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October 13, 2023by David Lincoln0

Portugal Golden Visa Update – After months of speculation and controversy regarding the potential ending of Portugal’s hugely successful Golden Visa the decision was made by the government not to cancel the Portugal Golden Visa program. Instead, the choice was made to renew the golden visa, while axing the extremely popular ‘real estate investment option’ and ‘bank deposit’ pathways in the process.

While the state was willing to cancel the real estate investment option in an attempt to prevent further escalation of the housing price crisis that the country is currently facing it is clear that in general the Portuguese economy benefits greatly from foreign investment.
In fact, The Portugal Golden Visa has raised more than €8 billion in investment since its inception in 2012.
While we expect this Portugal Golden Visa update to disappoint some. This is fantastic news for our industry as a whole. It is true that investors interested in European Real Estate will likely to turn to alternative golden visa programs in the likes of Greece and Malta. However, crucially, the Portugal Golden Visa remains the only Golden Visa program in Europe with a pathway to citizenship that does not require the investor to physically reside in Portugal. The Portugal Golden Visa therefore remains a unique opportunity for those looking to acquire citizenship in an EU country. The Tier 1 passport provides visa-free access to 142 countries across the globe and residents and citizen of Portugal ones family additionally benefit from high quality healthcare and educational systems.
Naturalised Portuguese citizens gain the right to live, study, work and conduct business freely in all 27 EU members states.
On top of this, the Tier 1 passport provides visa-free access to 142 countries across the globe. Residents and citizen of Portugal ones family additionally benefit from high quality healthcare and educational systems.

The new Portugal Golden Visa law was enacted on October 7th, 2023 with this month marking the start of the new era of the Portugal Golden Visa program. We say goodbye to real estate, and hello to the investment fund option!

  • The Golden Visa program is still active, offering 5 different investment options.
  • Real estate is no longer an eligible investment.
  • Investment in private equity funds (non-real estate related) is still eligible with a minimum investment of 500k EUR.
  • Pending applications and renewals will continue to be approved, and the 7-day stay requirement remains in effect.

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Portugal Golden Visa Update

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Options

To obtain Portuguese residency via the updated Portugal Golden Visa program, you have several investment options:

  1. Invest a minimum of €500,000 in Portugal-regulated funds that focus on company capitalization. Investors must ensure that at least 60% of the fund is invested in Portugal-registered businesses, with a maturity period of at least 5 years. Note that the fund should not reinvest in real estate.
  2. Allocate at least €500,000 to support scientific research conducted by accredited institutions within the national scientific and technological system.
  3. Contribute at least €250,000 to artistic production, recovery, or maintenance of the national cultural heritage through accredited institutions.
  4. Establish a Portuguese company, investing at least €500,000, which creates and maintains 5 new permanent jobs. Alternately, increase the share capital of an existing Portuguese company that generates or maintains at least 5 permanent jobs for a minimum of 3 years.
  5. Create and uphold a business, in the form of a single-member private limited company, that generates and sustains at least 10 new permanent jobs in Portugal. No specific minimum investment is required for this option.

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Funds

The Investment Fund Option is not a new option in fact it has proved very popular over recent years with North American based investors despite requiring a higher investment than the previously less expensive real estate options. Investors can expect strong yields and decent exit strategy that line up nicely with the Portugal Golden Visa Requirements.

Lincoln Global Partners has an extensive list of Portugal Golden Visa Investment funds that can be accessed via our Portugal Investment Fund page.

As you can see, the Portugal Golden Visa is not only still alive. But it remains one of the most attractive European investor programs on the market. Those interested in learning more about the program and discovering our Portugal Golden Visa investment opportunities can book a free 30-minute consultation with our Portugal Golden Visa consultant – Peter Lilliott via this link.

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