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December 6, 2023by Georgea Rios0

Navigating your pathway to Brazilian Residency in 2023

Brazil, with its vibrant culture, stunning coastline, and diverse land of opportunities, is becoming an increasingly attractive location for those seeking residency in South America. Whether drawn by Brazil’s enormous market and abundance of business opportunities or purely for lifestyle reasons South Americas largest and most diverse nation offers various residency pathways for foreign nationals.

In this article you will find straightforward explanations on how to acquire your Brazilian Residency permit. This is the perfect article for those looking to relocate to Brazil and live in one of the most exciting nations on earth.

Not sure yet where to relocate in Latin America? Here are the 5 most important points to consider!



qBrazilian Residency Pathways

Now, if Brazil is the place that you desire, these are the 4 uniquely different pathways to residency.

1. The Brazilian Golden Visa- Residency By Real Estate Investment

Known to many as the ‘Brazilian Golden Visa Program’, the residency by investment program, is extremely attractive to those interested in investing in Brazil’s highly lucrative real estate market. Over the past 5 years as a whole, Brazil’s home prices have increased by 17.6% in 5 years according to FipeZAP.
Investors are blessed with an abundance of opportunities from the mega-cities of São Paulo and Rio, to the beach side towns of Santa Catarina or the tropical year round Brazilian holiday destinations in the North East of the country such as Maceio and Natal.
Investors are eligible to apply for residency in Brazil with an investment of the following:
a) An investment of at least 1,000,000 Brazilian Reals (U$ 200,000 approximately) anywhere except for the North East.
b) An investment of at least 700,000 Brazilian Reals (U$ 140,000 approximately) in The North East of the country
This options allows investors to acquire a Temporary Residency for 2 years. After two years of residency, investors can apply for Permanent Residency. 
Brazilian Residency digital nomad

2. The Brazilian Commercial Enterprise (VIPER VISA)

Investors can also set up a company in Brazil and invest a minimum of 500,000 Brazilian Reals (approximately U$100,000) into the company and in doing so qualify for permanent residency straight off the bat.

Not only that, it is also true that entrepreneurs setting up certain types of businesses that provide a unique innovate benefit to the country, can acquire residency with a reduced investment as low as just 150,000 R (approximately $28,000).

To qualify within this category, one must invest in innovation activity, basic or applied research, of a scientific or technological nature. The investment must, therefore, meet the criteria below:

  1. Have received investment, financing or resources aimed at supporting the government institution innovation.
  2. Be located in a technology park.
  3. Be incubated or be graduated enterprise.
  4. Have been a finalist in a government program to support startups, or
  5. Have benefited from a startup accelerator in Brazil.
In the most cases, entrepreneurs activities will fall under the standard investment criteria in which the minimum investment is 500,000 BRL (U$100,000 Approx.), as previously mentioned.
Nevertheless, our local team will guide you through the process and ensure that your enterprise fits the requirements.

3. The Brazilian Digital Nomad Visa- Residency by Proof of Funds & Remote Occupation 

According to the Resolution CNIg nº45/2021, anyone who has a clear criminal record that can prove that they receive a minimum monthly income of U$1,500 by working remotely for / providing services to foreign entity can apply for the Digital Nomad Visa in Brazil. Alternatively, those with funds in excess of U$18,000 in their foreign bank account may also be eligible.

The applicant is awarded a temporary residency permit for 1 year, which is renewable at the end of each year.

Brazilian Residency

4. Brazilian Residency for Retirees

According to the Resolution Nº40/2019 a temporary visa may be granted to retired immigrants who can prove passive income in the form of a pension equal to or greater than the value of USD 2,000.00 per month. Note that only part of this income is required to be from a pension. The remainder can be made up of other passive income types such as real estate income. The retiree can reside in the country for an initial period of two years as a Temporary Resident and this period they can apply for permanent residency.

Brazilian Residency pathways

Pathway to Brazilian Citizenship

Brazil’s residency programs provide direct pathways to citizenship for those that live in the country and can prove ties to Brazil. The Brazilian passport guarantees visa-free entry to over 130 countries, including the Schengen area, The United Kingdom, Russia, Hong Kong and Singapore. Brazil’s passport is the third most powerful passport in South America behind Chile and Argentina. Those that become citizens of Brazil which is part of MERCOSUR also gain the right to live in any of the other countries within the MERCOSUR agreement.

Foreign residents of Brazil can acquire citizenship eligibility under the following four main categories:

1.Ordinary Naturalisation

Foreign nationals who have held a permanent residency permit for a minimum of 4 years, speak Portuguese and have a clean criminal record can apply for citizenship in Brazil. This is the most common and standardised pathway to citizenship.

2.Extraordinary Naturalization

Anyone who can prove that they have lived in Brazil for a period of 15 years independent of their legal status as a resident in the country is entitled to apply for citizenship.

3. Fast-tracked Naturalisation based on family ties

According to the Law nº 13.445/2017, article 66 foreign residents who:

A) Have a Brazilian Born Child or

B) Are married to or in a civil partnership with a Brazilian National

Have the right to apply for citizenship in Brazil after just 1 year of permanent residency.

4. Definitive Naturalisation

Children that previously acquired Permanent Resident status before the age of 10 have the right to apply for citizenship in Brazil once they reach the age of 18.

If you want to acquire assistance with your personal residency application or you would simply like more information, then feel free to book a call with our immigration consultants by clicking here.

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