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November 21, 2023by Georgea Rios0

Meet the Requirements: How to apply for Dominica citizenship

Are you seeking a second citizenship or exploring opportunities to expand your global mobility? Dominica, a serene Caribbean island nation, offers a sought-after citizenship program that provides individuals and families with a pathway to a second citizenship through various investment options.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to apply for citizenship in Dominica.

How to choose an investment route

One can encounter a straightforward pathway to their second citizenship by contributing with a donation to the EDF (Economic Diversification Fund) or by investing in eligible Real Estate.

The Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) is a Dominican Government program setup in 1993 supporting socio-economic initiatives with the aim of driving national development. To qualify, a single applicant must donate $100,000, other costs may apply as described below:

  • Spouse of the main applicant U$50,000
  • Sibling of the main applicant or spouse aged 18-25: $50,000
  • Any dependent other than a sibling aged 18-25 or the spouses: $25,000 per person.
  • Family of 4 family (not including siblings): $175,000

Another possibility to meet the criteria is to invest in qualified real estate projects under a minimum investment of U$200,000. Investors must hold the project of a minimum of 7 years and there is no guaranteed buyback by the developers. It is possible to re-sell once the holding period has ended. Our team will further guide you through the different return rates and exit plans.

Advantages of having a Dominican passport

Dominica Citizenship holders benefit from the right to live, work and invest in Dominica. As a member of CARICOM, citizens of Dominica can also reside in any other member nation. Minimal taxation, no wealth, gift, inheritance, foreign income, or capital gains tax are a major perk. Combine these attributes with a fast application process and it can be completed in 3 months. Plus, a business friendly environment, no physical residence requirements, a unique banking and investment opportunity and visa-free travel to 121 Countries. Note, at the moment the United Kingdom isn’t visa-free.

Application process

Once you have chosen the most suitable investment pathway, the process is straightforward. With the assistance of our team, at Lincoln Global partners, it’ll be hassle-free.

See the step by step below.

  1. Sign the Service Agreement. Pay the first service fee payment, according to the cost calculators sent by our team.
  2. Prepare Documentation. You’ll need to submit a comprehensive application, including all necessary documentation. It’s essential to work with a reputable investment migration agency with local representation to ensure a smooth process. Our team will assist throughout all the bureaucratic requirements.
  3. Pay due diligence, application and processing fees to the Dominica government. A thorough background check will be conducted at this stage.
  4. Application submitted to the Dominica CBI Unit: The processing time takes between 60-90 days.
  5. Make your investment. You’re required to invest only after your application has been approved by the Commission.
  6. Take an Oath of Allegiance and pay the passport fee.

Eligibility Requirements to apply

To guarantee your process will be successful, there is criteria applicants must meet beyond the main investment pathway. Such as the following:

  • A clean criminal record
  • Proof of a stable source of income
  • Good health

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Understand the Due Diligence

Due diligence refers to the comprehensive investigation or examination of a person, business, or entity to confirm all relevant facts before entering into an agreement or transaction.

These checks are performed to ensure that you have a clean criminal record and are of good standing. The government of Dominica requires that all applicants undergo these checks, and they must be completed by a recognised due diligence provider. The process is crucial to maintain the country’s and its passport’s renowned reputation.

Get Dominica citizenship with Lincoln Global Partners

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