are all eligible under the citizenship by investment program and investors have the opportunity to participate in the highly profitable SIRO rental pool system. The Porto Montenegro Apartments available include Studios, 1-2 bedroom apartments, 3-bedroom duplexes, and penthouses as large as 170m2. Prices start from 245,000 EUR for a 45m2 Studio.

Communal facilities include a 360-degree rooftop with a pool and bar while hotel concierge services, in-room hospitality, and entertainment are provided for guests.

Citizenship By Investment Program

Investors can qualify for citizenship in Montenegro by investing in a government-approved real estate project plus making a 200,000 EUR government donation. In the highly developed southern coastal area of Montenegro or the capital Podgorica, the minimum investment required is 450,000 EUR, while in Nothern Montenegro the minimum is set at 250,000 EUR.

Porto Montenegro is primely located on the Southern Coast, Investors interested in applying for the Citizenship By Investment Program, therefore, have the option to either purchase two studio Porto Montenegro Apartments at 245,000 EUR OR one apartment to value of at least 450,000 EUR.

Jungle Bay Eco Villas, the number one ranked hotel in Dominica on Trip-adviser provides the opportunity for investors to purchase a Villa and apply for a second passport in Dominica under the country’s Citizenship By Investment program. 


Jungle Bay Eco Villas are located on the South West Coast of Dominica in the town of Morne Acouma in Soufriere. The resort is nestled into Dominica’s Rainforest and overlooks the Caribbean Sea.

Jungle Bay Eco Villas in its unspoiled territory is situated in close proximity to Dominica’s top diving and snorkeling sites and the best of the country’s unspoiled beaches and hot mineral springs. Perhaps the biggest attraction though is the Waitukubuli National trail, the Caribbean’s longest hiking trail of which the first two segments can be reached on foot from the resort. 


The Resort

Jungle Bay Eco Villas, is the number one ranked hotel in Dominica on Trip-adviser and number 3 in the entire Caribbean.  The eco-resort was designed by the architectural firm OBMI, a market-leading boutique resort specialist in the Caribbean and the resort’s design complements rather than inhibits the surrounding nature. The eco-resort has won various awards and has been featured in the likes of Forbes, The New York Times, Huffington Post and Conde Nest Traveller.

Jungle Bay attracts both adventure and wellness travelers looking to explore the natural beauty of the surrounding land and waters. The latter can enjoy the world-famous sunrise yoga sessions at the resort, while the former can head straight to the resort’s zipline. The complex now consists of 120 luxury eco villas, the zipline, a health spa, fine dining restaurants, yoga studios, and multiple swimming pools.


The Investment

Jungle Bay Eco Villas are already fully built and cost $255,000 USD per unit and those that invest in this project are eligible to apply for Dominica’s Citizenship By Investment Program. These Villas are freehold and the price includes all associated taxes and fees including the title transfer, recording taxes, and the closing costs. There are no additional out-of-pocket fees for clients once the investment is made. 

The Jungle Bay Eco Villas are 400 square feet and include 1200 sq of land. Each villa is split into two 1-bedroom units. However, investors have the option to purchase both units which when combined can create a larger 2-bedroom villa. Each unit can be accessed privately via footpaths built into the tropical foliage. The luxurious eco villas with their hand-carved furniture, feature spacious verandas and tropical outdoor private showers. While eco-features include hand-painted bedding by artisans, Palm-tree inspired lamps handmade in Dominica, Bamboo furnishings and luxury natural & biodegradable body products.

The management team has 15 years of experience running hotels in Dominica and takes care of all of the management, marketing, and maintenance of the Jungle Bay Eco Villas for their investors. 40% of the rental income is used to cover maintenance costs, while the remaining 60% of the rental income is paid equally between Jungle Bay (for the maintenance and marketing) and the investors. Rental income paid to investors is shared equally and not based on the performance of a particular unit.

The returns are variable and are purely based on the performance of the hotel with investors able to enjoy a steady return on their investment each year. The estimated returns are from 3% per annum and investors are additionally given a one-week complimentary stay in their villa each year. CBI Investors have the choice to either resell their villa either on the open market after 3 years or to another Dominica Citizenship By Investment Investor after 5 years.


Key Ownership Benefits

Owning a Jungle Bay Eco Villa comes with numerous advantages for CBI Investors including:

  • Investors can prove to the immigration officials that they have a real connection to Dominica through their investment in Jungle Bay. 
  • Investors have their own privileged address in Dominica which can be used as both a personal and business address.
  • A steady stream of income through variable rentals each year, estimated at 3% per annum.
  • 1-week complimentary annual stay in their sea view villa at the resort
  • Hassle-Free Maintenance – The hotel is managed by the investors and no additional costs are charged to the investor for maintenance.
  • Jungle Bay is one of the Caribbean’s leading and most successful hotel operators!


Jungle Bay Eco Resort

Secret Bay in Dominica is an award-winning 6-star luxury resort that is without a doubt one of the most luxurious hotels in the entire Caribbean. It was ranked the best hotel in the Caribbean in Travel & Leisures 2020 World’s Best Awards and was voted The World’s Best Boutique Hotel in 2016′. The resort is famous for its dramatic setting on the Caribbean Sea, world-class amenities, and 2 private secluded beaches.
The Residences at Secret Bay in Dominica was the first approved real estate project to be completed in the Caribbean. The hotel is now in its 8th year of operation and has a great track record with strong occupancy levels which can generate immediate returns to citizenship by investment investors. Investors can enjoy a 1-week complimentary stay at the 6-star resort or exchange their week for a stay at 1 of the 110,000 luxurious properties listed on the Global Exchange program ‘Third Home’.
Available for purchase at Secret Bay in Dominica under the citizenship by investment program are fractional shares of the luxurious villas for $208,000 USD. Full luxury private villas costs from $1.49 million USD.
Project Benefits
  • Secret Bay in Dominica is one of the world’s most celebrated eco-luxury resorts, named Travel + Leisure’s #1 Resort Hotel in the Caribbean in 2020
  • A ready-made product within an existing operation as a qualifying investment for citizenship, enabling immediate financial returns
  • 10-year track record of established success, high rental demand, and solid financial performance
  • Secret Bay in Dominica has an established investment demand for the real estate by non-Citizenship buyers, thus providing a competitive exit strategy and unmatched access to the vacation home market for resale
  • Citizenship investors can enjoy the same lifestyle benefits as vacation home buyers with a free one-week stay at the resort each year and enjoy the use of the resort’s 6-star amenities.
  • Automatic enrolment into the global exchange program ‘third home’ where owners can exchange their week at the resort from a selection of over 110,000 properties in 90 countries


Secret Bay in Dominica


On sale at The Sheraton Cascais Resort Residences are luxury touristic apartments located inside the 5-star Sheraton Cascais Resort complex. The resort which was named the ‘European Best Garden Resort’ in 2018 is made up a hotel, the touristic apartments, luxury gardens and a wealth of luxurious communal amenities.


The Sheraton Cascais Resort is located in the sought after ‘Quinto Do Marinha’ Cascais neighbourhood in walking distance from the Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by the regions best golf courses. The strategic location combined with unrivalled security and privacy has seen the resort awarded the prize of ‘ the safest in Portugal for the last two years’. Located inside the verdant gardens of the resort are the luxurious Sheraton Cascais Resort Residences with their Portuguese Golden Visa eligible touristic apartments on sale for investors.

The Sheraton Cascais Resort Residences

The Residences are ideal for families given the extra space and privacy that one can enjoy from their own serviced apartment. On sale at Sheraton Cascais Resort Residences are T1 and T2 Touristic apartments which can be used as holiday homes and rented out to guests through the Sheraton Cascais Resort when not in use, maximising returns. All apartments include spacious area with natural light, a kitchen, multiple balconies and large living and dining rooms.

T1 apartments start at €600,000 for an 80 sqm apartment which includes a terrace, up to €675,000 for an equivalent 100 sqm apartment. While T2 apartments start at €1,000,000. Contact david@lincolnglobalpartners.com for the latest availability.

Sheraton Cascais Resort Residences

The Investment

The Sheraton Cascais Resort Residences provides a unique investment opportunity for those looking to both spend time in Portugal and earn solid rental returns. In fact:

Investors can sign a 20 year rental agreement and enjoy up to 12 weeks usage per year in the luxurious Sheraton Cascais Resort Residences. The developer is offering the option of a guaranteed return of 5% for 5 years or 4% for a period of 10 years.

Portuguese Golden Visa Investors can qualify for the program with an investment of at least €500,000 into commercial property in Cascais. All apartments on sale at Sheraton Residences Cascais have touristic licenses and therefore purchases of such apartments are Golden Visa eligible. Investors are offered a guaranteed returns for 5 years with renewal options making this an ideal investment for retirement planning.

The Resort

Investors and their families can utilise The Residences at Sheraton Cascais resort as a profitable holiday home and enjoy a vacation by the sea and enjoy all of the resorts luxurious amenities. The larger Sheraton Cascais resort complex features a number of restaurants and bars including the Glass Terrace, Yakuza Cascais and Flow Pool Bar. There is also a  luxury spa and fitness centre and a heated outdoor swimming pool with spectacular views over the resorts gardens. For business travellers there are of course the expected facilities with meeting and conference rooms along with both indoor and outdoor spaces for events.

The Resort is operated and branded by the Sheraton Brand, part of the world class Marriott International. The trusted and reliable international brand attracts guests and members from a cross he world while guaranteeing a top level of services through their management expertise.

Sheraton Cascais Resort Residences

Investor Privileges

Besides being able to use all the facilities of the resort, investors into the Sheraton Cascais Resort Residences can also enjoy a number of other privileges which include:

  • Access to the full range of treatment and wellness options at on site Serenity – Art of well being Spa.
  • Health Benefits in Portugal through Sheraton Cascais Resort’s partnership with one of Portugal’s leading private health institutions.
  • Exclusive access to Portugals best Golf Clubs, with exclusive rates and benefits.
  •  Introductions and assistance by Sheraton Cascais Resorts to international schools
  • Access to one the most exclusive Tennis clubs in Portugal.
  • Use of the prestigious Cascais Yacht Club and their partner Yacht Clubs globally such as the Yacht Club Monaco or the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club.
Sheraton Cascais Resort Residences



Portugal Golden Visa Hotel Investment in Porto at €350,000

The Marriott Renaissance Hotel in Porto provides a unique opportunity for investors to qualify for the Portuguese Golden Visa with an investment of €350,000 into a Portugal Golden Visa Hotel Investment backed by one of the world’s most reputable hotel chains.

The 5-star hotel will be made up of 163 rooms and suites, highly equipped gym, a high end restaurant and conference rooms and a roof top pool featuring stunning views over the city skyline.

Lapa Renaissance Hotel, Porto – Portugal Golden Visa Hotel Investment


The Lapa Renaissance is situated on top of the hill overlooking Porto’s stunning skyline. The hotel is in walking distance of the cities most historic and religious buildings including Lapa’s Church and The Clerigos Tower.

Lapa I (Sold Out)

The developer previously raised a total of €26,250,000 with 75 investors purchasing €350,000 freehold shares in the hotel with an appraisal value of €56,000,000. Investors  were offered a guaranteed 3% returns per annum, a 7 day annual stay at the resort and a guaranteed buyback after 6 years.

Lapa II (Now Available)

The demand for this Portugal Golden Visa Hotel Investment certainly exceeded the availability with the developer deciding to expand the Hotel and build a further 76 4-star hotel rooms, while adding a second lobby area, another gym and pool, plus a luxurious spa and lounge area.

95 new investors will be invited to purchase €350,000 freehold shares in the hotel. However, this time around, not only are investors being offered a guaranteed buyback, a 7-day annual stay and 3% returns, but the developer is also covering the VAT on the renovation works along with the IMT Taxes as additional incentives.

Portugal Golden Visa Hotel Investment

The Developer

This project is being delivered by the leading developer in Portugal for renovation category projects. The company owns 50% of the market share with the Lapa Renaissance Hotel their 12th project in Portugal. The developer has a solid track record in both Europe and North America. In fact prior to Portugal the developer raised $1.5 Billion USD in EB5 Projects.

Portugal Golden Visa Hotel Investment

How is this Portugal Golden Visa Hotel Investment an eligible project at €350,000?

While the Portuguese Golden Visa went through some significant changes at the start of the year. While it is no longer possible to invest residential property in Porto or Lisbon (and much of the Algarve) it is still possible to purchase commerical property in these cities. As a hotel project with a touristic license this project remains fully Golden Visa eligible in 2022.

Portugal Golden Visa Hotel Investments in which the property is over 30 years of age OR located in an area of urban rehabilitation and due to undergo renovations allow investors to qualify for the Golden Visa with a minimum investment of €350,000.

The developer also has on the sale the Hilton Lagos Marina Hotel with hotel shares sold at €280,000 (no returns) and The Lisbon Moxy Park Hotel with hotel shares at €350,000 with 3% returns.


The Lisbon Moxy Park Hotel is one of a very limited supply of available €350,000 eligible Lisbon Golden Visa properties currently on the market. Since the new rules came into play this year it is no longer possible to invest in residential property in Lisbon and qualify for the Portuguese Golden Visa. Those that wish to invest in Lisbon and apply for the Portuguese Golden Visa are limited to commercial property which remains Golden Visa eligible.

While there are indeed other Hotel Projects in Lisbon that are Golden Visa eligible such projects generally require an investment of at least €500,000 to be eligible for the Golden Visa. However, as a refurbishment project an investment into the Lisbon Moxy Park Hotel requires an investment of just €350,000 (a 30% reduction on the standard minimum investment requirement).


Lisbon Golden Visa


The developer of this project is the market leader in commercial properties undergoing renovations. This Lisbon Golden Visa property is their 15th project to date which is selling out quickly, alongside their 16th project the new Lagos Marina Hotel in the Algarve.


A total of €63,000,000 in investment will be raised for this project with a total of 180 investors owning an equal €350,000 fractional share of the project.

A guaranteed buyback is offered by the developer after 6 years and the IMT Taxes and VAT on the renovation works are also covered by the developer making it the most cost effective and straightforward €350,000 eligible project on the market.


The Lisbon Moxy Park project is located in Alfragide, a neighbourhood in the Amadora Municipality of Lisbon one of the most popular shopping areas in Lisbon. The location is in easy reach of the center of Lisbon with a great infrastructure and transport system. The area is a business hub for many international companies such as Vodafone and Samsung. The Lisbon Golden Visa property hotel is also in close proximity to the Amadora Hospital, Quele National Palace and Monsanto Forest Park and the Tagus River.

Lisbon Golden Visa Property


Investors are entitled to a 7-day annual stay at the hotel allowing them to meet their minimum stay requirements to maintain Portuguese residency through the Golden Visa program and work their way to citizenship eligibility. The hotel itself is under Marriott’s Moxy Brand. The hotel will feature a total of 225 rooms along with a restaurant, cafe and bar.

Constructions on this Lisbon Golden Visa property starts in the first quarter of 2022 and the estimated completion date is Q1 2024.

Lisbon Golden Visa Property

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