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  • Portugal D2 Visa – Entrepreneurship Visa
  • Portugal D7 Visa – Passive Income Visa
  • Portugal D8 Visa –  Digital Nomad Visa
  • Portugal HQA Visa – Highly Qualified Activity Visa

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    We specialize in facilitating investment migration / residency by investment programs. Please note that we do not offer services for student or work visas.

    5 Year Pathway to Citizenship

    Portugal Residency Programs
    By Lincoln Global Partners


    Portugal Golden Visa
    Residency By Investment Program

    Foreign investors can acquire residency in Portugal with a flexible pathway to citizenship through the Golden Visa program. Investors can choose to invest in Portuguese investment funds or make contributions to projects of cultural heritage or scientific research.

    Minimum Investment: €200,000-€500,000
    Minimum Annual Stay: 7 Days Per Annum
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    Portugal HQA Visa
    Residency By Investment Program

    Highly qualified professionals interested in investing in research activities conducted by Portuguese universities can acquire residency in Portugal through the HQA Visa. Investors have the option to team up with an incubator that assists with the entire venture.

    Minimum Investment: €175,000
    Minimum Stay: Not specified

    Portugal D2 Visa
    Entrepreneurship Visa

    The D2 visa is the ideal residency program for entrepreneurs looking to set up shop for business in Portugal. Investors have the choice of setting up and investing in their own company, purchasing an existing Portuguese company, or setting up a branch of an existing legal entity overseas.

    Minimum Investment: Not specified
    Minimum Stay: 6-8 months per year

    Portugal D7 Visa
    Passive Income Visa

    The D7 Visa allows foreign nationals with passive income from their home countries to apply for residency in Portugal. Many different types of income are accepted including pensions, real estate, and fixed investment income. However, the income must be from a passive source.

    Minimum Income: €900 per month
    Minimum Stay: 6-8 months per year

    Portugal D8 Visa
    Digital Nomad Visa

    The D8 Visa, otherwise known as the Digital Nomad Visa is the perfect option for remote workers interested in basing themselves in Portugal. Digital Nomads who earn more than 4 times the monthly minimum wage are eligible to apply for residency in Portugal through the program.

    Minimum Income: €3050 per month
    Minimum Annual Stay: 6-8 months per year
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    Portugal Residency Benefits
    Why choose Portugal?

    Relocation to Europe
    Applicants of our residency programs can relocate to Portugal and live in the heart of the European continent.
    Visa Free Travel to the Schengen area
    Golden Visa investors increase their global mobility and can travel visa-free for a period of 3 months, every 6 months across the 26 Schengen area countries.
    Fast Pathway to Citizenship and a Tier 1 Passport
    Portugal's passport is one of the strongest in the world providing visa-free access to 190 + countries. Portuguese Residents can apply for citizenship after just 5 years of residency.
    Access to high quality education
    Portuguese residents can enroll their dependent children in high quality public and private schools in Portugal.
    Open the doors to the EU market
    Open yourself up to a whole new world of financial and investment options in the EU that include banking, real estate and business opportunities.
    Healthcare Benefits
    Portugal citizenship can provide you with access to world class hospitals, clinics and medical center's that may not have been available in your home country.
    Obtain a EU Tier 1 Passport

    Pathway to Citizenship

    Portugal offers one of the fastest pathways to citizenship of any European Union country. Residents of Portugal can apply for citizenship after just 5 years of residency.

    To be eligible applicants must speak a basic level of A2 Portuguese and have spent at least 8 months per year (or 6 months per year consecutively) living in the country during these 5 years. Golden Visa investors are exempt from this rule and are only required to have spent 7 days per year in the country.

    Citizenship Eligibility in:

    01234567890 Years

    Language Requirements:

    A01234567890 Level

    Annual Stay Requirements:

    01234567890 Days / 01234567890 Months

    We specialize in facilitating investment migration / residency by investment programs. Please note that we do not offer services for student or work visas.


    With our team of experts including immigration lawyers, local case executives, and investment specialists, getting residency is a simple and quick process. Lincoln Global Partners has a 100% approval rate for applications in Portugal.
    Here’s What Our Past Clients Have to Say About Us

    Thanks to Lincoln Global Partners, my journey to Portugal with the D2 Entrepreneurship Visa was seamless. Their team provided comprehensive support, guiding me through the application process and offering invaluable insights into the local business landscape. With their assistance, I was able to establish my entrepreneurial venture in Portugal with confidence.

    Michael Johnson

    Securing the Portugal D7 Passive Income Visa seemed daunting until I connected with Lincoln Global Partners. Their expertise and personalized approach made all the difference. From assisting with documentation to offering expert advice on investment opportunities, they ensured a smooth transition for me and my family. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking to relocate to Portugal for passive income purposes.

    Emily Rodriguez

    I am immensely grateful to Lincoln Global Partners for their exceptional support in obtaining the Portugal HQA Visa. Their team demonstrated profound knowledge of the visa requirements and provided tailored guidance every step of the way. With their assistance, I successfully relocated to Portugal to pursue my highly qualified activity, confident in their expertise and dedicated assistance.

    Sarah khan
    Why Portugal?

    A serene, beautiful, culturally diverse and rich country with amazing food and friendly people, Portugal can truly become your home away from home while also providing you ample opportunities to grow and prosper in your career. Portuguese, being one of the most popular Romance Languages has a rich tradition of literature, films, and music, which will surely excite every lover of art. Do consider applying for a residency for Portugal if you would like to bring in a new change in your and your family’s life!

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    Portugal Residency
    Frequently asked questions
    How can Lincoln Global Partners assist me with my Portugal Residency application?

    Lincoln Global Partners is a boutique immigration consultancy firm specializing in residency by investment programs throughout Europe and The Caribbean. We can assist you through the entire process from the initial stage of evaluating which residency program is most suitable to find eligible investment opportunities, to handling your residency application.

    How long does the Portugal residency process take?

    This depends on which residency program you decide to proceed with. The D programs such as the D7 Visa for retirees and the D8 Visa for Digital Nomad Visas can be processed within 3-6 months. Whereas, the Portugal Golden Visa program has a processing time of 12-18 months due to its increasing popularity.

    Do I need to invest in order to qualify for Portuguese Residency?

    Not necessarily no, there are many types of residency programs in Portugal outside of the highly publicised Golden Visa program.

    Retirees and other passive income earners can apply for residency in Portugal via the D7 Visa by proving their passive income while remote workers can apply for the D8 Digital Nomad Visa by showing their fixed monthly earnings. Under both these programs no investment is required, so it depends on the individual and their eligibility for such programs.

    Do I need to live in Portugal to maintain residency?

    Portugal Golden Visa investors are not required to live in the country to maintain residency. They are required to spend just 7 days per year in Portugal.

    Portuguese resident applicants under the following residency programs must spend 8 months per year in Portugal (or 6 months per year consecutively) to maintain residency:

    • Portugal D2 Visa
    • Portugal D7 Visa
    • Portugal D8 Visa

    For the Portugal HQA Visa, it is generally expected that investors will live in the country. However in certain cases an exemption of this rule can be applied.

    Which Portugal residency program is right for me?

    We listen to our clients very carefully to understand their situations to best evaluate which program is suitable. If you wish to discover which program is best suited to your needs then please reach out to us and book an initial consultation.

    When can I apply for Citizenship in Portugal?

    Residents of Portugal can apply for citizenship after 5 years of residency. An A2 level of Portuguese proficiency is also required.

    Can I include my family members on my application as dependents?

    Under family reunification law, applicants can include the following family members on their residency applications in Portugal:

    -The spouse of the main applicant.

    -All legal children under the age of 18.

    -Dependent children under the age of 26. These children must be both unmarried and enrolled in full-time education in order to qualify.

    -Parents of the main applicant and spouse over 66 years of age.

    -Dependent parents over aged 55 or over.

    -Siblings of the main applicant under the age of 18 years of age when the main applicant is legally responsible for them.


    We specialize in facilitating investment migration / residency by investment programs. Please note that we do not offer services for student or work visas.

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