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The Brazil Investor Visa provides the opportunity for foreign nationals to acquire permanent residency in one of the most spectacular nations on earth by investing into the country.

Brazil is one of the most culturally rich and most geographically diverse countries on the planet. From the legendary Brazilian Carnival, to the world’s most spectacular waterfalls, to the heart of the entire planet’s ecosystem, the Amazon Jungle, this country does not disappoint. It is almost as if the country of Brazil was built for adventure. 

On top of that, Brazil has been blessed with some of the world’s most friendly people, a unique cuisine that blends a wild mix of traditionally indigenous, african, european and even asian flavours and of course it’s gorgeous 7,400 kilometres coastline with all year round sunshine.

Brazil is South America’s largest country with a population of more than 200,000 million people and the world’s 9th largest economy and  the equivalent to more than 40% of Latin America’s economy. Brazil is also home to the 7th largest consumer market in the world with a rapidly growing middle class.

What does this all translate to? Massive opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs!

Brazil Investor Visa

Why Invest in Brazil?

With a population that speaks Portuguese and a laid back way of life which is borderline horizontal at times, Brazil may not be the ‘easiest place to crack’ when it comes to business. However, those who persist will be greatly rewarded. When it comes to networking Brazilians welcoming nature means the door is open. The opportunities are always there to connect with locals and build quality personal and business relationships.

Brazil is a hugely attractive place for business. Mega-cities like Sao Paulo and Rio offer an abundance of opportunities for Entrepreneurs. In fact there are 17 cities in the country with a population of at least 1 million, all calling out for new ideas and innovation.

As an emerging country with a wealth of resources and talent Brazil has huge potential. Brazil is also a member of the BRICS Group alongside Russia, India, China and South Africa. The group was designed to bring together the world’s most important emerging nations in order to challenge the political and economic power of North America and Europe.

The group is expanding rapidly. There has been a huge amount of interest from other emerging countries keen on joining the block and so far an additional 6 countries have been successfully admitted in the group (Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates). The group is even working on its own common currency in order to challenge the dollar, and according to recent reports, this may not be as far away as some may think.

Admittedly, Brazil so far has failed to live up to its full potential. However, with a huge population size and an abundance of natural resources, it is only a matter of time. Brazil’s time will come!

Brazil has the 4th largest internet market in the world with over 150 million internet users and 7th largest consumer market offering boundless opportunities for entrepreneurs. Also as the largest economy in South America Brazil makes a fantastic base for further exploration into other markets in the region. Brazil borders 10 other countries in the continent with Sao Paulo and Rio acting as the major regional airport hubs for South America. Besides the above, other major industries in Brazil are textiles, machinery and equipment, agriculture and automotive are absolutely booming.

Below are some more facts on the Brazilian economy to whet your appetite:

  • 5th largest country in the world
  • 9th largest economy in the world!
  • 5th th on sustainable growth index
  • 3rd largest food exporter – UN
  • Low unemployment registered at 5.3%. 
  • International mobility +146 visa-free countries. 
  • Peaceful and multi-racial country which respects immigrants and their beliefs.
  • Foreigners can own 100% of land and property
Brazil Investor Visa

Each country has its pros and cons and the goal of our business is to help people to access the best aspects of what different countries have to offer, from the lifestyle, business and tax benefits, to the power of a countries passport.

However, if I was forced to pick just one country to spend my time in, I would have to choose Brazil. In my humble opinion, No where in the world can make you feel so alive – Brazil is the most vibrant country on earth – David Lincoln

Brazil Permanent Residency Program

Brazil Investment Visa Requirements

Under Brazilian law ‘Resolução Normativa no 28,’ foreign nationals who make a direct investment into a Brazilian company either as an individual or through a legal entity can apply for the Brazil Investor Visa (VIPER). 

In order to be eligible for the popular Brazil permanent residency visa investors have the choice of the following three options:

  1. Invest 500,000 BRL (approximately $100,00 USD) into either a new or an existing Brazilian company as an individual OR invest 600,000 as a legal entity investor.
  2. Invest 150,000 BRL into a Brazilian business that (approximately $25,000 USD) focused around the technology and research sectors.
  3. Invest 150,000 BRL into a Brazilian legal entity and hire 10 Brazilian employees

Interestingly, a maximum of 3 visas can be issued when registering a start up company for the CEO, Managing Directors and administrators.

Corporate income tax in Brazil is levied at 15% and if the business employs local residents then investors will also take into account social security responsibilities

Brazil Permanent Residency
Brazil's Golden Visa Program

Brazil Investor Visa Real Estate Option

The Brazil Investment Visa (VIPER) should not be confused with the Brazilian Golden Visa program. The Brazil Golden Visa a residency by real estate investment program that the Brazilian government introduced a few years ago in which the foreign investor can make property investment in brazilian real estate in exchange for temporary residency. 

In order to qualify for residency in Brazil by purchasing real estate the following requirements must be met:

  1. Acquire a real estate investment of at least 700,000 Brazilian Reals in the North East of Brazil (approx. $140,000 USD)
  2. Acquire a real estate investment of least 1,000,000 Brazilian Reals anywhere else in the country (approx. $200,000 USD)

While both offer their advantages, only the Investor Visa program leads to immediate Brazil permanent residency.  Whereas The Golden Visa real estate program has a 4 year pathway to a permanent residence visa.

Lincoln Global Partners can assist with both investment visa programs. So if you are interested in purchasing real estate and submit a Brazil Golden Visa application then you can check out a guide on the program or reach out to us via the button below.

Brazil Real Estate

Brazil Permanent Visa Requirements

In order to apply for Permanent Visa in Brazil investors must meet the following Brazil Residency Requirements:

  • Eligible Foreign Direct Investment (as shown above)
  • The main applicant must be aged 18 or above
  • Applicants must hold clean criminal records
  • Applicants must be in good health
  • The main applicant will be required to provide proof of sufficient income or savings in order to be able to sustain life in Brazil (including funds to support dependents) without any assistance from the state
  • To maintain residency during the first 3 years investors must prove that they are actively running the business, that the company is in profit and has created jobs in Brazil.
  • After 3 years the Brazil Permanent Residency Card can be renewed.
  • A maximum of 3 visas can be issued, plus dependents.

Brazilian Residency By Investment: Family Reunion

Investors can include the following dependent family members on their Brazil permanent residency applications:

  • The Spouse
  • Children Under the age of 21
  • Dependent Children up to any age
  • Dependent Parents
Brazil Citizenship
Vanuatu Citizenship

Brazil Permanent Resident Card Benefits

Acquiring permanent residency in Brazil through this residency by investment offers numerous benefits. Let's take a look at just a handful!
The Right to Settle in Brazil
Securing residency in Brazil ultimately means that investors and their families can relocate to this beautifully diverse country and enjoy everything that it has to offer. Many people move to Brazil, a land of opportunities for a better lifestyle, with a lower cost of living, fantastic weather and diverse and welcoming culture.
The Ultimate Back Up Plan
Brazil and South America as a whole often tend to stay out of international conflicts, regional wars are extremely rare and the continent has historically served as a safe haven for those looking to escape catastrophic events across the globe. Brazil can provide the perfect Plan B.
4-Year Pathway to Citizenship
After four years of continuous residency, investors and their family members who physically reside in Brazil can apply for Brazil citizenship. Brazil has a strong passport with visa-free access to more than 170 countries including the UK, Entire Schengen Area, and Russia.
Incredible Value for Money
The residency program offers the chance to do business in the continent's biggest economy, acquire residency, and provides a 4-year pathway to a powerful passport. The minimum investment requirement of around $100k is very reasonable for foreign direct investment in exchange for permanent residency status.
Flexible Stay Requirements
The Brazil Investor Visa has flexible minimum stay requirements. Investors are not required to stay in Brazil full time and all that is required to maintain permanent residency is to avoid being absent for more than six consecutive months.
A Growing Economy
As an emerging economy, Latin America's leading economy has a growing middle class, one of the largest in internet markets and is generally a country full of opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs.
Family Reunion
Investors can include dependent family members on their Brazil residency applications
Diversify Your Investment Portfolio
Invest into Brazil and Diversify your investment portfolio
The Gateway to South America
Brazil incredibly borders 9 countries within South America and serves as the gateway to the entire continent. Investors can also look to expand their businesses throughout the MERCOSUR trade bloc.
The Application Process

How To Get Permanent Residency in Brazil

Below we will outline the D7 Visa process in detail. Those interested in applying for the program can reach out our team for a complimentary consultation via the button below.

Step 1: Initial consultation with Lincoln Global Partners

During our consultation we will discuss your specific case to understand your needs, present to you how the Brazil Investor visa works elaborating on the process and pathway to Brazil permanent residency.

Step 2: Obtain your Brazilian CPF (Tax ID)

At this stage we will assist you to acquire your fiscal number in Brazil known as the CPF. (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas) The CPF will be your tax and brazilian social security number. The CPF is used daily by Brazilian's and is required to conduct all fiscal matters in Brazil and even things as simple as registering a local sim card.

Step 3 - Prepare Your Business Plan

Prepare a business plan to submit to the ministry of labour and employment. The company is subject to approval from the national immigration council (CNI)

Step 4: Incorporate Your Business In Brazil

Upon approval you can proceed to incorporate the business and will be issued a CPNJ (National Registry of Legal Entities number) for your company, your corporate tax ID with the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service.

It is worth noting that non-residents must have a local Brazilian citizen or permanent resident as a formal Representative for their company. It is generally recommended to choose someone that you personally know and trust to take up this position. However, this is also offered a service by some Brazilian accountants and lawyers. Upon receiving your permanent residency permit you can of course replace the legal representative of your company with yourself.

Step 5: Apply for your Corporate Bank Account

At this stage you will be required to set up a corporate Brazilian bank account for your company where you will need to provide documents such as your CPF, proof of address and corporate documents.

Step 6: Invest into your business

From here you then need to proceed with the investment into your own company and you must send 500,000 Reals from your own account outside Brazil to your Brazilian company account. In some cases it is possible to qualify through a much lower investment at a minimum amount of at least 150,000 reals. But the options are very limited. Your company would need to meet a number of very specific requirements. Contact us for more information regarding this option.

Step 7: Register your investment at the Brazilian Central Bank

Once your foreign investment has been completed you will then need to register the investment with the Brazilian Central Bank providing them evidence of your transfer.

Step 8: Residency application to Brazil’s Ministry of Labour

Once your investment has been succesffuly registered with the central bank you and your foreign documents have been filed you are ready to submit your new permanent visa application to Brazil's ministry of labour. The application process from usually takes between 3-6 months for the Brazilian authorities to process.

Step 9: Visit your nearest Brazilian Consulate

Following approval you will be granted a visa to enter Brazil for the purpose of claiming your residency. You will need to visit your nearest respective Brazilian Consulate to get your passport stamped.

Step 10 - Retrieve your Brazilian Permanent Resident Card

You can now travel to Brazil and retrieve your Brazil Permanent Resident card from the Federal Police (Policia Federal). Congratulations, Welcome to Brazil!
Brazil Investor Visa Application
The Application Process

Brazil Visa Documents

Applicants willl be required to submit the following documents as part of their investor visa application:

- Two passport-size photos
- Business Plan
- Certified copy of Business License or Incorporation documents (if applicable)
- Bank Statement
- Evidence of Residential Address (eg: residential address bank statement)
- Professional and academic certificates
- Original or Certified copy of Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
- Original or Certified copy of Birth Certificate (if applicable)
- Curriculum Vitae
- Original and photocopy of passport
- Original Police Clearance Certificate

Brazil Residence Permit - Processing time

The processing time usually takes between 3-6 months. However, we must also take into account the time it takes to gather the documentation for your permanent visa and write the business investment plan since these two steps are in the hands of the foreign national.

Renewing your Brazil Permanent visas

While your right to live in Brazil is permanent your Brazilian permanent residence card still needs to be renewed every 3 years.
Pathway to Citizenship

Brazilian Citizenship

Brazil has the of the strongest passports in Latin America wuth visa free access to more than 170 travel destinations. It is a fantastic passport and Brazilians can generally travel around the wolrd without problems since Brazil is a very neutral and peaceful country when it comes to world politics.

Brazilian Citizenship Benefits

The Right to Settle in Brazil
The Brazilian passport provides visa-free travel to more than 170 countries making it the third strongest passport in the continent after Chile and Argentina which provide visa-free access to 189 and 183 destinations respectively.
Crucially, Brazilians can visit key destinations like the UK and the Schengen Area, but also countries like Russia and South Africa making it a very neutral and diverse passport.
MERCOSUR Residency Rights
Similar to the European Union trade block, MERCOSUR allows citizens of any country within the block to travel and reside across the region. This means that as a Brazilian citizen, you will also be able to live in the likes of Uruguay, Argentina, and Paraguay!
Brazilian Citizenship

How to become a Brazilian citizen? Citizenship By Naturalisation

Foreign nationals living in Brazil on Brazil Investor Visa can apply for citizenship after 4 years. However, in certain scenarios Brazil citizenship applications can be brought forward. The rules are as follows:

To apply for Brazilian citizenship, a permanent resident must typically meet the following residency requirement:

  • Four years of *continuous permanent residency in Brazil.

However, the minimum requirement for Brazilian Naturalization is reduced in the following circumstances to:

  1. One Year if the applicant is married to a Brazilian National
  2. One Year if the applicant has a child born in Brazil
  3. Two Years if the applicant has provided exceptional services to Brazil in specific fields (for example they have made significant scientific, technological, or cultural contributions).
  4. Two Years if the applicant is a national of a Portuguese-speaking country, under the principle of reciprocity.

Brazil Citizenship Requirements

While the Investor Visa is flexible when it comes to maintaining residency when it comes to applying for citizenship investors will they to prove that they been spending signicant periods of time in Brazil in order to be eligible for citizenship.

‘Continous residency’ implies that that the applicants have been physically present in Brazil and the general rule set by the Brazilian authorities is that the investor must have spent 30 months physically in Brazil in order to be eligible to apply for citizenship.

In addition to meeting the residency requirement, applicants must also demonstrate proficiency in Portuguese, have a clean criminal record, and show the ability to continue to support themselves and their dependents financially.

Brazil Investor Visa

Alternative Pathways to Residency in Brazil

The Brazil investor visa is the only residency by investment program available for investors in which you can secure permanent residency. However, there are a number of other residency programs for those in acquiring temporary residency and working their way towards Permanent status.

Brazil Retirement Visa (Rentista Visa)

The Brazil Retirement Visa allows foreign retirees to acquire residency in Brazil. In order to be eligible for the program, applicants must have a stable income or sufficient financial means to support them during their stay in Brazil.

The minimum required income is set at around $2,000 USD per month. This income can be in the form of a pension, savings or other investment income. There is no age limit on who can apply so essentially anyone with sufficient passive income can apply. On top of this, valid health insurance and a clean criminal record is required.

The retirement visa is valid for two years and can be renewed indefinitely under the same conditions. After 4 years of residency applicants can apply for permanent residency.


Brazil Digital Nomad Visa

Brazil is one of 66 countries around the globe who have launched digital nomad visas. The Brazil Digital Nomad Visa is a temporary residency permit designed for international digital nomads interested in living in Brazil or making it their base from which to travel to other countries in South America. 

The program is suitable for remote workers and digital nomads whose source of income comes from abroad either from their existing employer or from their own company based overseas. The minimum requirements state that applicants should earn at least $1,500 USD in monthly income OR be able to demonstrate at least $18,000 USD in savings. A 1-year temporary visa is issued for those that are approved which can be renewed annually under the same conditions. However, it will not lead to permanent resident status or citizenship.


Apply for Brazil Permanent Residency with Lincoln Global Partners

Lincoln Global Partners, an international investment migration firm is ready to assist you every step of the way with your Investor Visa application in Brazil.
Brazil Investor Visa

    Brazil Investor Visa: Frequently asked Questions

    Are any nationalities restricted from applying for residency in Brazil?

    No, Brazil is a very neutral country. Everyone is welcome to apply for residency in Brazil regardless of their nationality.

    Does Brazil extradite it's citizens?

    Brazil is one of the few countries that does not extradite citizens born in Brazil. However, naturalised citizens and foreigners can be extradited if they meet the legal requirements.

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