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Park Side Residences – Residential Piraeus Apartments; EUR 52,500 Upfront Returns

Seize the chance to invest in a Greece Golden Visa real estate gem, these Piraeus apartments are located in the center of a destination that combines contemporary city life with age-old heritage. Piraeus presents a fusion of cultural delights, fine dining, and lively communities. From the lively avenues of the downtown area to the tranquil coastlines.

Make your investment now, in a place perfect for both short and long-term rentals, while the threshold for the Golden Visa program remains favorable for new residential projects.

piraeus apartments

General Overview- Greek Golden Visa Real Estate

One of the most attractive golden visa programs worldwide, and progressively taking the number one spot in Europe. The Greece Golden Visa program has the lowest qualifying minimum among European Golden Visa programs, there is no stay requirement to obtain Greek permanent residency and citizenship can be obtained in seven years.

It is crucial to note, however, that the program has recently undergone changes, amid an increase in housing prices, the government has announced changes in the eligibility criteria.

That said, investors have until August 31st 2024, to complete the 10 % deposit and until December 31st 2024 to complete the full investment under the current criteria.

piraeus apartments

Residential Apartments in Piraeus

This freshly minted project provides an unmatched degree of ease, featuring 10 apartments ready for occupancy, complete with furnishings and appliances. The exceptional location and lavish touches render these residences highly sought-after by renters, ensuring consistent profits for investors. Say goodbye to property management hassles; these units come fully furnished and primed for leasing, situated in a prime locale with soaring demand.


Greece Golden Visa Investment Key Details:

  • The project offers studios and 1 bedroom apartments, varying between EUR 250,000- 315,000.
  • There are currently 8 units remaining available.*
  • Units range from 28.79 sqm to 56.39 sqm of total living area.
  • There are 4 remaining units offering 52,500 EUR upfront return.**
  • All units include Furniture package and appliances ( Oven, Hobs, Fridge, A/C units).
  • Properties are fully managed.

*Information from April 23rd, 2024.

**Rental yield shall be paid in full, once finalized the contract/sale.

piraeus apartments

The Location

Dive into the mesmerizing charm of Piraeus, where each avenue narrates a tale and every district harbors a fragment of the past. This dynamic harbor town, steeped in a rich maritime legacy, beckons you to enter a realm of fascination and opportunity. Envision yourself in Pasalimani, Piraeus’ second-largest and historically significant port. Once the foremost of Athens’ three war harbors in ancient times, this circular bay stands as a testament to its strategic significance. Presently, Pasalimani throbs with vivacious vitality, serving as a center for amusement and relaxation that transports you to days of yore.

piraeus apartments

The Developer

Since its establishment in 2018, this developer has rapidly established itself as a prominent player in Greece’s dynamic real estate scene. Central to their achievements is a collection of eight unique ventures, each showcasing their dedication to variety and quality. Presently, this Greek developer is actively constructing an additional 2000 sqm of innovative environments.  This is merely the start; the company is under preparation stage for an expansion of 5000 sqm, across six upcoming projects, strategically positioned within Athens’ diverse urban fabric.

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