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In the modern society we live things advance quickly. This is no different in the investment migration industry. Regulations change, program rules change and countries introduce new residency and citizenship by investment programs.

Lincoln Global Partners is here to bring you the latest news from around the industry. We keep our heads close to the ground and maintain close relationships with our local partners across the globe to bring you the latest updates. Check in here for the latest residency and citizenship by investment news and feel free to sign up to our email list for further for email updates.

Besides Residency & Citizenship By Investment, on this page Lincoln Global Partners will provide updates on non-investor residency programs, business residency permits and visas and of course relevant content from the digital nomad scene.

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The Hungarian Golden Visa, previously known as the Hungarian Investor Residency Bond Program, was launched in 2013 to attract foreign investment by offering residency permits. In 2023, the program was relaunched as the Guest Investor Visa, re adjusting the eligibility criteria for applicants who wish to qualify. The scheme guarantees a 20-year residence permit, allowing...


Introduction In today’s interconnected world, where borders serve more as bridges than barriers, the “golden visa” emerges as a gleaming emblem of promise. Envision the prospect of obtaining residency or citizenship in a foreign country with just an investment in its growth. This is the captivating essence of the golden visa – a tailored avenue...


In a significant development, Spain has declared its intention to terminate its “golden visa” program, which grants residency to foreign investors in real estate. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez made the announcement that they Spain Golden Visa real estate option should be ending this year, framing the decision as a move towards ensuring access to affordable...


Greece Golden Visa Changes! 3-Tier Real Estate Investment Threshold System Confirmed Greece Golden Visa Changes confirmed! As the global landscape continues to evolve, so too do the avenues for international residency and citizenship. In the realm of investment migration, the Greek Golden Visa program stands as the most popular residency-by-investment program in Europe. The program...


Greece Golden Visa News: Anticipated Rise in Minimum Investment Thresholds Last week, our team published an article reviewing the most recent statements from the Greek Government regarding the Greek Golden Visa News on the Price changes for the eligible threshold. Projected adjustments to the investment thresholds within the Greek Golden Visa program are generating considerable...


Greece Golden Visa Changes: Minimum investment to increase AGAIN to €800,000 In an attempt to address the growing challenges in the housing market, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced on Friday that the government is considering increasing the minimum investment required for foreign individuals to qualify for the Greece Golden Visa. According to the government,...


Portugal Citizenship Law – Legal Opinion on the Recent Changes 11/01/2024 by Pedro Monteiro Recent news regarding Portugal Citizenship Law looks very positive for foreign nationals who have applied for residency in Portugal (or plan to) with the goal to apply for citizenship and a Portuguese passport in the foreseable future. On January 11, 2024,...


Spain’s highly attractive tax regime for foreign expatriates, famously known as the “Beckham Law,” has witnessed significant changes with the recent passing of Royal Decree 1008/2023. Enacted on December 6, 2023, this Royal Decree introduces crucial regulations that enhance and extend the expatriate tax regime, bringing clarity and relief to those who relocated to Spain...


The Ultimate Trifecta Passport Portfolio for Global Citizens In an era of borderless possibilities, the strategic acquisition of passports stands as a key gateway to an interconnected world. In such uncertain times, building a strong passport portfolio has become a necessity for who wish to maintain and enhance their global mobility. In this article, we delve...

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