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October 18, 2023by Cecilia Weber0

Residency By Investment 2023 – Our top 7 picks!

As the world continues to change and adapt, securing residency by investment has become an increasingly popular option for individuals and families seeking to live in or utilise the benefits of having a second residency. In 2023, the vast majority of nations around the world offer some sort of residency by investment program. We will explore seven of the most attractive countries for securing residency by investment currently on the market. Each of these countries provide unique opportunities, benefits, and incentives for prospective investors.

Brazilian Investor Visa

Residency By Investmen 2023

Processing Time: 6-8 months

Minimum Investment: Varies from $30,000 to $200,000

Pathway to citizenship: 4 Years

Brazil, with its rich culture, stunning landscapes, and vibrant economy, offers two uniquely different resident by investment options. The minimum investment requirements vary based on the chosen investment option. Firstly we have the real estate investment option. In this case investors must invest a minimum of 1,000,000 Brazilian Reals which works out at a just under $200,000 USD. However, this figure is reduced in the North and North Eastern regions of Brazil by 30% to 700,000 Brazilian Reals (approx. $140,000 USD).

The second option is for investor to set up an invest into a local Brazilian company. In order to qualify investors are required to contribute a minimum of 500,000 Brazilian Reals (Approx. $100,000 USD) of investment into their business. That said, for certain start up business’s partaking in innovative activities that have the potential to boost the local economy and that create at least 10 local jobs the minimum investment lies at just 150,000 Brazilian Reals. This equates to less than $30,000 USD making it one of the most cost-effective start up visas globally. Such flexibility allows investors to choose an investment that aligns with their financial capabilities. In return, investors and their families can enjoy the perks of living in this great South American nation. Investors can apply for citizenship after 4 years of permanent residency and acquire a top 50 global passport with visa free access to the UK and Schengen Area.


Paraguay Permanent Residency By Investment Program

Paraguay Residency By Investment 2023

Processing Time: Approximately 2-3 months

Minimum Investment: $70,000 (over 10 years)

Pathway to citizenship: 3 Years

Paraguay’s Permanent Residency By Investment program relaunched in 2023 offers one of the world’s most affordable paths to permanent residency. With a minimum investment of $70,000 USD, applicants can establish a company in Paraguay and acquire residency. However, crucially it is not required for the capital to paid upfront. Infact investors have a 10-year period to invest the full $70,000 USD. Upon initial approval, permanent residency is typically granted within 2-3 months, and after three years, naturalisation to citizenship is possible if applicants meet language and cultural profiency requirements. This makes Paraguay one of the fastest pathways to citizenship around the world.


Malta Residency By Investment 2023

Residency By Investment 2023

Processing Time: 6 months

Minimum Investment: €60,000 + €1,000 monthly rent

Pathway to citizenship: 7 years

In the heart of the Mediterranean, The “Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP) offers investors the chance to secure European Union residency with visa-free access to the Schengen Area. With a truly cosmopolitan lifestyle and a thriving economy, Malta is a great choice for investors looking to relocate to Europe. Malta’s Permanent Residence program was relaunched in 2021 as an even more attractive version of the extremely popular MRVP.

Investors must first choose whether they wish to rent or purchase a home in the country. Those that wish to purchase a property must do invest at least €350,000 (Reduced to €300,000 if the property is located in the South of Malta or Gozo). For those that prefer to rent, the minimum value is set at at least €12,000, reduced to €10,000 if the property is located in the South of Malta or Gozo.

The second criteria is for real estate investors are required to make a contribution to the government of €28,000 while those that choose to lease property are required to contribute €58,000. The final requirement in both cases is to make a donation of €2,000 to a Maltese NGO.

Malta’s rich history, strategic location, and access to the European market make it a desirable destination for investors. Residents are entitled to apply for citizenship after 7 years. However, like in the countries above, investors are required to live in the country for at least 6 months a year to work their way towards citizenship.

Latvia Golden Visa Program

Latvia Residency By Investment

Processing Time: 1-3 months

Minimum Investment: From €50,000 to €280,000 (plus state fees)

Pathway to citizenship: 7 years

The Latvia Golden Visa program offers a variety of investment options for individuals seeking to obtain European Union residency and visa-free access to the Schengen Area.  Applicants can choose from several investment pathways, each with their own specific requirements. The first option involves a €250,000 investment in real estate within Latvia. Alternatively, one can opt for a €280,000 capital deposit in a Latvian bank for a five-year period. Another option is a €250,000 investment in special-purpose, interest-free bonds. Last but certainly not least, applicants can consider a €50,000 equity investment in a Latvian company. The later option makes Latvia the most cost-effective Golden Visa program currently available in the EU. The flexibility and diverse investment choices of the Latvia Golden Visa program make it an attractive route to EU residency, catering to a range of financial preferences and objectives.

The Latvian Golden Visa provides temporary residency that can be extended every 5 years indefinitely so long as the investor maintains their investment in Latvia. Residents that reside in the country most of the year can apply for a permanent residency permit after 5 years and citizenship 5 years thereafter.


Cyprus Permanent Residency By Investment 

Cyrus Residency By Investment 2023

Processing Time: 2-4 months

Minimum Investment: €300,000 

Pathway to citizenship: 7 years

Cyprus, at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa is strategically located and tax friendly European Nation. The country offers the “Cyprus Permanent Residence Program”. Under this program investors can acquire Cypriot residency by investing €300,000 in a real estate property (residential or commercial), business investments, or investment funds. By acquiring its residency and filling the necessary prerequisites, this can be your path for a Cypriot Citizenship if you are willing live in the country for at least 7 years. With its pleasant climate, beautiful beaches, and a growing business sector, Cyprus attracts investors from around the world.

Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal Residency By Investment 2023

Processing Time: 12 months+

Minimum Investment: Varies from €250,000 to €500,000 or higher 

Pathway to citizenship: 5 years (only 7 days per year)

Despite going through some significant changes this month, Portugal’s residency by investment 2023 program remains a top choice in Europe for investors. Infact Portugal remains the only country in Europe with a pathway to citizenship that does NOT require one to physically live in the country. Investors are required to spend just 7 days per year in the country for 5 years while learning a basic level of Portuguese in order to be eligible for citizenship

Investors can obtain Portuguese residency by investment 2023 by making a capital transfer of €250k for art and cultural support; or €500k for research activities, funds or non-real-estate investments. Another option is to set up a business which creates at least 10 jobs. Portugal’s rich history, mild climate, and welcoming culture make it a popular destination for investors looking for a European foothold. You can check more about the Portugal Golden Visa changes here


The Greek Golden Visa

Residency By Investmenr 2023

Processing Time: 4-8 months

Minimum Investment: €250,000

Pathway to citizenship: 7 years

Greece’s “Golden Visa” program provides a gateway to the Schengen Area and The European Union. Investors can secure residency by investing from €250,000 to €500,000 in real estate, making this a cost-effective option compared to other European programs. Greece’s stunning landscapes, ancient history, and vibrant lifestyle make it an attractive destination. You can check a complete Greece Golden Visa Guide here.


Residency by investment 2023 programs offer an excellent opportunity for individuals and families to explore new horizons, diversify their investments, and gain a foothold in a foreign country. In 2023, Brazil, Paraguay, Malta, Spain, Cyprus, Portugal, and Greece stand out as some of the best options worldwide. Each offers a unique experience and benefits, from the tropical allure of Brazil to the historic charm of Malta and the economic stability of Uruguay. When considering residency by investment, it’s crucial to explore the specific requirements, benefits, and processing times for each program and consult with immigration experts to make an informed decision based on your individual needs and goals.

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