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As one of the safest and most welcoming, not to mention beautiful, countries in Europe, The Greek Golden visa was always destined for success. With the offer of permanent residency for non-EU investors at stake and a minimum real estate investment of just half of its closest competitors Portugal & Spain (and significantly lower property prices) Greece and it’s thriving property market has since 2018 been the most popular Golden Visa program in Europe.

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Greece Golden Visa
Key Benefits

Visa Free Travel to the Schengen Area
Greek Golden Visa holders can enjoy visa-free travel across the 26 Schengen nations for a period of 3 months in every 6 month period.
Potential to Route to Citizenship in an EU Country
Those who physically relocate to Greece can apply for citizenship after 7 years of residency in Greece.
Residency for your immediate family
Your spouse, children under the age of 21 and dependent parents can be included on your application.
No Minimal stay requirements
It is not required for investors to live in Greece in order to retain nor renew their Golden Visa.

Permanent Residency in Europe
The Greek Golden Visa is permanent residency permit renewable every 5 years. So long as the investor maintains their investment in Greece then are entitled to renew their residence permit indefinitely.

Lowest Real Estate Investment Required of any EU residency program
The minimum investment requirement for the real estate route is just 250,000 EUR. This is significantly less expensive than another other EU program with a real estate investment option.

The right to set up a business in Greece
Golden Visa residents in Greece have the right to establish and run a local company and can receive income in the form of dividends.
High Quality European Education
Dependent children of the investor can study in Greece in what is a high quality European educational system.
Access to a high quality healthcare system
Residents of Greece enjoy free access to the Greek health system.
Invest in a booming Greek real estate market and earn rental income
Investors have the chance to diversify their investment portfolio and earn good yield from their investment. Property in Greece less expensive than other European countries despite being one of most visited tourist destinations in The World.
Non-Tax Residency Status for part-time residents
Investors who do not relocate to Greece or spend less than 183 days in the country will not be subject to taxation on their worldwide income. Such non-tax residents will only be taxed on their local income in Greece.
Optional Non Dom Tax-Regime for Ultra HNWI's
Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals who transfer their tax residency to Greece are offered a 100,000 EUR flat tax rate per annum for a period of 15 years, regardless of how much income they earn globally.
Greece Golden Visa Program

Greece Golden Visa
Investment Routes
From €250,000

Real Estate Investments from €250,000

The majority of Greece Golden Visa investors opt for the real estate investment route.

In order to qualify for the Greece Golden Visa program via the real estate route, investors must purchase property in Greece personally (or through a legal entity in which they own all of the company shares) to the minimum value of €250,000.

The real estate can be both residential or commercial and the total investment of €250,000 can be reached by purchasing multiple properties.

A 10-year timeshare agreement for hotel or touristic residences in Greece from €250,000

Investors can qualify for the Golden Visa by signing a timeshare for a period of at least 10 years for hotel accommodation or furnished tourist residences in an integrated tourist resort in Greece. In order to qualify the minimum cost of the lease must be €250.000.

Bank Deposit of at least €400,000

Applicants can qualify for the Golden Visa program through a term-deposit of in a Greek banking institution of at least €400,000 with at least one years duration with a standing order for renewal.

An investment of at least €400,000 into Government Bonds.

Investors can become eligible for the Golden Visa program with a purchase of Greek Government Bonds with a maturity of at least years to the value of at least €400,000 through a financial institution in Greece.

Capital contribution of €400,000 in to a business in Greece

Applicants can qualify for the Golden Visa by making the following capital investments of at least €400,000 for shares into:

  • A Greek company with it’s registered office in Greece. (excluding real estate and portfolio investment companies.
  • A real estate investment company that invests exclusively into Greek real estate.
  • A closed-end investment company or closed-end mutual fund investing solely in Greece.
Combined investment of €800,000 into shares, corporate bonds or government bonds.

Golden Visa applicants can qualify for the program by making a combined investment of €800,000 into shares, corporate bonds or government bonds that are admitted for trading in Greece.

Investment of €400,000 into a Greek Investment Fund

Investors who purchase units to a minimum of 400,000 EUR into a mutual fund that invests solely into shares, corporate bonds and government bonds in Greece are eligible to apply for the Greek Golden Visa program.

An investment of €400,000 into an Alternative Investment Fund

Golden Visa investors can qualify for the program with an investment of at least €400,000 into shares or units of an Alternative Investment Fund that invests solely in Greek Immovable property.

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Greece Golden Visa

Greece Golden Visa Process

The process to obtaining the Golden Visa usually takes around 2 months.

STEP 1Initial Consultation

Contact LGP for an initial consultation, discuss the Golden Visa program and it's benefits and explore the wide array of investment opportunities on the market.

STEP 2Client Onboarding

LGP runs mandatory background checks on clients prior to the client onboarding process. Upon approval LGP will send the client a letter of engagement and begin the client onboarding process.

STEP 3Open Bank Account and Obtain Tax No.

Upon appointing our lawyer in Greece as your power of attorney the Golden Visa process begins. From here the lawyer will apply for your Greek tax number and open your Greek Bank account. (Remotely or in Greece)

STEP 4Acquisition of Your Property Investment

Assuming that you choose the property investment route the next step will consists of the legal due diligence on the property by the lawyers, followed by acquisition of the promissory sale, purchase agreement and execution of the public deed..

STEP 5Preparing your Greece Golden Visa application (Pre-Submission Process)

We will assist you to gather all of the required documents and file your application for submission.

STEP 6Trip to Greece to submit your Bio-metrics

When you arrive in Greece our lawyer will travel to the Greek Immigration Authorities for submission of your original documentation and to submit your families bio-metrics.

STEP 6Golden Visa Approval

Your application will reviewed by the authorities and once approved you will be issued with your 5 year Golden Visa Residency Permit.

STEP 7Golden Visa Renewals

After 5 years you will need to renew your residency permit/s. In order to do this you will need to prove that your investment in Greece has been maintained.

STEP 8Citizenship Applications

Residency permit holders that relocate to Greece and become local tax residents are eligible to apply for citizenship after a period of 7 years.

Asked Questions

Checkout our FAQ's or reach out to us directly via the contact form at the bottom of the page with further questions.
Can I sell my Greece Golden Visa investment?

Selling your investment is not prohibited however in order to maintain and renew your residency permit you will need to prove that you have maintained your investment.

European Residency SolutionsWhy Greece

Permanent Residency in Greece from 250,000 EUR
greece golden visa

With its rich culture that stretches back millennia, Greece is one of the timeless jewels of Europe. Composed of the mainland peninsula and an archipelago of stunning islands that adorn the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, much of Greece is made up of mountainous rocky terrain surrounded by turquoise seas.

In an effort to raise funds and kick-start investment in the country after the global financing crisis, the Greek government launched the golden visa program in 2013. The Greece Golden Visa program has since become the most popular Golden Visa program on the market.

Greece who dealt much better with the Covid-19 pandemic than other European countries is once again welcoming tourists!


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