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General Information- Portuguese Golden Visa Project

The development of a “Countryside Resort” will transform the existing Palace into a luxurious Boutique Hotel featuring 10 unique suites. Alongside it, a new 5-star Hotel with 150 suites, offering top-notch amenities and a connection with nature, will be built. This extraordinary project aims to provide guests with an unparalleled experience of relaxation and comfort. The Resort will offer proximity to nature through the creation of picturesque walking tracks that meander through the property, including the river that runs through it and the historic Roman road known as “Via XVI,” which once connected Lisbon to Braga. Additionally, the Resort will feature fruit fields, vegetable and aromatic gardens, and opportunities for horse rides, among other activities. It will serve as an oasis of tranquility and luxury, located just one hour away from Lisbon.

Delightful gardens with meticulous geometry precede a splendid swimming pool. Additionally, the estate boasts a charming chapel, stables, a wine cellar, serene lakes, flowing watercourses, and an expansive agricultural area.

Portuguese Golden Visa Investment Details

This project is one in a time opportunity for investors looking to acquire their Portuguese Golden Visa before the changes in the program. The benefits are clear and straighforward, offering an opportunity for investors to participate in a co-ownership structure, with a total of 60 investors. It is also included a guaranteed buyback after year 7, ensuring added security for investors.

In terms of returns, investors can expect an upfront payment of 4.5% returns for 5 years, which will be received 30 days after signing the Deed. After the initial 5 years, investors will continue to receive 3% returns.

Additionally, to make the investment process more convenient, the developer covers important fees such as IMT, Stamp Duty, Notary, and Registration fees.

The Portuguese Golden Visa Developer

This highly motivated and focused developer is the result of a symbiotic partnership among three individuals with distinct values that complement each other. Their shared passion lies in real estate market investment.

The team consists of a pan-European real estate investment manager and development company, recently established and launched, along with two strong equity partners who have collectively invested over €800 million in European markets. With a combined business experience of over half a century, the team has built a solid track record, expertise, market knowledge, and valuable local contacts.

This new venture marks the beginning of an exciting journey that we eagerly anticipate. With an investment period spanning 6 to 7 years, they aim to invest over €250 million.

Investors can be sure of a committed to shaping a successful future in the real estate market in Portugal.

General Information

Located in the charming town of Mirandela, Bragança, Hotel Globo invites you to indulge in a world of sophistication and unmatched comfort. As a top-tier destination in this picturesque locale, our hotel promises an enchanting experience, boasting unique attributes and a welcoming atmosphere that exudes warm hospitality. The Project is a luxurious 4-star Wyndham Garden Hotel, proudly affiliated with the esteemed Wyndham Hotel & Resorts brand. Boasting 60 exquisite rooms and suites, complemented by a spa, gym, and sauna, this hotel offers a host of exceptional amenities. Additionally, guests can enjoy the convenience of a boat dock and an enchanting outdoor venue, perfect for hosting memorable weddings and special events.

Portuguese Golden Visa Investment

This project qualifies as a Reduced Golden Visa investment opportunity at just €280,000. The operation,set to commence in 2024, offers an upfront yield of €30,000. With a guaranteed buyback after six years, the developer takes care of the land transfer tax, value added tax on construction, and annual property tax. This is a golden opportunity for those looking for a last chance to acquire their European Permanent Residency with the minimum investment threshold of 280K Euros.

The Developer

The developer of the Hotel Globo Mariandela is a local asset management firm that manages high-quality assets in 4 continents including India, the USA, Canada, and Portugal. The group owns and operates properties across a wide range of sectors including hospitality, student housing, and other facilities. The developer strives to enhance client value by providing lucrative, transparent, and dynamic investments that leverage innovation and technology to aid in their investment decisions. Notably, the developer is a family oriented-firm that prides itself on its intimate values and collegial work environment.

The Location

Sabugal is a picturesque town nestled in the Guarda district of Portugal. With its breathtaking natural landscapes, rich historical castles, and captivating museums, this hidden gem provides a distinctive experience for those seeking to delve into the realms of history, culture, and nature.

General Information

The Project composes a beautiful and elegant option set amidst lush gardens and natural landscapes. You’ll be treated to breathtaking panoramic views of a 50 meter-long swimming pool, tropical gardens and pine trees with the Atlantic Ocean in the distance.

This 5-star resort boasts 193 sophisticated rooms and suites, a regional restaurant, spa, gym, kids’ club, paddle tennis court, mini golf course and a stunning rooftop to soak up the sun rays. The updated design reflects the unique identity of Alvor, solidifying its reputation as a top destination for sun-seeking families around the world. All of this is nestled along a 300-kilometer coastline, offering endless opportunities to make unforgettable memories.

Portuguese Golden Visa Investment

The Resort qualifies for the Portuguese Golden Visa project under the 280,000 Euro category, with 360 investors in a co-ownership structure.

The developer will cover the IMT fee and the VAT (included with price). Investors will also receive a 7-day complimentary stay at any of the Developer’s hotel properties in Portugal. The project is anticipated to launch in July 2023 and is expected to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2025.

The Developer

The developer of the Hard Rock Hotel Portugal has an extensive track record of success in developing Portugal Golden Visa properties managed by international brands. Moreover, they currently have a portfolio consisting of many operational hotels throughout Europe. This will be an added bonus for owners when they want to make use of their free 7-day annual stay at one of the developers properties. The development team prides themselves on delivering high quality hospitality services to guests from around the world.

The Location

The village of Alvor is a beautiful blend of history and nature, located near Portimão. Taking a stroll through the streets of Alvor is a delightful experience that engages all the senses. A harmonious ecosystem flows in the village where the scenic river runs alongside famous beaches with golden sands and crystal-clear waters, typical of the southern coast of Algarve.

Strolling through the village, you will come across marvelous ancient monuments and hundred-year-old churches scattered along streets made of white cobblestone. The streets are home to renowned Michelin restaurants, traditional taverns serving regional delicacies and the typical cuisine of the area. Traces of Celtic civilizations can be seen throughout, from the architectural structures to the marabouts. Even the village’s former name, Al-Bûr, reflects its Celtic roots.

This stop on the itinerary offers travelers a chance to experience the most breathtaking section of Portimão’s coastline, with incredible viewpoints overlooking the Atlantic. It’s the perfect spot to soak in the extraordinary sunsets of southern Portugal.

The project located in Lisbon was constructed in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Its corners are uniquely decorated and it is situated in the city center. The hotel is a beautifully restored historical building in the heart of Lisbon that offers 68 luxurious rooms and suites.

This project is eligible for the Portuguese Golden Visa, offering 3% guaranteed returns and buyback


General Information

This project offers a stunning exterior garden with a refreshing swimming pool, a restaurant, and a bar that provides a unique and exclusive experience for all kinds of solo and family travelers, whether they are traveling for leisure or business.

The building has undergone some changes but still retains unique characteristics from its original construction, including the interior tiles. This is attributed to the aristocracy’s growing support for studying classical Portuguese culture in the late 17th century.

During the early 1900s, this building served as a public school and later became a hospital. Notable figures of Portuguese culture, such as painter Almada Negreiros and renowned writer Fernando Pessoa, were among those who spent time there.


The Portuguese Golden Visa Investment

This projects is calling 115 investors on a co-ownership title and qualifies for the Portuguese Golden Visa under the 350,000 category. Investors will benefit from guaranteed buyback after year 6 and a guaranteed yield of returns of 3% per annum. This is one of the safest and low-risk investments to qualify for the Portuguese Golden Visa.


The Developer

The developer of the Palace St. Louis has an extensive track record of success in developing Portugal Golden Visa properties that are managed by international brands. Moreover, they currently have a portfolio consisting of many operational hotels throughout Europe, which will be great for owners when they want to make use of their 7 free annual owner’s nights at one of these amazing properties. The development team prides themselves on delivering high quality hospitality services to guests from around the world.



Hard Rock Hotel Portugal – Golden Visa Investment

This property is an amazing 5-star hotel in the Algarve town of Portimao eligible for the Portugal Golden Visa. Co-ownership investment of €280,000 with a guaranteed buyback after 6 years.

Hard Rock Hotel Portugal

General Info

The Hard Rock Hotel Portugal is a world-class hotel that has 275 rooms and suites. Each room has a beautiful sea view, and the property’s design has been carefully crafted to integrate into the local environment and landscape. The entire complex is nearly 31,000m2. Other hotel features include a 1000m2 conference room, 4 on-premise restaurants, and 3 pools and bars. The hotel also has a kids club, its own private beach, and other convenient activities exclusive for its guests.

The developers have designed the hotel to capture the full rhythm of the Algarve’s laidback and coastal lifestyle. This beach resort is right next to the sea, just a few meters from the amazing Vau Beach.

What’s more, the hotel will be managed by a world-renowned international brand, ensuring that guests are cared for by one of the best international service providers in the world.

The call for investors is going out in April 2023 and the expected completion date is Q4 2025.

Hard Rock Hotel Portugal

Hard Rock Hotel Portugal Investment

The project is calling for 245 investors to make €280,000 investments into the property for a total of €68.8 million. IMT and VAT taxes will be paid by the developer. The project is offering a guaranteed buyback between 6 and 12 years. In addition, owners are entitled to 7-days of free stay each year at any of the developers 24 hotels nationwide.


The developer of the Hard Rock Hotel Portugal has an extensive track record of success in developing Portugal Golden Visa properties that are managed by international brands. Moreover, they currently have a portfolio consisting of many operational hotels throughout Europe, which will be great for owners when they want to make use of their 7 free annual owner’s nights at one of these amazing properties. The development team prides themselves on delivering high quality hospitality services to guests from around the world.

Hard Rock Hotel Portugal Location

This property is located in Portimão, a Portuguese port city famous for its historic town center, vibrant marina, and proximity to stunning beaches. In fact, there are several amazing beaches within 20 minutes of this hotel. Portimão also has a rich history museum with relics from the town’s past, stunning natural cliffs, and a medieval form. Moreover, the area is close to the rolling countryside and the charming Praia do Vau beach.

The town is part of Portugal’s southern Algarve region. The Algarve area is famous for its beaches and diverse geography. The area is especially famous for seafood, water sports, and local delicacies. Moreover, surfing and golf enthusiasts will feel at home in the region, as it is famous for both activities and has a developed tourist infrastructure catering to both.

The region also features diverse wildlife ideal for birdwatching and fishing, so outdoors enthusiasts and animal lovers will find the region appealing. The region has a comfortable climate that some call the Southern California of the Mediterranean. The area has comfortable temperature almost all year round and has over 300 days of sunshine each year.

Accordingly, the Hard Rock Hotel Portugal provides investors with the chance to invest in an expanding tourism market while qualify for the Portugal Golden Visa with an investment of just €280,000.

Hard Rock Hotel Portugal

Alcácer Do Sal Portugal Golden Visa Investment

The Alcácer Do Sal Portugal condominium project is a residential real estate complex in the city of Alcacer Do Sal in Portugal. Investors can acquire the Portugal Golden Visa by purchasing one of its units starting at €310,000.

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Information

The Alcácer Do Sal Portugal condominium residential complex offers an ideal modern living environment that combines the conveniences of modern living with the area’s long history and elegant architecture.

General features of the complex include stucco painted walls, micro-cement flooring, anti-slip shower trays, kitchenettes with natural islands, and other amenities that make life easier for the complex’s residents.

Moreover, this Portugal Golden Visa investment stands out from others in that it provides maximum sun exposure and natural lighting for all its residents.


The developer is a local property development firm with over a decade of experience with renovation projects. They are firmly committed to quality and innovative development at all phases of a project’s execution. The team carefully selects the projects to be renovated that provide the most value to their investors. The team members have extensive experience in finance, real estate, and the local market. The developer has so far been responsible for developing over 275 apartments across the region and continues to expand their portfolio by adding projects that bring value to multiple stakeholders.

Golden Visa Investment

As a refurbishment category golden visa investment project in a low density area foreigners can purchase at least €280,000 of property in the Alcácer Do Sal Portugal project and apply for the golden visa. The remaining apartments for sale at the project are all in excess of this amount meaning all units are golden visa eligible. Freehold apartments are available starting at €310,000. Many units in the property have already been reserved, so it is important to act fast. In total, there are 19 units still available. Their sizes include:

    • T1 60.8m2 unit for €310,000 (1st floor)
    • T1 58.2m2 unit for €310,000 (1st floor)
    • T1 58.2m2 unit for €310,000 (1st floor)
    • T1 61.5m2 unit for €315,000 (Ground floor)
    • T1 57.9m2 unit for €315,000 (1st floor, 5 available)
    • T1 60.8m2 unit for €320,000 (1st floor)
    • T1 60.9m2 unit for €320,000 (1st floor)
    • T1 81.8m2 unit for €370,000 (2nd floor)
    • T1 80.2m2 unit for €370,000 (2nd floor)
    • T1 81.8m2 unit for €380,000 (2nd floor)
    • T2 75.1m2 unit for €390,000 (1st floor)
    • T1 80.7m2 unit for €390,000 (2nd floor, 2 available)
    • T1 82.2m2 unit for €400,000 (2nd floor)
    • T2 94.5m2 unit for €450,000 (2nd floor)

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Location

This complex is located in the town of Alcácer Do Sal Portugal, in the charming region of Alentejo. What’s more, the complex is in a historic locality that has over 27 centuries of history. The area has remnants of all aspects of Portugal’s diverse past. The area also features a castle that is on top of a high hill, which offers an ideal view of the harbor and surrounding area.

Furthermore, the Alcácer Do Sal Portugal complex is just 45 minutes from Lisbon and 55 minutes from Lisbon airport. Lisbon is Portugal’s modern capital where one can access all of the best that Portugal has to offer. Moreover, Lisbon Airport has daily flights to 5 continents keeping the country well connected with the rest of the world. Beja Regional Airport, a local airport, is just an hour away as well.

Thus, this Portugal Golden Visa investment offers owners a chance to get in on Golden Visas in an ideal location at a great price.

Room 1

Alentejo Golden Visa Property: Alentejo Palace

A stunning palace undergoing refurbishment and eligible for Alentejo Golden Visas investment with just €280,000, the lowest qualifying investment for the Portugal Golden Visa.

Alentejo Golden Visa Property General Information

The Alentejo Palace is a unique historical palace that will undergo refurbishment to become a luxury hotel featuring 50 stunning rooms. The rooms are all designed with a classic Danish style. The hotel will feature comfortable high ceiling rooms with recreated stucco. Many of the rooms come with a fully equipped kitchenette.

Property amenities will include baroque gardens, a bar, a relaxing antique lounge, an organic restaurant, meeting rooms, observation tower, and meditation room. Other attractions on the property grounds will include a swimming pool, tea house, solarium, barbecue area, events hall, cowering space, terrace, fountain, and spa.

The property is also near to many popular tourist attractions, including hiking trails, bird watching spots, cycling paths, horseback riding facilities, kayaking waters, fishing spots, paragliding, and many more.

Historically, the Alentejo palace was the residence of the wealthy and famous De Costa family. Thus, the grounds sport a richly adorned face in the village’s main plaza.

This Alentejo Golden Visa property has been deemed well-conserved based on a comprehensive study by a renewed engineering firm. The palace is integral to the identity of the village and is commonly featured in popular media. The property is also prominently featured in local arts, and visiting local museums and galleries will show an abundance of photos and paintings featuring the palace.

Surrounded by beautiful nature, medieval landscapes, and tranquil scenery, Portugal’s Alentejo region is the next frontier of tourism in Portugal.

Tourism in Portugal is booming post-COVID, and the Alentejo Palace is in an ideal position to capitalize on this growing trend. Hotel guests in Portugal are nearing 2,000,000 per year, and the country will likely surpass that number in 2023. Moreover, Portugal features an occupancy rate of 72.5%

Investment in this Alentejo Golden Visa Property

Investment in this stunning Alentejo Golden Visa property is available for €280,000. The project is offering a variable return with an anticipated yield of 4-6% and 50% split on capital appreciation after year 7 when the hotel will be sold to a third party investor.

In addition, owners are able to receive several benefits. These include 1 week of free stay during the property’s high season or 3 weeks of free stay during the property’s low season. They are also eligible for 25% discounts off many of the services at the palace.

The developers expect revenue to exceed €4,000,000 by 2028. Other hotels in the region are also profitable and enjoying the benefits of a booming Portuguese tourism market.

Golden Visa Property Developer

The developers of the Alentejo Palace are an experienced Danish property development firm that specialise in property rehabilitation. Specifically, they focus on rehabilitating deluxe residential and tourist properties in north and western Europe. Their recent projects in Portugal include full rehabilitation of a 1907 villa, the refurbishment of an old industrial property, and transforming a beach property into a stunning modern villa facility.

Property Location

The Alentejo Palace is in a medieval village surrounded by an amazing national park that features some of the greatest biodiversity in Portugal. Additionally, the region has some of the highest quality of life in the country.

This Alentejo Golden Visa property is in the country’s magnificent Alentejo region. Time Magazine ranked the region as one of the “World’s Greatest Places” in 2022.

The local area is famous for olive oil production, wine, nuts, and other local products.

What’s more this Golden Visa property is just 2 hours from Portugal’s capital, Lisbon. Lisbon is Portugal’s commercial, economic, and cultural center. The region is a short trip to Lisbon, where guests can enjoy the best the country has to offer. This proximity to Lisbon also ensures that the region remains accessible to domestic and international tourists.


Alcacer Do Sal Wyndham Garden Portugal Golden Visa Hotel

The Alcacer Do Sal Wyndham Garden is a 4-star hotel in which Golden Visa investors can purchase a title-deeded fraction for just €280,000 with a guaranteed buy back after 6 years. The developer is offering a €30,000 upfront return.

The Alcacer Do Sal Wyndham Hotel

The Alcacer Do Sal Wyndham Garden is a luxury hotel development that will feature 75 rooms, a restaurant, bar, rooftop lounge, and a large conference facility. In total, the area will have nearly 4900m2. The rooms will all be extremely spacious and have a modern luxury design. Moreover, the hotel will have a private parking lot with spaces for over 50 vehicles. 

Other amenities in the hotel include a spa, a fitness center, and a swimming pool. Construction on the project started in 2019 and the property is expected to open in Q2 2024.

Alcacer Do Sal Wyndham Garden Portugal Investment 

The Wyndham Garden Portugal project is calling for 110 new investors to invest at €280,000. The investment comes with a guaranteed buy back after 6 years. The project also offers a €30,000 upfront yield. IMT and VAT are paid by the developer. The project is eligible for IMI exemption during its construction period. 

Furthermore, investors are eligible for 7 days of free stay per year in any property that is managed by the developer. 

wyndham garden portugal

Portugal Golden Visa Properties Developer 

The developer of the Alcacer Do Sal Wyndham Garden is a global real estate development firm that has been creating and operating high-quality assets in India, the USA, Canada, and Portugal for almost 40 years. The developer owns and operates various hospitality and student housing facilities of various sizes. They have an extensive record of successful development projects that deliver value to diverse stakeholders. Moreover, the developer produces itself on transparency and professionalism, as well as its ability to challenge the status quo to drive innovation.

Alcacer Do Sal Wyndham Garden Location

The Alcacer Do Sal Wyndham Garden Hotel is located in Alcácer do Sal municipality, which is less than an hour drive from Lisbon. The area is additionally just 15 minutes away from several stunning beaches, the town’s historic castle, a hospital, a church, and sightseeing spots along the beautiful Sado River. Alcácer do Sal is famous for its historic streets, artifacts, and museums.

Overall, the Alcácer do Sal and Coastal Alentejo regions receive over 700,00 guests annually. The area currently has a lodging capacity of over 9,000 rooms and an average of 2.4 nights per stay. Thus the area has a developed tourist infrastructure that caters to domestic and foreign tourists alike. Tourists are attracted to the region for both its own unique heritage and attractions, as well as its proximity to Lisbon.

Lisbon is Portugal’s largest city and capital. The city is also the country’s commercial, economic, and cultural center. Accordingly, it offers a wide range of shopping, culinary experiences, and attractions.

Investors in the Alcacer Do Sal Wyndham Garden will thus obtain an investment in a growing tourism market that has much to offer domestic and International tourists alike. 



The Ocean View Hotel is the exciting new Portugal Golden Visa Investment opportunity from the leading developers of refurbishment hotel projects in Portugal. An investment of €280,000 in a share of the hotel with a guaranteed buyback after 6 years. This an ideal investment opportunity for those looking to acquire the Portugal Golden Visa at the lowest investment threshold.


This internationally branded 4-Star Hotel consists of 46 rooms. Benefits such as IMT are paid by the developer and VAT is Included. After 6 years investors can expect a buyback guarantee along with 7 days of free stay at any Mercan Hotel located anywhere in Portugal. The official call for investors started in December 2022 and it will last until the completion date which is predicted to be in 2024.

The Hotel

Set atop a stunning mountainside, the Ocean View Hotel St. André provides visitors with an unforgettable stay amid breathtaking natural panoramas of sandy beaches and azure lagoons. Boasting 46 comfortable rooms offering mesmerizing vistas over these landscapes, this 4-star accommodation is adorned in contemporary architectural elements combined with cutting-edge engineering solutions – creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Guests can also use the hotel’s gymnasium, meeting room rooftop swimming pool as well as its bar and restaurant.

Located on the Alentejo coast, the Santo André Lagoons Nature Reserve stretches over 16 km. It includes two lagoons Santo André lagoon, the largest on the Alentejo coast, and the smaller Sancha lagoon.

The lagoons are of great biological importance, attracting numerous birds and it is common to find concentrations of waterfowl, including the nightingale, which is the symbol of the reserve. In terms of flora, this protected area is also very rich and diverse, with 510 identified plant species.



The developer of this Portugal Golden Visa Investment project has a fantastic track record not only in Portugal but also in the US where they raised over $1.5 billion in successful EB5 Hotel projects. They are the leading developer in Portugal with 27 hotel projects.

Lincoln Global Partners has an extensive Portfolio of Portuguese Golden Visa-eligible investment projects across the country. Our investment projects are located in the Algarve, Lisbon, Alentejo and Porto. For our full range of Portuguese Golden Visa Investment opportunities, click this link.

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