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Lincoln Global Partners Portugal investment portfolio includes a number of Golden Visa 280,000 EUR qualifying real estate investment projects. Such projects are ordinarily hard to come by, especially those of high quality offering real value to the investor.

The majority of property investments require a minimum investment of 500,000 EUR to qualify for the Portuguese Golden Visa Program. However there are a number of renovated properties that qualify with a minimum investment of 350,000 EUR. If such projects are ALSO located in an areas of low density in Portugal then there is a further 20% reduction on the minimum investment, taking it down to just 280,000 EUR.

We have included number of top projects on the market in this category in our investment portfolio that we can highly recommend. Check out these projects below.

Guaranteed Buyback & Up to 3.5% Returns Per Annum

Relais Chauteaux Hotel- Evora Golden Visa 280,000 EUR

5-star hotel within the world heritage city walls of Evora. Hotel shares are on sale for €280,000 with a guaranteed buyback with 3.5% guaranteed return for 5 years paid upfront.
Guaranteed Buyback

Holiday Inn Beja

The 4-star hotel is located in the city of Beja. The hotel will complete refurbishments this year and each investor has a chance to purchase a fraction of the hotel for €280,000. A guaranteed buyback is offered along with a 1-week complimentary stay in any of the developer's hotels. IMT and VAT covered.
Guaranteed Buyback

Faro Hotel- Golden Visa 280,000 EUR

4-star hotel located in the city of Faro next to the riverside. Hotel shares are on sale for €280,000 with a guaranteed buyback, a 1-week complimentary annual stay in any one of the group's 17 hotels in Portugal. The IMT Tax and the VAT on the refurbishments are also covered by the developer.
3% Guaranteed Returns

South Beach Apartments - Golden Visa 280,000

This project is primly located just 240 metres away from the beach in the Algarve town of Sagres. On sale freehold studios available at €280,000 and 2-bedroom apartments for €350,000.
Up to 5% Guaranteed Returns plus €1,500 in Hotel Vouchers

Algarve Thermal Hotel & Spa - Golden Visa 280,000

The only Termal Spa in Southern Portugal is undergoing refurbishment works as is calling on investors. Investors can purchase and refurbish freehold hotel rooms with a golden visa eligible investment of just €280,000.
Algarve Golden Visa

Lagos Marina Hotel with €280,000 Buyback

Investment into the Lagos Marina Hotel with a guaranteed buyback after 6 years and an annual 7-day yearly. The developer is also paying the IMT and the VAT on the renovation works for the client for a saving of €25,000.
Guaranteed Buyback

Express Evora Hotel- Golden Visa 280,000 EUR

The Evora Hotel located in the charming city of Evora offers investors to qualify for the Golden Visa with an investment of just 280,000 EUR. The project offers investors a guaranteed buyback which they can redeem after obtaining permanent residency/ citizenship in Portugal.
4% Guaranteed Returns

Condo in Alcacer- Golden Visa 280,000

Located in the town of Alcacer Do Sal just 96 km from Lisbon, this project features tranquil setting with views over the riverbank, rice plantations and resident Flamingos Alcacer 2. Equally as an attractive offer as the hugely successful Alcacer I, investors can purchase units here fro 280,000-320,000 EUR, qualify for the Golden Visa and enjoy annual returns of 4% over a 5 year period.
Guaranteed Buyback & 4% Returns

Hotel in Vila Viçosa - Golden Visa 280,000

The luxurious resort is located in the Historic Vila Vicosa in Alentejo and provides investors with the chance to obtain the Golden Visa with an investment of just 280,000 EUR. Not only does the project pay a guaranteed 4% annual returns, but it offers a guaranteed buyback. Only 2 hours drive from Lisbon this projects offers the added incentive of a 7-day stay in a luxurious and tranquil resort away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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