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One of the most attractive golden visa programs worldwide, and progressively taking the number one spot in Europe. The Greece Golden Visa program has the lowest qualifying minimum among European Golden Visa programs, there is no stay requirement to obtain Greek permanent residency and citizenship can be obtained in seven years.

Booming is the best word to describe the Greece property market. The country never ceases to be an attractive destination for tourists from around the world. The real estate market offers investors the potential for generous returns on appreciation and rental income.

Recently, Greece has established itself as a popular destination for medical tourism and business travel.

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Greek Golden Visa
Key Benefits

Visa Free Travel to the Schengen Area
Golden Visa Investors increase their global mobility and can travel visa-free for a period of 3 months every 6 months across the 27 Schengen area countries.
Fast Route to Citizenship
Golden Visa investors who meet the minimum stay requirements can apply for permanent residency and/or citizenship after just 7 years.
No stay requirements
Golden Visa investors don't have a stay requirement to fulfill in order to maintain residency.
Greece Golden Visa Tax Benefits
If golden visa holders stay in Greece more than 183 days a year they become tax residents and enjoy tax benefits.
Access to High Quality Education
Golden Visa Investors can enroll their dependent children in high quality public and private school in Greece.
Lowest Minimum Investment requirement of the EU Golden Visas
90% of Greece only requires a minimum investment amount of €250,000.
Diversify your investment portfolio and earn income
By investing in Real Estate or investment funds clients can diversify their investment portfolio and potentially earn passive income in a strong foreign currency.
Golden Visa for Greece

Greek Golden Visa Program
Investment Pathways

Your investment routes to residency in Greece
Real Estate Investments in popular areas of Greece from €500k

Investors can qualify for the Golden Visa in Greece by purchasing a minimum value of €500,000 into real estate property located in more popular areas of Greece such as: North, South, and Central Athens, Mykonos, Santorini and the Municipalities of Thessaloniki and Vari. In total these areas make up approximately only 10% of Greece.

The minimum investment requirement is reduced to €250,000 for all other areas across Greece, including Piraeus, on the outskirts of Athens.

Real Estate Investments from €250k

Investors can qualify for the Greek Golden Visa by investing €250,000 in real estate outside of popular areas with a €500k minimum. As you’ll see by the map above, 90% of Greek territory qualifies for a minimum investment of €250k. Many of the €250k areas are up-and-coming and will likely turn over an exceptional profit for investors. 

€250,000 in timeshare or furnished tourist residences

Investors can qualify for the Greek Golden Visa by investing €250,000 – €500,000 (depending on area) in a timeshare lease or furnished hotel residence. Investors must sign a 10-year lease on an eligible property. These properties must be certified as an eligible used hotel accommodation or tourist residence.

€400,000 Bank Deposit

Foreign investors can also qualify for the Greek Golden Visa by depositing €400,000 into a Greek bank account. The investor must maintain this minimum amount in their bank account for the entire duration of the year.

€400,000 in Government Bonds

Foreigners can also obtain the Greek Golden Visa by purchasing Greek government bonds totaling €400,000. The bonds must mature in at least three years.

€400,000 Capital Contribution to a Business

Foreigners can also invest €400,000 into an established Greek business to qualify for the Greek Golden Visa. Qualifying investments include Greek companies, real estate investment companies, and closed-end funds.

When investing in Greek companies, the company must have its main registered office in Greece to qualify.

When investing in real estate investment companies, the company must invest exclusively in the local, real estate investment company market. They cannot be an international real estate company, and they must operate solely in Greece.

Similarly, those investing in closed-end funds must invest in funds that invest only in Greece. Eligible funds include hedge funds and closed-end investment funds.

€800,000 Combined Investment into shares, corporate bonds, or government bonds

Foreign investors can also qualify for the Greek Golden Visa by making a combined investment of €800,000 into shares, corporate bonds or Greek government bonds.

Like the above corporation investments, regulations exist in terms of qualifying companies and bonds. The investments must be legally registered and admitted for trading in Greece.

To qualify for the Golden Visa, the duration of these bonds must be five to seven years each.

Again, it’s important to confirm eligibility before making an investment.

€400,000 investment into a Greek Fund or Greek Alternative Fund

Foreigners can invest €400,000 into a Greek mutual fund that invests solely in Greece to qualify.

Or, foreigners can obtain the Greek Golden Visa by investing at least €400,000 into an alternative investment fund that operates solely in Greece and invests in Greece property.

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Greek Golden Visa Program
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Asked Questions

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Can I sell my Greece Golden Visa investment?

Selling your investment is not prohibited however in order to maintain and renew your residency permit you will need to prove that you have maintained your investment.

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Permanent Residency in Greece from 250,000 EUR
greece golden visa

With its rich culture that stretches back millennia, Greece is one of the timeless jewels of Europe. Composed of the mainland peninsula and an archipelago of stunning islands that adorn the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, much of Greece is made up of mountainous rocky terrain surrounded by turquoise seas.

In an effort to raise funds and kick-start investment in the country after the global financing crisis, the Greek government launched the golden visa program in 2013. The Greece Golden Visa program has since become the most popular Golden Visa program on the market.

Greece who dealt much better with the Covid-19 pandemic than other European countries is once again welcoming tourists!


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