The Hilton Ocean View Hotel is the exciting new Portugal Golden Visa Investment opportunity from the leading developers of refurbishment hotel projects in Portugal. An investment of €280,000 in a share of the hotel with a guaranteed buyback after 6 years. This an ideal investment opportunity for those looking to acquire the Portugal Golden Visa at the lowest investment threshold.


This internationally branded 4-Star Hotel consists of 46 rooms. Benefits such as IMT are paid by the developer and VAT is Included. After 6 years investors can expect a buyback guarantee along with 7 days of free stay at any Mercan Hotel located anywhere in Portugal. The official call for investors started in December 2022 and it will last until the completion date which is predicted to be in 2024.

The Hotel

Set atop a stunning mountainside, the Ocean View Hotel St. André provides visitors with an unforgettable stay amid breathtaking natural panoramas of sandy beaches and azure lagoons. Boasting 46 comfortable rooms offering mesmerizing vistas over these landscapes, this 4-star accommodation is adorned in contemporary architectural elements combined with cutting-edge engineering solutions – creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Guests can also use the hotel’s gymnasium, meeting room rooftop swimming pool as well as its bar and restaurant.

Located on the Alentejo coast, the Santo André Lagoons Nature Reserve stretches over 16 km. It includes two lagoons Santo André lagoon, the largest on the Alentejo coast, and the smaller Sancha lagoon.

The lagoons are of great biological importance, attracting numerous birds and it is common to find concentrations of waterfowl, including the nightingale, which is the symbol of the reserve. In terms of flora, this protected area is also very rich and diverse, with 510 identified plant species.



The developer of this Portugal Golden Visa Investment project has a fantastic track record not only in Portugal but also in the US where they raised over $1.5 billion in successful EB5 Hotel projects. They are the leading developer in Portugal with 27 hotel projects.

Lincoln Global Partners has an extensive Portfolio of Portuguese Golden Visa-eligible investment projects across the country. Our investment projects are located in the Algarve, Lisbon, Alentejo and Porto. For our full range of Portuguese Golden Visa Investment opportunities, click this link.


Urban Liberdade Co-Working Complex – €350k Golden Visa

The Location

This remarkable commercial renovation project in the heart of Lisbon is sure to exceed expectations! Located just 7 minutes from one of the city’s most renowned retail boulevards, Av. da Liberdade , this launch by a leading international developer will offer an exclusive opportunity for any investor interested in Portugal’s coveted Golden Visa program. Additionally, with rent values lower than comparable European markets and plenty available supply – this prestigious address stands as a prime location for luxury retailers, hotels and more!

Lisbon Co-Working Investment

Lisbon Co-Working Investment

The trophy asset located in one of Europe’s most iconic boulevards has been independently valued at €47.3 million. Investors looking for a lucrative opportunity have the chance to purchase an independent, high-value asset located right on one of Europe’s most iconic boulevards. This investment provides title deeded fractions with savings up front – only €350,000 is necessary to guarantee an upfront return of €70,000!

  • Year 0-1: GV Eligible Investment €350,000 (Portugal Golden Visa Commercial Property Investment)
  • Years 1: Guaranteed Returns of €70,000 paid upfront to investors (7-year advance)
  • Year 8: The developer offers a guaranteed buyback in Year 8 for the current market price minus 10%

When forecasting the assets worth in 8 years’ time when clients are entitled to their buyback we can read into the historic data and see the following:

  • Office Prime Rents rising Last 8 years ~ 39% growth (on avg 4.8% per annum)
  • Prime Yields sharper Last 8 years ~ 42% yield have improved (on avg 5.2% per annum)
  • Capital appreciation in Avenida Da Liberdade has grown by 42% in 8 years with an average increase of 5,2% per annum.

There’s never a guarantee in investing, but if current trends continue for the foreseeable future, investors could cash out with €517k – 10% of an estimated total exit value at around €69.5 million after 8 years.

Lisbon Co-Working Investment

A conservative approach yields expected returns of 3% p.a., with a minor adjustment in the yield, valuing this Asset at €59.4 million and providing investors an attractive return of €443,000 – 10% each.

Demand for Lisbon Co-working Spaces

In Portugal, the post-pandemic era has transformed coworking spaces into essential hubs of business activity. Lisbon is taking full advantage by becoming a desirable destination for multinational companies looking to expand their operation and secure its place as an international service center hub.

Flex Spaces Market in Lisbon

Greater Lisbon has, currently, 115 coworking spaces (more than 82 000 sqm). The lack of offer in the offices market has boosted the companies’ demand for coworking spaces to install their departments.

Summary of Lisbon Co-working Investment Benefits
  • A Prestigious City-centre investment located in Lisbon’s Golden Postcode
  • Upfront Return of €70,000
  • Excellent Capital Growth Potential
  • Exit Liquidity
  • Portugal Golden Visa Commercial Property at €350,000 – Lisbon City Centre
  • Buyback in Year 8 at market price minus 10%
  • Easy & Convenient Investment that requires no maintenance

The Developer

Drawing from their impressive combined 65 years of experience in real estate investment, fund management, and immigration law, this UK-UAE-Portuguese developer has uniquely positioned itself as a powerhouse for Portuguese Golden Visa eligible projects. Backed by a dynamic local professional team with the skills to deliver luxurious residential condominiums regularly in Porto and Lisbon – both cities being hubs of international architecture – they have partnered up with some leading construction groups around Portugal that ensure satisfaction is provided through excellent hospitality services alongside premier property managers. The previous Lisbon Co-working and Retail Investment from the developer sold out in a matter of just 3 months.

Lisbon Co-Working Investment

Marriott Lisbon Downtown Hotel

The Marriott Lisbon is a rare Portugal Golden Visa hotel investment property in central Lisbon. In addition, the property is a quaint boutique hotel available to Golden Visa seekers for just €350,000.

The Hotel

The Marriott Lisbon has a total of 70 rooms on 6 floors. The total area is about 500m2.

The hotel will include a bar, restaurant, and interior garden. Furthermore, the hotel’s renovated and vibrant lobby will welcome guests and offer them a comfortable stay experience right from the start. Guest rooms will include modern facilities, furniture, and appliances.

The Portugal hospitality market registered over 2.5 million guests and nearly 7 million overnight stays in 2022. This is a 23% increase in both categories from the previous year. Overnight stays are up 21% since 2019.

This is an opportunity to invest in Golden Visa properties in the Lisbon area. Opportunities to invest in Golden Visa properties Portugal’s big cities have become increasingly rare as the country looks to acquire more investments in inner regions or historically-important locations. Thus, this offers a unique opportunity to invest in a high-quality property right in Lisbon.

The call for investors is going out in December 2022, and the expected completion date is Q1 2025.

The Marriott Lisbon Investment

This Portugal Golden Visa investment is available for €350,000. The project is calling for 110 investors for an investment total of €38,000,000.

The project benefits include IMT paid by the developer, VAT included, 3% per year return, and a guaranteed buyback after 6 years. Moreover, investors get 7 days of free stay at any affiliated hotel property in Portugal pending availability.

The Developer

The developer of the Marriott Lisbon is a Canadian development firm that seeks to generate returns for stakeholders by delivering high-quality projects in unique investments. The development team has an impressive track record of success operating Golden Visa-eligible hotels in Portugal’s urban areas. Currently, the developer operates almost a dozen hotels, and they are set to open nearly 20 more in the near future.

The Marriott Lisbon Location

The Tagus River is next to the hotel, which offers a great chance for scenic walking and stunning views. Moreover, the hotel is adjacent to the Cais do Sodré neighborhood, a popular nightlife destination in the city. An art museum, various markets, and interesting neighborhoods are all close to the hotel.

Lisbon is Portugal’s capital and largest city. It is famous for its history, ornate architecture, musical traditions, vibrant nightlife, and world-class facilities.

Lisbon has won numerous awards and designations for its quality of life and culture. Magazines and hospitality organizations have found the city attractive because of the unique way it combines modern living with historic charm.

Wyndham Grand Portugal Cliff Resort

The Wyndham Grand Portugal Cliff Resort is a Portugal Golden Visa-eligible hotel investment in the Algarve. The property is a five-star hotel that is eligible for the Portuguese Golden Visa with an investment of just €280,000.

The Hotel

This is a renovation project that will transform the hotel from a four-star hotel into a five-star hotel. Since the hotel is currently operational, this is a very low-risk investment. The renovated Portugal hotel will re-open in 2024 as the Wyndham Grand Portugal with 121 guest rooms, a terrace restaurant, a beautiful Seaview bar, tennis courts, and other amazing on-premise facilities

The Wyndham Grand Portugal is situated on a beautiful hilltop overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. In addition to being close to a perfect shoreline, the property is just 300 meters from the spectacular Vale Centeanes Beach. Additionally, Vale de Milho Golf Course is less than a kilometer from the property. The hotel premises also include a spa offering full-body massages.

Furthermore, the hotel will also feature a live house for live music and a recreation room for entertainment.

The Wyndham Grand Portugal Investment

The developer is calling on a total of 298 investors into the project with around 100 seats remaining for phase I. The Wyndham Grand Portugal is a co-ownership investment opportunity and the developer will provide a unified exit plan after 7.

Prospective co-owners can invest in this Portugal Golden Visa hotel for €280,000 for a fractional title deed of the entire hotel. This is the lowest threshold to qualify for Golden Visas.

The developer is offering investors a guaranteed rental income of 3.5% on their investment for a period of 3 years. Additionally, from the fourth year, investors can benefit from additional revenue generated from the hotel, up to 70%, which will be disturbed equally to all 298 investors. Investors into the hotel will also be given a 1-week annum stay at the hotel upon re-opening.

The Location

The Wyndham Grand Portugal is located in Portugal’s Algarve region, in the charming beach town of Carvoeiro. The area has a mild and comfortable climate all year round, and many compare the climate to southern California.

The area is famous for its diverse natural terrain, scenic harbor towns, world-class dining, and golf courses. Half of Portugal’s golf courses are located in the Algarve, and it’s a popular tourist destination for golfers. Thus, the area has a developed golf tourism infrastructure and caters to thousands of golf tourists each year.

The regional capital, Faro, is a city with rich culture and history that offers a diverse range of dining, shopping, and entertainment experiences. Faro Airport ensures that the region stays connected to Lisbon and the rest of Europe, and the well-established national highway system keeps the region connected everywhere domestically.

The hotel property is just 40 minutes from Faro Airport and 15 minutes from the regional Portimão Airport. The property is accessible to the national highway system and is just two and a half hours from Lisbon by car.

Portugal Golden Visa Renovation Property

This is a Portugal Golden Visa renovation property in Grandola on sale for €280,000. Portugal’s lowest investment threshold for Grandola Golden Visas.

The complex is a refurbished residential development in the beautiful historical town of Grandola. Moreover, the property is just one hour from Lisbon, Portugal’s bustling capital.

In total, there are 92 luxury villas available for purchase. Of these 92, there are 56 studios, 28 one bedrooms, and 8 two bedrooms, each at different sizes and price ranges.

Property amenities available to owners include a fitness center, a lagoon pool, and a rooftop terrace.

These luxury villas are in a gated complex just 20 minutes from Comporta. Comporta is one of Portugal’s most famous coastal cities and features amazing beaches and water activities. Due to Comporta’s popularity, this property will be attractive to Golden Visa-seekers and regular investors alike.

This Portugal Golden Visa renovation property is expected to be completed in Q4 2025.

Grandola Golden Visa Property Investment

Luxury villas in this Portugal Golden Visa property are on sale starting at €280,000. All units have full freehold ownership, and investors can live in the units they purchase. Additionally, there is the possibility of a 1-year option rental that returns a 3% fixed yield, which will be available from Q1 2026.

Studio villas with gardens or terraces are available from €280,000, and studios with pool decks start at €290,000. One-bedroom villas with gardens are available from €295,000 and with pool decks or terrace and pool plunges from €305,000. Two bedrooms with gardens or terraces and pool plunges start from €385,000.

More specifically, the typologies of the available luxury villas include 4 two-bedrooms with large private rooftops and pool terraces (€385,000), 4 corner two-bedrooms with private gardens (€385,000), one-bedroom top-floor units that are centrally located with rooftop terraces and pool plunges (€305,000), and ground-floor corner studios with private gardens (€280,000).

As part of a special launch promotion, the first 20 units that are purchased come with free parking and storage (which are listed at €15,000 and €5,000 respectively).


The developer of this Portugal Golden Visa renovation property is a specialist developer, lender, and investor that operates in the European real estate market. While historically they have focused on residential, co-working, and co-living spaces, the developer has been branching out to focus on Portugal Golden Visa properties, which has become their new specialty. In addition, the development team strives to deliver value to their owners, its investors, and the underlying properties alike.


This renovated villa complex is in the beautiful historic town of Grandola, Portugal. It is surrounded by magnificent natural beaches, sandy coves, and amazing world-renowned golf courses.

Grandola is filled with historic tourist attractions, boutique restaurants, beach bars, and trendy hotels. Grandola is just 20 minutes from Comporta, a coastal town with world-famous beaches. Further, the area is famous for its seafood, wines, and world-class dining. Millions of domestic and international tourists visit Comporta each year to enjoy its beaches and seaside attractions.

Moreover, these luxury villas are just an hour from Lisbon, Portugal’s bustling capital city. Lisbon is home to the bulk of Portugal’s cultural, culinary, and shopping. The city offers something for everyone and is home to both amazing historical attractions and contemporary facilities. Furthermore, most of Portugal’s best educational, healthcare, and commercial facilities are in the city.

This Portugal Golden Visa property is also just an hour from Lisbon and 90 minutes from the Algarve region. The Algarve is famous for its concentration of stunning beaches, world-class golf courses, and historic harbor towns. It’s also famous for its local cuisines and unique wines. It is a popular tourist destination for people throughout the country and is an amazing region in its own right.

Antara Residences

The Antara Residences are Portugal Golden Visa eligible and on sale for €395,000.

The Residences include 12 luxury freehold villas with carefully-designed characteristics that embody the local heritage. The project involves renovating a sixteenth-century monastery that will be turned into a luxury villa resort. Accordingly, these Alentejo, Portugal real estate properties offer an unparalleled experience and aesthetic owners will appreciate.

The available amenities will include indoor and outdoor pools, a sundeck, a fitness center, a spa, a wine cellar, a courtyard, a library, meeting rooms, internet access, bars, and restaurants, among others.

Further, the property’s design seeks to reinforce its original antique characteristics in ways that retain the property’s original vibe. To achieve this, the developer has partnered with an international design firm to ensure that classic details mesh perfectly with contemporary Portuguese luxury lifestyle. Thus, residents and guests can expect a historical, authentic, and comfortable Portuguese experience in these Alentejo real estate properties.

Antara Residences Investment

Portugal Golden Visa seekers can invest in one of the property’s 12 luxury freehold villas for €395,000. The property offers a guaranteed return of up to 6% starting from the first full year of operation. Additionally, this Alentejo real estate is exempt from IMT and IMI real estate taxes in Portugal.

The Developer

The developer of the Antara Residences is an international hospitality developer that operates numerous successful luxury residence villas, resorts, and hotels across the world. Starting with exotic, remote destinations, the developer has expanded their portfolio to include an assortment of urban, coastal, and historic properties. They also have extensive experience developing real estate in Portugal’s Alentejo region. Moreover, their thoughtfully-designed luxury properties aim to capture the genuine character of their locations. Inside and outside each property, travelers engage with people, places, and stories that make their experiences truly unique.

Antara Residences Location

The Antara residences are located on Portugal’s sunny and warm southern region. Described as Portugal’s breadbasket, the region makes half of the wine produced in the country and is the world’s largest cork producer.

The region has a long and interesting history, and these villas are close to all of these attractions. In particular, the villas are close to several UNESCO World Heritage sites, including Vila Viçosa and the Roman Temple of Évora. Moreover, the region’s capital, Évora, features huge city walls and relics that date back to the time of Augustus. Traces of Alentejo’s diverse ethnic history can be seen in all areas of life, ranging from architectural design to unique culinary practices.

The area’s unique history has led to the development of hilltop towns with traces of medieval and baroque heritage. Additionally, Alentejo is known for its diverse foods and has been referred to as Portugal’s gastronomic soul. Each town in the region has its own unique traits and products its own variety olive oil, wines, and desserts.

Recently, people have referred to the region as a newer and more affordable Tuscany. The Alentejo region has developed infrastructure and many modern conveniences. A luxury villa in Alentejo, Portugal will provide a comfortable and upscale living environment that is great for families and couples.


Homes For Sale Alentejo Portugal – Grândola

The homes for sale Alentejo Portugal are two-bedroom apartments.  Grandola Residences is a golden visa-eligible project in which Portugal Golden Visa seekers can qualify for the investor program with an investment from €280,000.

Portugal Luxury Real Estate Details

This property will be a residential condominium composed of three main buildings with a modern style. The project will consist of 35 new apartments divided into 9 T1 and 26 T2 units. Moreover, the project’s design combines elements of natural whiteness and organic wood to contrast the property with it’s surrounding arid landscape.

All units include a balcony with stunning views of the surrounding area. Additionally, the property grounds have a communal garden, a playground, and a swimming pool with a bar, among other facilities. Such Homes For Sale in Alentejo, Portugal that are Golden Visa eligible are hard to find.

This Portugal real estate project will be completed in 2026.

Grândola Homes For Sale Alentejo Portugal – The Investment

Investment in these homes for sale Alentejo Portugal are available starting at €280,000. The developer is offering a 3% rental return annually or a flexible return.

Current availability includes:

  • 6 T1 units for €280,000-€285,000, which range from 62.16m2-65.62m2
  • 10 T2 units for €295,000-€330,000, which are 78.61m2, 82.93m2, or 85.75m2

Real Estate Developer

The project developer is a Lisbon based developer that prides itself on its innovative and forward-looking work culture. Their interdisciplinary team has extensive experience investing in companies at all stages and have broad experience managing projects across different sectors. The developer specializes in residential real estate and have overseen several properties that are eligible for Golden Visas.

Homes for sale Alentejo Portugal: Location

The homes for sale Alentejo Portugal are located in the town of Grândola in Portugal’s southern Alentejo region. Grândola is a quaint city that offers a perfect mix of coastal and interior features. The city is famous for its agriculture. The area’s common exports include cork, wood, honey, and ceramics.

Grândola’s main appeal comes from its proximity to some of Portugal’s best beaches. Thus, this Portugal luxury real estate property is close to Pego, Melides, Comporta, and Carvalhal beaches, which are visited by thousands of people every year. Furthermore, the nearby beaches are perfect for enjoying the area’s sunny and comfortable climate. Also, the beaches are great for water sports, sunbathing, and local seafood.

Many people compare the Alentejo region to Tuscany. Further, the region offers a rich mix of heritage and local traditions to enjoy. Nearly every village in the region has unique ways of producing olive oil, desserts, and other culinary delicacies. Therefore, residents and visitors have incredible variety in the food options they can enjoy.

This amazing property is just an hour from Lisbon and Lisbon Airport. On top of that, modern trains keep the area connected with the rest of Portugal.

Luxury Villa in Portugal’s Algarve

This luxury villa in Portugal is a two-bedroom, 123m2 beach condominium in Sagres, Portugal. The luxury villa qualifies for Algarve Golden Visas and is available for €450,000.

Luxury Villa Details

This luxury villa is in the quaint Portuguese town of Sagres in the beautiful Algarve region. Furthermore, the villa is near to the Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina National Park.

The villa is part of a resort complex. Each unit in the complex offers picturesque views of the resort grounds. Additionally, the property features a cosmopolitan character alongside a deep sense of tradition.

The villa has two bedrooms, two bathrooms (one en suite), and an open utility room on the ground floor. In addition, the second floor includes a large open-plan lounge and a modern kitchen. Other features include a parking space in front of the house, a garden, central heating, a barbecue area, satellite TV, and air conditioning.

Luxury villa owners can enjoy exclusive use of the resort Clubhouse, which includes enclosed private swimming pools for adults and babies and a beautiful private garden.


Portugal Golden Visa seekers can invest in the this luxury villa for €450,000. Owners can enjoy all the amenities that the resort grounds offer. They can live in the property or rent it out with a 3% guaranteed return per annum.


The developer is a local hospitality management company that has extensive experience developing and managing listings across Portugal. The developer strives to provide upscale experiences and a wide range of services for its guests. Additionally, they have extensive experience working on Golden-Visa eligible luxury villa properties in Portugal.

Luxury Villa Location in Sagres

This luxury villa is in Portugal’s splendid Algarve region. The region is famous for its stunning nature, historic harbor towns, world-class seafood, and amazing beaches. Residents and guests enjoy world-class seafood and all types of water sports.

What’s more, the region is home to several famous surfing sites and over 40 golf courses. It’s also home to diverse wildlife that would be ideal for birdwatching and experiencing nature firsthand. Faro, the region’s capital, offers abundant historic attractions, cultural sites, and local and fine dining.

The resort complex that houses the villas is less than an hour to Faro and is a three hour drive to Lisbon, Portugal’s capital.

The region has a comfortable Mediterranean climate that many people say resembles Southern California. Summers are warm, and winters are mild. The region averages 320 sunny days per year.

Thus, luxury villa owners will be close to everything that the Algarve region and Portugal have to offer.

Portugal Luxury Home in Aljezur

Beautiful Portugal luxury home near Aljezur town center. The home is eligible for Algarve Golden Visas and is available for €550,000.


This property is in the beautiful Algarve region, know for its beauty and nature.

The home is 152m2, and the total land plot is 1000m2. This is a detached home with no immediate neighbors. On top of that, the area is full of big pine and oak trees.

Further, the home has undergone extensive renovations to improve its character. The home is completely furnished and has a natural swimming lake, solar panels for hot war, an updated kitchen, renewed bathrooms, and a garage that has been converted into an en suite master bedroom. Additionally, this Portugal luxury home features gas and central heating throughout. What’s more, the home has a beautiful fireplace in the sitting room. Each bedroom has built-in wardrobes.

For a Portugal luxury home of this size, the house has an especially spacious garden. The garden has distinct areas for dining, relaxing, and swimming. Moreover, the driveway is spacious enough for two vehicles. The beautiful countryside property is ideal for those that want a perfect rural oasis for a competitive price.


This property is eligible for Algarve Golden Visas and is being offered to investors for €550,000. Owners can live in the house or rent it.

Portugal Luxury Home Location

The home is just 5 minutes from the center of Aljezur and 10 minutes from beautiful Amoreira Beach. It’s also just 5 minutes from a lively local restaurant and bar.

This luxury home is in the southwest coast of Portugal. It is in an area known as the Algarve, which has a beautiful Mediterranean climate. The region has over 300 sunny days each year. In addition, the Algarve’s best-known features include beautiful beaches, water sports, surfing, historic harbor towns, and delicious seafood.

Many Portugal luxury homes are located in this region. In recent years, many Golden Visa seekers moved to the area. Thus, there is a well-developed infrastructure catering to foreign residents and tourists.

Furthermore, the area is popular for golf tourism. More than half of Portugal’s golf courses located in the region. The area has a developed tourism infrastructure and world-class healthcare and education facilities.

Faro Airport is the main airport in the region. Thus, the airport keeps the area connected to the rest of Portugal and wider Europe. This Portugal luxury home is just 75 minutes from Faro Airport.

Lisbon Golden Visa Property: Rossio 85

The Rossio 85 is a Lisbon Golden Visa property that is available for investment starting at €660,000.

Lisbon Golden Visa Property General Information

This property includes 14 one- and two-bedroom apartments with sizes ranging from 62-113m2. Further, the building offers a perfect place for those who want to combine comfortable luxury living with the cosmopolitan lifestyle of central Lisbon. Moreover, the developers have fully-furnished all of the apartments with state-of-the-art kitchen appliances, beds, chairs, couches, tables, bed sheets, and towels.

The building has retained its original neoclassical architecture to give the property’s facade a refined and sophisticated appearance. On the inside, the building features all the affordances of contemporary living, such as bright wooden floors, renovated classic details on doors and skirting, and elegantly remodeled bathrooms.

Furthermore, an upscale professional management company manages the property, providing peace of mind to owners and world-class service for their guests.

Construction on the property will begin in September 2022, and it is expected to be completed within 24 months.


Apartments in this Lisbon Golden visa property start at a minimum investment of €660,000. There are several available units of sizes ranging from 67-113m2. Prices range from €660,000 to €900,000. Owners are eligible to live in their apartments and will be required to maintain the apartment and keep it fully furnished through the duration they own the property. The property can produce rental income.


The developer of the project is a property developer dedicated to rehabilitating Lisbon’s historic areas to conserve their natural character and retain the original atmosphere of the city’s neighborhoods. They strive to improve urban life through quality ideas, materials, and craftsmanship. Since 2010, the developer has worked on over 1500 apartments. Today, they own a diverse portfolio of projects, including schools, office buildings, and green areas. The developer has an impressive track record in service quality and returns on investment.

Lisbon Golden Visa Property Location

This luxury property in Portugal is located right in the center of Lisbon. What’s more, the property is just a short walk away from Terrier do Paço, Chiado, and the Alfama neighborhood. Further, it’s also right next to Avenida da Liberdade, one of Lisbon’s most bustling areas. The neighborhood offers prime access to the city’s business district, luxury shops and hotels, world-class fine dining, and amazing theaters.

Lisbon is Portugal’s capital and largest city. It is home to much of Portugal’s fine dining, healthcare and education facilities, and cultural relics. Also, the city is rich with historic and contemporary attractions. Lisbon’s airport keeps the city connected with direct flights to five continents. Additionally, a mature infrastructure keeps the city easily connected with the rest of the country via land, rail, and air.


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