Golden Visa Real Estate Greece

This property is Golden Visa real estate in Greece available from €75,000. Specifically, these are units available in a luxury condominium in Athens that satisfy all the requirements for Greece Golden Visas.

Golden Visa Real Estate Greece: Details

The complex consists of 19 high-end fully served apartments. Units range from studios to two bedrooms with sizes from 16m2-62m2.

All units have air conditioning, thermal insulation, aluminum joinery, armored security doors, heating pumps, alarm systems, high-speed internet, and LED lighting. The property also has a pool that residents can use. The designers designed each unit to have an upscale aesthetic and high-end furniture and appliances.

The development of these condominiums is part of a larger regional rejuvenation project that aims to breathe new life into parts of Athens. The pillars of the rejuvenation program include the promotion of nature, science, culture, and sports facilities. The project will contribute to the local environment sustainably and upgrade the aesthetic of the surrounding area to improve the quality of life. The architect of the project aims to reconnect the city and the sea in originally Greek ways.

The complex will be completed in 2023.

The Investment

Units in this Greece Golden Visa property ranges from €75,000-€220,000. The monthly income generated from these units varies by size, with the expected monthly rent ranging from €250-€750. These are turnkey investments.

Recent reports show that returns generated from serviced apartments such as these outmatch the returns generated from typical buy-to-let purchases.

Golden Visa Real Estate Greece Developer

The developer is a local real estate and investment company that is one of the most reliable in the Greek real estate market. Based on years of experience, they have developed a diverse team of specialists that offer full services for property development. Furthermore, they pride themselves on overseeing the entire construction process from start to finish. They also draw on their extensive network of experts and partners to increase the profitability of their projects for their investors and the market as a whole. Moreover, the developer is dedicated to sustainable development.

Location of Greece Golden Visa Real Estate

This luxury condominium is in the Neo Faliro area of Athens. It is one of the city’s coastal neighborhoods that is well connected to the rest of the city and to the popular Piraeus district. Thus, buses and trams allow residents to move around the neighborhood with ease, and an urban railway station keeps the area connected with the rest of the region. Neo Faliro is also the gateway to the breathtaking Athenian Riviera. Additionally, the neighborhood is unique in that it is both very close to the center of Athens, yet detached from the hustle of the city. It is ideal for enjoying a calm, cosmopolitan atmosphere with island charm.

Athens is Greece’s capital and largest city. It is also the country’s cultural and commercial center. Millions of tourists visit Athens each year to enjoy its unique culture, rich historical attractions, and authentic cuisine. In addition, Greece is also one of the most affordable European countries. The country’s mild climate makes it an attractive destination for visitors of all ages.

The city is a popular destination for medical and wellness travel thanks to the country’s well-trained medical experts, warm climate, and cutting-edge medical innovative technologies. Furthermore, Athens attracts a large number of business travelers and conference attendees. The city has developed a reputation as being one of the most qualified event hosts in the world. There are many exceptional conference centers within the city, making it an ideal destination for attendees.

This Greece Golden Visa real estate is ideal for investors looking for a place to stay in Athens or for those looking to capitalize on the city’s recent real estate boom.

Halkidiki Villas Harmony

Halkidiki Villas Harmony are Golden Visa real estate in Greece listed at €1,600,000. These are luxury villas in Greece’s beautiful Halkidiki region. The villas are eligible for Greece Golden Visas.

Halkidiki Villas Harmony Real Estate Details

Each of the Halkidiki Villas is roughly 1,717m2, with a property surface area of 469m2. The villas span two floors, each with living rooms with large fireplaces, combined kitchen and dining rooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms, function rooms, and two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. Further, the living rooms are double height, bringing grandeur and elegance to the space. The basement suite is illuminated by an English courtyard design, a gym, a sauna, a storage room, and a boiler room.

The villa grounds also include a barbecue area, outdoor patio, and 70m2 pools. Centrally-located patios complete the layout, combining the surrounding area with immediate needs of the house residents. In addition, the villas are bright and sunny and to offer beautiful views of the surrounding environment.

Expected completion date: Q3 2023.

Halkidiki Villas Investment

These Greece Golden Visa real estate properties are listed at €1,600,000. They satisfy all the requirements for Greece Golden Visas and are great for living in or renting to vacationers looking for luxury travel experiences.

Real Estate Developer

The developer is a Greek property development and construction firm that has extensive experience developing a diverse range of residential properties in the local market. They pride themselves on drawing upon their extensive knowledge of the real estate market to identify ideal opportunities and deliver value to their residents and owners. Additionally, they specialize in niche luxury developments that epitomize upscale living. They also have experience developing Greece luxury villas that are Golden Visa eligible.


These luxury Halkidiki Villas are primely located in one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece and one of the most developed resort regions in the Balkans. Millions of tourists flock to Halkidiki annually. This Golden Visa real estate is right in the heart of Halkidiki. The real estate is easily accessible and close to many of the region’s best attractions and facilities.

Additionally, region has strong ties with the city of Thessaloniki, as well as other parts of Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and Scandinavia. The region’s heritage has traces of all of these cultures.

Halkidiki is famous for its stunning beaches, marinas, and traditional villages. Much of the area consists of coniferous forests and is a protected natural area. Furthermore, the region has a comfortable Mediterranean climate. The adjacent mountains keep the water warm all-year-round.

Halkidiki’s beauty and flourishing real estate market have made it an attractive destination for foreign investors from all over the world. Halkidiki is only 80 kilometers from Thessaloniki International Airport. Consequently, the city airport keeps the region connected to the rest of Greece and Europe.

Investing in the Halkidiki Villas Harmony is ideal for those who want a luxury villa home in the Mediterranean or who want to take advantage of Greece’s booming tourism market.

Athens Greece Golden Visa Real Estate for Sale

This property is a brand new upscale residential property in the Athenian suburb of Melissia. Additionally, this Athens Greece Golden Visa real estate for sale satisfies the requirements for Greece Golden Visas. Investment is available starting at €615,000.

Athens Greece Golden Visa Real Estate for Sale Details

This complex is a collection of 4 apartment buildings that have been developed with high-quality construction materials and upscale utilities. It offers high-end accommodation and an ideal quality of life to its residents. The complex features four-bedroom apartments, large balconies, storage spaces, and parking spots.

All units include air conditioning, aluminum joinery, thermal insulation, armored security doors, autonomous gas heating, electric roller shutters, eco-friendly appliances, LED lighting, high-speed internet, and alarm systems.

The living spaces have been designed to convey a sense of upscale urban living with a unique color palette and design that blends perfectly into the atmosphere of Athens.

This property is ideal for families who want to enjoy a culturally-rich Athens life in a safe and luxurious living environment.

Athens Golden Visa Real Estate Investment

Investment in this complex is available for €615,000 or €650,000. The price varies depending on unit size. Owners can live in their purchased units or rent them.


The developer of this Athens Golden Visa real estate is a Greek developer and investment firm with a track record of success in residential real estate projects throughout the country. In addition, the development team prides themselves on staying up on the latest trends in luxury accommodation. The developer’s team of experts continues to monitor the local property market to capitalize on the best opportunities. Lastly, the developer takes responsibility for all parts of the development process from start to finish.

Prime Location

This Athens Golden Visa real estate is in the suburb of Melissia, one of Greece’s most prestigious neighborhoods. Filled with abundant greenery and modern infrastructures, Melissia provides residents with privacy and everything needed for a comfortable life. What’s more, the suburb is right at the foot of Mount Pentelicus and is just 15 kilometers from Athens’ historical center.

Melissia’s main streets are full of cafes, bars, restaurants, and retail stores. The area attracts many visitors from neighboring municipalities because of its upscale fitness and entertainment facilities and appealing outdoor spaces. The suburb’s Olympic Park is especially popular.

The area is also known for its vibrant shopping malls, which include more than 200 shops and entertainment facilities, making it the largest of its kind in Greece. The malls often host artistic and cultural events that draw visitors from across the city.

Athen’s northern suburbs have succeeded in creating a cosmopolitan living space and an international community that blends in well with the local surroundings. For this reason, northern Athens now has some of Greece’s best international schools, colleges, and universities. It is also home to some of Greece’s best hospitals and medical facilities. Foreigners will surely find Melissia a charming and comfortable place to reside and sojourn.

Athens is Greece’s capital and largest city. The city is full of all types of vibrant neighborhoods, cultural relics, and amazing cuisine. Furthermore, Athens’ airport keeps the city connected with the rest of Europe, North America, and various places in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

This Athens Greece Golden Visa real estate for sale in Melissia gives owners a wonderful chance to reside in Greece themselves or to take advantage of Greece’s booming property market.

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