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October 20, 2023by Cecilia Weber0

Citizenship by Investment in Argentina

Looking for a pathway to second citizenship? Consider heading to Argentina! Argentina is a hot spot South American destination. Pack your bags because Argentina offers a residency by investment program for foreigners looking to obtain residency and potentially citizenship. Contribute to the growth the Argentine economy while basking in the benefits of living in this vibrant South American nation.

Argentina Citizenship by Investment or Residency by Investment?

Let’s be clear… Argentina offers a residency by investment program which can lead to citizenship, so it’s not a classic citizenship by investment program as we find in the Caribbean. Still, acquiring citizenship is on the table in the long run. The program offers diverse investment avenues, including: real estate, government bonds, local businesses, and entrepreneurial ventures. All pathways facilitate foreign investors to secure temporary residency permits by making substantial financial contributions. Such permits serve as a precursor to potential permanent residency; and, ultimately Argentine citizenship. Initially, this visa extends for one year, with the option for renewal over the course of three years. After two years of living in Argentina, the applicant will be eligible for citizenship. 

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Investing in Argentina

To initiate the journey to Argentine citizenship applicants must fulfill a series of specified prerequisites.

  • Invest in one of the approved options. This can include real estate acquisitions, government bonds, investment in local businesses, or entrepreneurial ventures. Each option has its own minimum investment requirement, a threshold that must be met to qualify for the program.
  • In case of entrepreneurial ventures, applicants must invest a minimum of ARS 1.5 million (about US$6,000) toward the capitalization of the business. The industry, nature, or size of the company are all unrestricted. For this route, the candidate needs to become a tax resident of Argentina.
  • An investment plan, submitted as part of the application, is imperative. Whether aimed at commencing a new business or investing in an existing Argentinian company. Other than this, financial stability is pivotal. Provide justification of means of livelihood in the form of an employment contract, a current work certificate, or a salary receipt. 
  • Applicants need to provide comprehensive evidence proving the legitimate origin of the funds. This documentation is essential to ensure compliance with anti-money laundering regulations.

How Argentina residency leads to citizenship

After three years of holding an investor visa, an individual may apply for permanent residency. After an additional two years of continuous legally documented residence in the country the applicant can qualify for citizenship by naturalization. Proficiency in Spanish is a must for citizenship. Crucially, to secure permanent residence and qualify for Argentine citizenship, it is imperative to uphold and maintain investments within the country. Holding investment solidifies your commitment to Argentina’s growth and development.

Applicants must be prepared to fulfill specific residency obligations, such as residing in Argentina for a stipulated period and adhering to the country’s laws once the temporary residency permit is granted. This confers upon them the same rights and privileges as any other Argentine citizen, including the ability to vote and hold public office. 

What are you waiting for?

To sum it up, citizenship by investment Argentina is an exciting pathway for foreign investors. The residency by investment program of Argentina opens the door for non-nationals to secure rights in Argentina, contribute to the country’s economic growth and enjoying the countless benefits of living here.

To make the right moves it’s vital to consult with residency and citizenship professionals along with the relevant Argentine bodies for accurate and up-to-date information. Lincoln Global Partners has an expert-level team of residency and citizenship advisors who can explain the required formalities and eligibility criteria. Get in touch with us now! 

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