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The AI Sector in Portugal

Before taking a look at the available Golden Visa-eligible AI Investment funds, explore why this sector is such a great area to invest in Portugal.

The “AI Portugal 2030” plan, as detailed in the European Commission report, emphasizes significant investment in AI education, research, and infrastructure, aiming to transform Portugal into a leading AI hub. The strategy includes fostering a highly skilled workforce, supporting AI-driven startups, and enhancing AI research and development.

These initiatives create a conducive environment for AI investments, promising growth and innovation in the sector

Portugal Golden Visa: Artificial Intelligence Investment Funds

Portugal’s Golden Visa program provides investors with a pathway to citizenship in an EU country in just 5 years. The popular residency program is open to investors who purchase a minimum of €500,000 in eligible investment funds. The AI sector is a particularly attractive proposition for investors in Portugal given the country’s robust national AI strategy. Below is a definitive list of AI Investment funds that are currently eligible under the Portugal Golden Visa program.

Those interested in such funds should reach out to us and we can schedule a presentation for you with the fund manager. For a full list of eligible funds click here, and to learn more about the Portugal Golden Visa program you can check out our guide.

The AI Fund

This fund focuses on high-growth businesses across various industries, offering not only financial backing but also specialized AI expertise and resources to enhance productivity and mitigate investment risks. It distinguishes itself from traditional venture capital by integrating AI-driven support to its portfolio, aiming to de-risk investments and maximize value. In this way, the fund is committed to supporting early-stage and established companies by providing AI strategy development, implementation, and operational support to unlock significant growth potential.

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund Terms:

  • Minimum Investment Term: 10 Years
  • Fund Size: €50M
  • Minimum Participation: €50,000
  • Golden Visa Investment Minimum: €500,000
  • Profit: 8% Initial IRR
  • Set up fee: 2% Capital Fund
  • Management fee: 2% Fund Capital
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