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Vanuatu’s Development & Support Program (DSP) provides foreign investors with the chance to obtain citizenship in the South Pacific Nation. The program was launched in January 2017 and is the only Citizenship By Investment Program in the Asia & Pacific Region.

Vanuatu Citizenship provides visa-free travel to 130 countries (marked in gold on the map below) including the Schengen Area, UK, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. With Vanuatu Citizenship, investors also obtain the right to apply for multiple-entry and long term visas in Australia.

Citizenship By Investment

Vanuatu Citizenship
Key Benefits

Visa Free Travel to 130 countries
Vanuatu Citizenship provides visa-free travel to 130 countries which include The UK, Schengen Area, United Arab Emirates, Russia and Thailand.
Eligibility to apply for visas in Australia, The USA and Canada
Citizens of Vanuatu can apply for long term visas to visit the the US, Australia and Canada.
Fast and Simple Application process
The Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment Program is one of the most straightforward and efficient investor programs. Applicants can obtain citizenship in as little as 45 days.
No Physical residency requirements
There are no physical residency requirements imposed on new citizens and their families.
Extensive Tax Benefits
Vanuatu has no personal income, corporate, capital gains, withholding, wealth, estate or gift taxation.

Citizenship for your family
Applicants can add their spouse, and children under the age of 25 and parents over the age of 50 to their applications.
Highly Developed Offshore Banking and Incorporation Sectors
Vanuatu offers both privacy and security for individuals looking to bank or setting up a local company.
Possibility to add future dependents
Investors can add future spouses after their application is made for a post-application fee of $40,000, while the cost to apply for citizenship for a newborn child outside of Vanuatu is of $15,000 ( no fee if the client in Vanuatu).
Citizenship can be passed down by descent
Future grandchildren of the main applicant can be eligible to apply for citizenship in Vanuatu if the parents of the dependent child's either live in Vanuatu OR make an additional contribution of $15,000 through the DSP Program.
Vanuatu Citizenship
Vanuatu Citizenship

Vanuatu Citizenship Investment Requirement
Government Donation from $130,000 USD

Under the Vanuatu Development and Support Program applicants must make a one-off non-refundable contribution to Vanuatu's Government of the following amounts

Single Applicants: $130,000 USD
Married Couple: $150,000 USD
Family of 3: $165,000 USD
Family of 4: $180,000 USD
Family of 5: $190,000 USD
Family of 6: $200,000 USD
Additional Dependents: $15,000 USD per person
What other fees and costs are associated with the Citizenship By Investment application?

On top of the government donation, applicants are required to pay a non-refundable fee of $5,000 USD for due diligence checks to the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of the government in Vanuatu. Passing these international background checks are prerequisite to applying for citizenship in Vanuatu via the program.

Our fee includes the costs for an Oath Ceremony that can either take places in Vanuatu, Dubai, Singapore, Bangkok or Hong Kong.

Who can be included on ones application as a dependent?

The main applicant can include his spouse, dependent children aged up to 25 and parents over the age of 50 years of age.

What other requirements are there to be eligible for citizenship in Vanuatu?

The main applicant must be at least 18 years of age and have a net worth of at least $250,000 USD. All applicants (including dependents) must be in good health which is proven by submitting a medical certificate.

Is there a real estate option?

No, the government donation is currently the only option. However a real estate option may launch soon! Contact david@lincolnglobalpartners.com for details.

How long is the application process from start to finish?

Applications can be processed in as little as 45 days, however the average application time is around 3 months.

Vanuatu Citizenship

Vanuatu Citizenship DSP Application Process

The application process for the DSP usually takes from 45-90 days.

STEP 1Vanuatu Citizenship Initial Consultation

Contact LGP for an initial consultation and confirm your eligibility for Vanuatu's Citizenship By Investment Program.

STEP 2FIU Due diligence checks - Pre-approval stage (1 week)

The main applicant must provide a notarized passport copy and CV plus their dependents passport copy and birth certificate and a sum of $5,000 to the designated agent for Due diligence checks. The checks are conducted by the Financial Intelligence Unit in Vanuatu to ensure that the applicant s suitability for the DSP Program.

STEP 3Prepare all documentation to submit with your application. (1 week+)

Upon pre-approval LGP assists clients to prepare their application providing all the necessary application forms and a checklist of required documents. All documents must be certified and translated into English.

STEP 4Government Donation (1-2 Weeks)

Once the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) releases the clearance letter, the applicant can then proceed to transfer the funds for the government donation to the designated Vanuatu Master agents bank account. Full documentation must be submitted including documentation on the source of funds for the donation. Once The National Bank Of Vanuatu will clears the funds the designated agent proceeds to send the government donation.

STEP 5Vanuatu Committee Screening (2-4 weeks)

During a fortnightly sitting The Vanuatu Committee screen the the documents lodged by applicants, approve applications and issue the Citizenship Certificates which upon final approval the passport will be issued and available to collect in Vanuatu after 14 days. If the application is denied the full government donation is refunded.

STEP 7Citizenship Ceremony & Passport Collection (2-3 weeks)

At this stage an oath of citizenship is taken by applicant during a traditional citizenship ceremony. This usually takes place in one of Vanuatu's Consulates and officially naturalizes the applicant/s. However since the start of the pandemic Vanuatu has started to conduct ceremonies online via video call and courier passports. Passports can be collected in Dubai, Turkey or Vanuatu OR delivered in person to your home country via courier for an additional fee.

Vanuatu Citizenship
Frequently Asked Questions

Checkout our FAQ's or reach out to us directly via the contact form at the bottom of the page with further questions.
What documents are required to apply for Citizenship in Vanuatu under the DSP Program?

Main Applicant needs to provide the following documents:

  • Passport Copy (Notarized)
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Curriculum Vitae (C.V)
  • Birth Certificate
  • National ID
  • Proof Of Address
  • Passport Photo
  • Banking Reference
  • Medical Certificate
  • Proof of assets (report)
  • University/College Certificates
  • Bank Statements (the last 6 months)
  • Passport Application Form
  • Prove of company ownership (if the client is a shareholder/director a company)

Additionally, the following documents must be provided by each accompanying dependent:

  • Passport Copy
  • Birth Certificate
  • Stage 2 Form
  • National ID
  • Passport Photo
  • Medical Certificate
  • Passport Application Form
As an investor will I obtain FULL Citizenship in Vanuatu?

Yes, previously applicants who obtain citizenship by investment in Vanuatu obtained ‘Honorary Citizenship’ however the law changed an investors now obtain full Citizenship and have the same rights as someone who is born in Vanuatu. The only difference is that those who do not live in the country cannot vote or become involved in politics.

Are there any nationalities that are restricted from applying for Vanuatu Citizenship under the DSP Program?

Yes, nationals from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and North Korea are generally prohibited from applying for citizenship via the DSP Program. However nationals from these countries who have lived overseas for more than 5 years can apply on a case by case basis.

If my application is unsuccessful what happens to my funds?

In the case that an application is rejected a full refunded of the government donation is returned to the applicant. However the other associated fees are non-refundable.

Do I need to travel to Vanuatu to conduct a Citizenship Ceremony?

No, if one does not wish to travel to Vanuatu for the citizenship ceremony and collect their passport/s the applicant can request to do this online and have a passport officer to deliver the passport to their country of residence for an additional fee.

Can Vanuatu citizenship be passed down to my future grandchildren?

Yes, if the parents of the dependent child live in Vanuatu OR pay an additional fee of $15,000 as a government contribution through the DSP Program.


Country ProfileVanuatu
'The Isles of the Smiles'

Citizenship By Investment from $135,000

The nation of Vanuatu is an 80-island Archipelago located in the South Pacific Sea. The islands lie 800 km west of Fiji in the west and a 4 hour flight away from Australia from its east. The capital Port Vila can be reached directly from the east coast of Australia via Brisbane, Sydney and Port Vila.

Known by many as the ‘Island of the Smiles’ Vanuatu’s population of 300,000 English and French speaking locals are known for their hospitable and friendly nature. The peaceful nation is loved by locals and tourists alike for its beautiful nature. Home to lush rain forests, gorgeous beaches with their turquoise blue waters and abundance of marine life Vanuatu is an inviting destination for those looking to escape to paradise.

Europeans first discovered the islands at the start of the 17th century however they did not return  for almost 200 years until the late 18th century. It was then that European Colonists from England and France settled on the islands and eventually agreed to mutually administer the islands.

It was only in 1980 when the nation joined the commonwealth that the country secured independence and became what it is now known today is the ‘Republic of Vanuatu.’

The remote island nations of Vanuatu has a GDP of 934.2 Million (2019) and Investor programs such as the DSP play an important role in supporting the local economy.

Vanuatu’s most important industries are agricultural followed by financial services and tourism. With an exemption on exchange controls and zero corporate tax Vanuatu is also becoming an increasingly popular place for international business operations.

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