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In the modern society we live things advance quickly. This is no different in the investment migration industry. Regulations change, program rules change and countries introduce new residency and citizenship by investment programs.

Lincoln Global Partners is here to bring you the latest news from around the industry. We keep our heads close to the ground and maintain close relationships with our local partners across the globe to bring you the latest updates. Check in here for the latest residency and citizenship by investment news and feel free to sign up to our email list for further for email updates.

Besides Residency & Citizenship By Investment, on this page Lincoln Global Partners will provide updates on non-investor residency programs, business residency permits and visas and of course relevant content from the digital nomad scene.

For questions regarding residency and citizenship by investment news please reach out via our contact form.


Buying Property Abroad: Top Tips from Caxton Helping people make investments abroad is the business we’re in. Especially investing in real estate opportunities through Golden Visa programs in exchange for residency or citizenship. Buying property abroad can be a highly lucrative investment with a wide range of benefits. Often though, people come to us ready...


Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs Undergo Changes in 2023 Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programs in the Caribbean have been a popular choice among international investors for many years. These programs are the forefront of the citizenship by investment industry. Although each program differs in investment options, cost, eligibility, requirements and timeframes, they all ultimately offer...


Greece Property Market Supported by the Golden Visa In recent years, Greece has emerged as an attractive destination for foreign investors, particularly through its Golden Visa program. An avenue for non-EU citizens to obtain a residence permit and eventual citizenship by investing in Greece. Consequently, the Greece property market has seen a significant boost largely...


Retire In Portugal A Serene Haven for Golden Years As the sun sets on a fulfilling career, a new horizon of possibilities emerges for those ready to retire. Amidst the plethora of choices, Portugal stands tall as an enticing destination for retirees seeking a harmonious blend of beauty, quality of life, and rich cultural experiences....

Saint Kittis & Nevis Citizenship By Investment Program The Saint Kitts & Nevis Citizenship By Investment Program has been in existence for several decades and has garnered a reputation for being one of the most reputable and dependable programmes worldwide. As a result of this, it has successfully attracted numerous investors over the years.  ...


Alas, the not so golden news about the demise of the Portugal Golden Visa has been released. The Portugal Golden Visa is Ending. However, it’s not all bad though, investors still have time. On April 15th, the Portuguese government published the final wording of the “More Housing” bill which included closing the golden visa program...

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