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Invest in Latvia: Premium Car Dealership Investment Opportunity with 2% Annual Yield and Guaranteed Buyback


Industry Type: Luxury Car Dealership

Location: Riga, Latvia

Minimum Investment Requirement: €50,000


  • Golden Visa Eligible
  • 2% Yield Per Annum
  • Guaranteed Buyback after 10 years

The Company

Founded in 2005, the Latvian luxury car dealership stands as a cornerstone in Latvia’s automotive industry, specializing in premium-class vehicles such as BMW X5, BMW 4 series, AUDI, and more. With over a decade of experience, the company has forged a solid reputation for delivering exceptional service and offering only the highest quality vehicles to its discerning clientele. Their commitment to excellence has cultivated a loyal customer base, positioning themselves as a trusted name in the luxury car market.

Investment Opportunity

This is your opportunity to invest in a luxury car dealership in Latvia and secure a stake in a flourishing business with a proven track record of steady growth and promising returns. As an investor, you can expect a 2% annual yield on your investment, complemented by a guaranteed buyback option after 10 years.

This unique investment proposition not only offers potential for attractive returns but also provides the security of a guaranteed exit strategy, ensuring peace of mind for investors.

Invest in Latvia

Invest in Latvia: Golden Visa Opportunity

In addition to the financial benefits, investing in this luxury car dealership also presents an avenue to acquire residency in Latvia through the Golden Visa program. With just a €50,000 investment and a €10,000 state fee, you and your family can obtain residency and enjoy visa-free access to the Schengen area. This presents an unparalleled opportunity for international investors seeking to establish a foothold in Europe while benefiting from the stability and growth potential of the Latvian market.

Market Potential

The premium car market in Latvia offers significant growth potential, driven by a robust economy and a burgeoning middle class with increasing purchasing power. Furthermore, Latvia’s strategic location as a gateway to the Baltic region positions it as an attractive destination for luxury car dealerships. With well-developed transportation infrastructure and connectivity to neighboring markets, there is ample opportunity to tap into both local and regional demand for premium vehicles.

Invest in Latvia


As the company looks to the future, its vision  is centered around innovation, sustainability, and continued growth. By investing in this dealership, you are not only supporting the company’s expansion efforts but also contributing to the evolution of the automotive industry in Latvia. The goal or the company is to introduce innovative business models, embrace sustainable mobility solutions, and shape the market to meet the evolving needs and preferences of consumers.

Invest in Latvia: Contact Us

Ready to seize this opportunity and invest in Latvia? Contact us today to learn more about how you can become a valued investor in this luxury car dealership in Latvia’s thriving automotive industry. and embark on your journey towards European residency.

Invest in Latvia

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