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May 16, 2024by Georgea Rios0

Which European Countries Offer Golden Visa Programs in 2024?

With the latest wave of changes within the European Investment Migration industry, investors have entered the first semester of 2024 with a lot of news to take in! What is important to note is that despite the sometimes exaggerated scenario portrayed in the media, the investment migration is not going anywhere. Europe as a whole is still very open and friendly to investors looking to secure residency in the continent.

The industry is of course changing and we expect an increase in active investor programs to come to the market as opposed to traditionally passive investor programs like the hugely popular European Golden Visa programs which allow investors to acquire and maintain residency without the need to live in the country.

However, while the likes of Portugal and Greece have significantly changed their Golden Visa programs and Spain is discussing shutting down their program, over in Eastern Europe new programs such as the Hungary Golden Visa are gearing up to launch!

This article provides an overview of which European countries still offer Golden Visa programs, focusing on the most sought out options within the industry.

*Data provided by the “Transparency International and Global Witness 2018”.

which european countries offer golden visa

Portugal Golden Visa – A Straightforward Pathway the European Citizenship

The Portuguese Golden Visa which is one of the world’s most popular investment migration programs. The program not only provides investors and their families with the chance to secure residency in a stable and safe EU country but also a pathway to citizenship without the need to live in the country. This benefit is unique to Portugal. Unlike other golden visa programs which require investors to spend most of their time in the country to be eligible for citizenship.  In Portugal, investors and their families who spend just 7 days per year in the country can apply for citizenship 5 years after the date of their initial residency application.

Despite having a small population of 10 million residents, Portugal is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations, winning countless awards annually and attracting more than 20 million tourists each year. The country has a fantastic healthcare system and high-quality universities making it a great place for families. Besides the lifestyle benefits in Portugal, residents can also enjoy visa-free access to the Schengen area throughout their stay.

Below are the current investment options under the program:

All real estate investments, direct or indirect. Investments in funds related to real estate are also no longer accepted.

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which european countries offer golden visa

Spain Golden Visa- A Beacon to Top-Tier Investments

The Spanish Golden Visa program, renowned as one of the most prominent investment migration programs globally may come to an end soon! In fact, 2024, could be the last year in which such an attractive offer is on the table in Spain.

The Spain Golden Visa offers High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) an unparalleled opportunity to secure residency in a stable and secure EU nation. Spain, with its visa-free access to the Schengen Area and a potential pathway to Citizenship, stands as a beacon for global investors.

Investors can acquire the sought out Residency Permit by:

  • Investing a minimum of €500,000 into residential or commercial real estate.
  • Investing a minimum of €1,000,000 into shares of a Spanish company.
  • Investing a minimum of €2,000,000 into governmental bonds.
  • Completing a bank deposit of a minimum of €1,000,000 into a Spanish financial institution.

Visa-free access to the Schengen Area, high-quality education and healthcare plus residency in one of the most attractive and speed growing economies in Europe are some of the main benefits of pursuing this European Golden Visa program.

Furthermore, applicants may qualify for Citizenship after 10 years of residency reduced to just 2 years for nationals of Latin American countries and the Philippines. 

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Greece Golden Visa- Europe’s Most Popular Golden Visa

The most popular investor program worldwide in 2023. The Greece Golden Visa program has one of the lowest qualifying minimum investments among European Golden Visa programs. There are no stay requirements to obtain Greek Permanent Residency and Citizenship can be obtained in seven years for those who live in the country.

To become eligible for this European Golden Visa program, one can invest a minimum of €500,000 into real estate in Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos and Santorini or €250,000 into real estate anywhere else in the country. However, in the first trimester of 2024, the Greek Government has changed the Greek Golden Visa regulation, hence applications under the current criteria shall only be considered if a deposit is made on the investment by ADD date, the investment must then be paid off in full by December 31st 2024.

Once the transition period is over, the new implemented rules will put the following investment options on the table:

  • TIER A- 800,000 Minimum Investment Threshold. This includes the regions of the Attica, all regional units of Thessalonik, the Island of Mykonos and the Island of Santorinni.
  • TIER B- € 400,000 Minimum Investment Threshold. This includes all other regions in Greece not included in the previous category.
  • TIER C: € 250,000 Minimum Investment Threshold. This applies to eligible restorations and conversions projects.

Check out our Greece Golden Visa investments here.

which european countries offer golden visa

Latvia Golden Visa- Europe’s Most Affordable Golden Visa

One of the 3 Baltic States, located on the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and Estonia, Latvia is a progressive, business-friendly European and Schengen Nation.

Applicants can enjoy the benefits of the most cost-effective pathway to visa-free access to the Schengen Area, including European education, high-quality healthcare, no minimum stay requirements, and the possibility to acquire European Citizenship after 10 years of Permanent Residency.

Foreign investors can partake in the Latvia Golden Visa program by meeting one of the following criteria:

  • Investment of €50,000 into a Latvian commercial company (that pays €40,000+ in annual taxes) and pay a state fee of 10,000 EUR.
  • Investment of at least € 250,000 into Government Bonds.
  • Real Estate Investments starting at €250,000.

Hungary Golden Visa- Attractive 250K Fund Investment

This is the latest European Golden Visa program to come into enforcement. Starting officially in July 2024, the Hungarian Golden Visa offers an attractive route to foreign investors seeking a lifelong European Residency, with renewal only every ten years.

With investment options starting from 250,000 Euros, Hungary’s residency-by-investment will become one of the most cost-effective residency-by-investment programs in Europe. As Hungarian residents, investors will acquire the right to travel across the Schengen Area visa-free, significantly enhancing their global mobility and opportunities within the EU.

The pathways to acquire your Hungarian Golden Visa in 2024 are:

  • Invest at least € 250,000 in an eligible Hungarian Fund.
  • Complete a real estate investment of at least € 500,000 into Residential Property.
  • Complete a donation of at least € 1,000,000 to a public trust in Hungary.
Early Bird Application: Register Your Interest Now 

Applicants will also benefit from no minimum stay requirements, no tax obligations for non-residents and processing time within 4 to 8 weeks.

Cyprus Golden Visa- Real Estate Market in Expansion 

Cyprus is a well-developed island nation, off of continental Europe located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. As a former British Colony, Cyprus has been a member of the commonwealth since 1961 and became a member of the European Union in 2004, joining the Eurozone 4 years later.

Even though it is not in the Schengen Area, investors can still benefit from becoming residents of a progressive European Union nation with an attractive taxation system and a high quality of life.

Foreign investors qualify for the Permanent Residency by purchasing €300,000 in eligible real estate.

Other routes such as funds and commercial enterprises also apply.

  • Invest € 300,000 in residential or commercial property.
  • Invest a minimum of € 300,000 in shares of a company registered in Cyprus, that generates employment for at least 5 people.
  • Invest in units of a Cyprus Collective Investment Organization (Funds).

which european countries offer golden visa

The Cypriot government is currently debating a new residency program, in which those who can prove financial independence may qualify for residency by investing a reduced amount of €250,000 into real estate.

Italy Golden Visa- 250K Commercial Investment Threshold 

Italy, one the paradisiac locations for those who seek breathtaking landscapes, amazing culinary and a warm and welcoming environment, is also part of the European countries offering a Golden Visa.

There are 4 investment options available for non-EU citizens who wish to qualify. The most cost-effective route is to invest a minimum of €250,000 in an innovative startup. Other pathways include:

  • A minimum of €2,000,000 investment in governmental bonds
  • At least €500,000 investment in corporate bonds or shares
  • Complete a philanthropic donation of at least €1,000,000

Applicants enjoy the benefits of not only cinematographic beaches, but also of visa-free access to the Schengen Area, a pathway to European Citizenship and an attractive taxation system.

which european countries offer golden visa














We understand that choosing which European Golden Visa program to invest is a delicate process. Our team of specialists is at your disposal for a tailored evaluation of your case and to guide you through the different criteria.

Contact us right now for a free consultation.

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